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    Is it possible to play flash content via Android powered LG Optimus T?

    When I access certain websites through my Android powered LG Optimus T, I found it canít play the flash content inside it. Even so, I read somewhere that the device can show up the flash content on installing certain modifications. Is it true? How can I make it possible?

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    Re: Is it possible to play flash content via Android powered LG Optimus T?

    Yes you can play the Android based flash content in your Archos device.If you want to play the flash type content in your mobile then follow the procedure below :
    1.First of all your device must have the Android flash player and then you should download the data.
    2.The flash player you can get it from the play store menu and then you should install it in your android powered device.
    3.After installing the flash player then go to the flash file then you can play it automatically using the flash player.
    4.This is the best way for you to play the flash content in your android powered LG optimus T.

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