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    New installed ROM is not working well in Samsung Galaxy S3

    I have replaced my ROM on my Galaxy S3 and the new ROM wasn't good. I deleted the old ROM zip file from the SD card. Now I donít have any ROM installed on my device and no zip file on the SD card that I can install. I want to know if there is any way to move a file from my PC to the SD card via recovery. Please help I am very desperate of this.

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    Re: New installed ROM is not working well in Samsung Galaxy S3

    No problem you can solve this issue by the following way :
    Go to the internet in your S3 mobile and then download the zip file of your ROM from the web.
    Then you can move that downloaded file to your SD card and it could be easy for you to move.
    You can avail this facility from the Google search itself.
    After installing the driver file then your ROM in your mobile gets activated.
    This is the process you must follow.

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