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    Problem after installing Darky’s ROM app on my Alcatel OT-980

    I installed Darky's ROM 9.5 [2.2.1] on my Alcatel OT-980 a while back, and I have had so many issues with it with certain applications. I open an app and save settings to do with the application, changing things about with the design, colours schemes or even just accept agreements etc. I go to my home, or exit the app, and then re-open it, and none of the settings stay, on several application I have issues, where I have to re-accept agreements I want to stop it. It would be much appreciated if somebody could help me.

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    Re: Problem after installing Darky’s ROM app on my Alcatel OT-980

    Hello friend,

    You might be on a nightly version of the ROM.
    Basically, a nightly version is an experimental build of the ROM .
    So you might experience some bugs or glitches.
    This is perfectly normal if you like to mod and use different ROM's on your device.

    Remember, before flashing a custom ROM, always perform a nandroid backup of your device.
    A nandroid backup saves your current(stock) ROM in a folder of your SD card.
    So if something goes worn, you can restore the backup.

    Now, in your case, try clearing data/cache and dalvik cache.
    You may also reinstall the ROM.
    There might be hundreds of other ROMS for your device.
    So you have many other alternatives. Try them instead.
    Search on XDA Formus for your device and its development.
    I'd suggest you to flash a stable build of any ROM.
    Or just go with trusted ROM's like Cyanogenmod or AOKP.


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