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  • 21-07-2012, 07:29 PM

    Re: What is the meaning of CynogenMod in Android?

    The operating system of an android phone is called ROM. The default ROM supplied by the phone manufacturer is called Stock ROM, they are stable and free from bugs and work with the best settings, this hampers its performance because the manufacturers put limitations like CPU speeds and ROOT apps.

    Some developers try to unleash the complete potential of the phone by changing the phone's software, these modified ROMs are called costume roms each developer names them according to his wish.

    One such set of developers came up with Cyanogenmod, versions include Cyanogenmod 6, Cyanogenmod 7, Cyanogenmod 8, Cyanogenmod , Cyanogenmod 10.

    Each one is Cyanogenmod's implementation of Google Android ROM...
  • 29-05-2012, 09:45 PM

    Re: What is the meaning of CynogenMod in Android?

    Cyanogenmod can be defined as a custom ROM for Android devices, Because Android is an open source and updates are available through out the year for the OS, many users are rooting their devices and installing custom ROM for better performance.

    The custom ROM will replace the entire functioning body of the default ROM installed with your Device when you purchase, With the Custom ROM you can define and organize your Android device in Much better Way.

    As of now there are numerous cyanogenmod Custom ROM's are available and they all based on Different versions of Android.

    Good Luck.
  • 19-05-2012, 06:58 PM
    Victor Creed

    Re: What is the meaning of CynogenMod in Android?

    Hello friend,

    Consider any android device. It comes with a stock firmware(or you may call it ROM) which is stock android just a little bit modified by the manufacturer. There are not many options to modify it further. But the android developers have found a process by which one can have elevated privileges or super user rights(as they call) over the device.
    That process is called rooting or having root access.

    Hence it became possible to replace the stock ROM with modified ROM(s) and tweak the device settings.
    In this way many custom ROM's were developed (as android is open-source) which totally changes the looks and performance of the android platform.

    Out of those many ROM's, one called CyanogenMod became popular among android enthusiasts. Gradually it was developed and modified further making it best of the class.
    CyanogenMod had many benefits over the stock ROM. Usually, manufacturers put a lot of limitations in the stock android platform. But once installed CyanogenMod, one can easily bypass most of these limitations. It made android a very lot versatile. There were many options to change the appearance and even the performance of a device. A variety of themes and modifications can be installed to improve the looks. One can also increase CPU and voltage frequencies (called overclocking) to improve the performance in apps, games and overall. USB tethering is also one among the many options. One can take a complete backup of their phone and store it in an image form on the SD card.

    After Google releases every new version of Android, CyanogenMod releases a new ROM based on that version. For instance- CyanogenMod 7 is based on 2.3 Gingerbread while CyanogenMod 9 is based on 4.0 ICS.
    CyanogenMod itself being open-source, it could also be modified. So there came many other ROM's like MIUI and some others. But it didn't affect the poplarity of CyanogenMod.

    Here is the official site of CyanogenMod:
    CyanogenMod supports many devices-more over 60. But even if your device is not officially supported by CyanogenMod, there are modified versions for almost every Android device. You can search XDA Forums for that.

    Hope it helps,
  • 19-05-2012, 01:02 PM

    What is the meaning of CynogenMod in Android?

    I have heard a lot about CynogenMod and in fact i have noticed that people want to have cynogenMod installed in their mobile so please guide me understand the meaning of CynogenMod? Reply soon.............

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