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    Roaming icon appears on Samsung Galaxy S3 after software update

    My Samsung Galaxy SIII prompted me for a software update yesterday. But after updating my phone, I found a roaming icon on the screen even though I am not in roaming. How can I get rid of this icon?

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    Re: Roaming icon appears on Samsung Galaxy S3 after software update

    The Roaming Icon appearing the Samsung Galaxy S3 might be due to the reason of the update that there is a change in the Baseband so this problem has occurred In order to get rid of this issue open the "Settings" menu by pulling down the status bar and then tap on the Settings icon there you will be able to find an option as "More" under the "Wireless & Networks" option option there you can edit the network by searching for the network that it will help you in changing the network from Roaming to your Home network so that the Roaming icon will disappear in the status bar.
    Hope this helps.

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