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    My 32GB Micro SDHC card won't "Remember" my music on my Karbonn A7

    I just got a new Kingston 32GB Microsdhc card for my Karbonn A7. First thing I did was format the card on my computer to the FAT32 file system. I have tried many times now to copy my entire music library over to the card, which has about 2000 songs in total (23 GB). I see that a couple of the albums have successfully been copied to the Micro SD card, but every other album folder appears to be completely empty. The strange thing is, it still says there is only 9 GB of storage space left on the card. I canít understand what this problem is. Please help.

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    Re: My 32GB Micro SDHC card won't "Remember" my music on my Karbonn A7

    If you want to solve this issue then See the Below steps :
    Once connect your SD card to your System so that it shows all the files on your SD card then you can see your images.
    You can also view the Hidden files in your SD card that are occupied more space on the card.
    Still it is not working in your Mobile then you should Format the memory card and Reload it with a fresh memory.
    Therefore it works in your mobile.

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    Re: My 32GB Micro SDHC card won't "Remember" my music on my Karbonn A7

    Dear Friend..

    This is the problem of your memory card blockage,
    Many a times, the big storage memory card gets block after using some of its space due to which, this kinds of problem occurs.

    What you should try that you just copy all your DATA in a computer and format the memory card so that the block space can be open again,
    After this, transfer all your data which you want to copy, there is no such error at this time,

    Thank you...

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