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    Is it possible to restore deleted text messages into Android powered HTC Hero?

    I have accidentally deleted some text messages from my Android powered HTC Hero. I need to recover all those messages urgently. How can I make it possible?

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    Re: Is it possible to restore deleted text messages into Android powered HTC Hero?

    hey friend..

    I am sorry to say this but its not possible to recover the text messages once you have deleted them from your phone ...
    There is only one way to get back all your messages again only if you have a backup of all your contacts into your phone or into your pc/laptop....

    If you do have the backup into your pc/laptop then just connect your phone with the laptop/pc and then open the pc suite you use to connect your phone with the pc .... There you must be having an option of backup ..
    Just click there and click on restore backup ...
    Then search or browse for the backup file on your pc and then click ok to install it back into your phone ....

    Also i would like to suggest you not to use any 3rd party software or app for this purpose ...
    Using these type of apps or software can harm your phone in any way ..
    Try out these steps and also make sure to regularly take a backup of your phone's data..

    hope i helped..
    thanks ..

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