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    Not getting SIM messages in inbox in Samsung Galaxy Young

    I am having Samsung Galaxy Young phone in which i am not able to see sim messages in my phone book even i check all phone book settings this problem have been arise from last week can someone plz assist me what to do.

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    Re: Not getting SIM messages in inbox in Samsung Galaxy Young

    In order to get sim messages in your Samsung Galaxy Young you should open the application drawer and then press the "Messaging" icon there select the menu button in the device and then enter into "Settings" on the Messaging application once that is done you have to select the option "Manage Sim Messages" once you have select that you will be able to view and edit the sim card messages that are available in your device. Since android has a large internal memory partition compared to other mobiles in the market they do not show the Sim messages in your Inbox instead they are separated and kept in a separate menu for separated and easy use.
    Hope this helps.

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