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    Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 - Calendar - events keep disappearing & how to edit an event

    I have recently got a Samsung Ace 2.

    I put a load of event into the calendar - great! and in Calendar month view, each event was marked by a dot.

    Today I tried to edit a calendar event and somehow ALL my events have now disappeared.

    If I try to re-enter them, they don't show up on the calendar at all.

    Can any one tell me please:

    1) What's happened? Why has everything disappeared?

    2) Can I retrieved my events somehow?

    3) How can I edit events (and add a reminder)

    4) What setting should be ticked to ensure that events DON'T disappear again - there's not much point using this app.
    if it deletes all the information!


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    Re: Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 - Calendar - events keep disappearing & how to edit an event

    You can write on your Question ....your all enter would disappeared.
    It means your calender whole entry deleted by you accidentally.

    Now coming to your questions...
    1. It happen accidentally by you . when you can edit and Option appear 'delete all entry'.
    Than you can select 'yes'. So, all the entry would deleted.

    2. you can get your calender entry , if you can create backup on your calender entry.
    Than restored your backup and you will get your calender entry.

    3. simply open your calender . and enter the your calender entry and save with alarm.
    By this you can get information of your calendar entries . and you can get information on fix time.

    4. No setting are available by this you can protected your content.
    You can only create backup daily weakly by this you can have backup of your files.


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