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    No ‘vibration’ on LG phone running on Android Honey Comb

    As of now ‘vibration’ is not working on my LG phone running on Android Honey Comb. Please help me to trace out the reason for it and to get a solution for the same.

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    Re: No ‘vibration’ on LG phone running on Android Honey Comb

    First you need to check whether the vibration mode is accidentally disabled on your android handset. For that you can visit the sound settings on your phone. If it is set, then try restarting your device which might solve smaller errors if any. If the problem still exists see that none of the applications running on background is creating the issue. The device needs to be running on the latest available software. Try doing a factory reset of your android device. This will surely give a solution for the mentioned program.

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    Re: No ‘vibration’ on LG phone running on Android Honey Comb

    May be your phone's vibration mode gone off by any mean.You should check your phone's settings.You should visit go to menu from home screen.In menu will see Settings.Now tap to open,& will find a option denoted as Phone settings.You simply need to open that option.Once open below will see Vibration as an option.Tap that a new page will be opened.In that page you could do the settings.Even after activating the Vibration mode,if it doesn't work then simply restart your phone.Once done vibration will definitely work.

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    Re: No ‘vibration’ on LG phone running on Android Honey Comb

    Steps to follow:

    :: First of all close all running application from the device.

    :: After that go to the home screen page by pressing ""home"" button.

    :: Now select the "Application section" from the screen.

    :: After that select the "Settings” option from it and open it.

    :: Now here you have to select the "Vibration "option.

    :: Check here the vibration mode is enable or not ,if not then enable it.

    :: After that if problem is not solve the try to Hard reset OK.

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