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    Ringtones assigned to contacts get removed automatically after reboot

    My phone is a Nexus S running in v2.3.1 Gingerbread OS. I recently assigned ringtones to a few contacts via the Contacts app. Then I turned off my handset. Later when I turned it back on, I checked the contacts and discovered that the ringtones I assigned are gone. I have heard of some cases, where the phone changes the ringtone assigned to random tone. I repeated the process again and still found the issue. Is there any way to resolve this problem?

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    Re: Ringtones assigned to contacts get removed automatically after reboot

    hey friend ..

    The problem you are talking about in your Nexus phone can be due to the following reasons :

    - The ringtones are in the SD card and the SD card got corrupt

    - Your phone got affected by viruses

    - Your phone's software got corrupted

    For this problem try the following steps to solve the problem :

    - First format your SD card and then try to assign the ringtones

    - Scan your phone for any viruses or malwares and install antivirus in it ..

    - Reset and update your phone with the new software

    If the above steps not solve the problem then i would suggest you to take your phone to the service centre and get it checked

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