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    Is it possible to reinstall the latest android update on LG Thrive mobile?

    While installing the latest android update on my LG Thrive mobile, battery power went down and the update was not made successfully and only certain files got saved. Is it possible that I can remove the new update files and reinstall it once again?

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    Re: Is it possible to reinstall the latest android update on LG Thrive mobile?

    The latest android technologies of your mobile technologies can be installed by using your mobile network,follow the steps below to update your mobile android version :
    1.Open the menu tab in your android mobile and then tap on the settings menu.
    2.There you can see the software update option in your android menu and then you could be able to update your software with this option.
    3.When ever your mobile gets struck in the middle while updating the software then you have to restart the installation so that you will get the process of update.
    4.Then you can select the Android version that you want to update.
    5.You should have running internet connection while updating the setting.

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