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    Pictures preview Issue with Galaxy tab

    i have a galaxy tab 2, 10.1
    when i connected to my PC, and i open any pictures folder (downloaded or camera,...) i can't preview the pictures on the PC, even if i choose "large icons" from "view" i get the GPJ icon, not the picture. when i double click on teh picture it opes, but i can't see it in teh folder. i have to open it. why is that?

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    Re: Pictures preview Issue with Galaxy tab

    The problem might be due to some problem with the PC also please note that you mention as a GPJ there is no such picture format. If you are mentioning about the .jpg format then the problem might be due to the fact that the computer is slow and it takes time to detect the thumbnails and that might be the reason with the images or might be the image format is not supported by the PC and that it not displaying the pictures and that format is supported by the photo viewer you are using which solves the problem you are having.
    Hope this Helps.

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