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    Onida G585 tab not charging to 100 percent

    Onida G585 is a budget phone and I like using it. But since a few days I have seen that whenever I charge the gadget fully it is not getting charged to 100 percent. This really creates a problem. Does anyone know that why this battery issues have come. I am really confused now.

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    Re: Onida G585 tab not charging to 100 percent

    Onida G585 tab not charging to 100 percent.

    This problem indeed a hardware problem. In deed to avert this problem whenever you buy Laptop/Android/iPad/
    iPhone/ etc you should take warranty from the seller.Often they cheat if you go to the tab seller with this issue
    with valid warranty he never replace it rather it is your mistake no this error is not curable so that you are
    to charge you batter more then once a day.Their view whenever you buy such devices you must charge the device
    more then 100% other if start to use with 70% then you see after 15 days' your device will not charge more then 60%.

    So, you are to suffer til you replace the battery of ONIDA G585.

    Thank You,

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