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    My Samsung galaxy POP phone won’t turn off

    When I turn my galaxy POP android phone, it turns itself back on after a few seconds. I am not sure why this has started happening. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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    Re: My Samsung galaxy POP phone won’t turn off


    I think your mobile is effected with virus so be carefull and reset your mobile to solve your problem ..

    Go to menu ----> and go to settings ----> and serch for reset option in it , search it in Privacy or security option you will find that and apply it . after applying your phone all data will be erased and your mobile is as fresh as a new one .

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    Re: My Samsung galaxy POP phone won’t turn off

    The problem might be a Hardware related issue that is the phone might be turned ON such if it has some loose connection that which causes the phone to Turn On again if that is turned OFF. Try turning the phone using some application to turn Off the phone that can be found in market or use some widget instead of the hardware key so that your phone can be turned OFF and see of that helps if the phone is turning OFF properly then the problem is with your Hardware key and so take it a Authorized service center near by so that the phone can be fixed. If that is not the problem then that might be a Software related issue so it is better to Reset the phone by navigating to the Settings menu from the application drawer and then select the option as "Privacy" there you will be able to reset the phone to factory defaults.
    Hope this Helps.

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