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    Screen of Lenovo LePhone went black on music android app installation

    Last night I went for a music android app installation on my Lenovo LePhone which I felt impressive on my friendís handset. But followed by that, the screen of the handset went black closing down all actions. What shall I do with this issue?

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    Re: Screen of Lenovo LePhone went black on music android app installation

    hey friend..

    This problem of the music app in your phone can be due to the following reasons :

    - The music application got corrupted
    - There are many applications running in the phone in the background
    - Your phone is not capable of opening so many applications at that time
    - The phone's memory is not free enough to open the app
    - Your mobile speed gets too slow and hence it force closes the app

    Try out the following to remove this issue .. :

    - First of all free up some space in the phone's internal memory
    - Then uninstall and reinstall the music app
    - Close any background running app when not in use
    - Dont open so many apps at the same time as it slows down the speed of phone and force closes the apps which you open
    - Also try by resetting your phone and then use the app

    thanks ..

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