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    Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300 phone has forgotten my "SNS" login

    when I try to check my feeds from the social hub they all say "Please login SNS account first" this applies to twitter, facebook and LinkedIn. In the messages area they are syncing with the exception of Gmail which just doesnít update. The separate Gmail, facebook and twitter apps work are ok. I only want the feeds I donít want them updating my contacts.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300 phone has forgotten my "SNS" login

    Hello Guest,
    You can stop this thing from happening by simply altering some settings. This can be done by navigating to Menu>Settings>Accounts and Sync. Now, all the accounts linked with your Android phone will be displayed. Tap on each one by one. A screen with sync details opens up. Uncheck the option called "Sync Contacts" under each account you want to avoid syncing contacts.
    Thank You. All the Best. Hope this helps.. :-)

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