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    SD card not reading video in Android mobile

    I had recently bought a 64 GB memory card for my Android mobile. The videos that played well in my internal storage doesn’t work when moved to the memory card. An error message ‘format not supported’ was displayed. I have tried converters also but nothing seems to work. What can be done to make it work?

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    Re: SD card not reading video in Android mobile

    hey friend ..

    I would like to tell you that this is because of the fact that the problem you are facing in playing videos in your phone is only due to that you are trying to play unsupported formats of video ..
    Every phone has got its supported video formats that can be played in it without any problem ..
    But sometimes when we try to play unsupported video formats in the phone then this type of problem occurs i.e the videos wont play
    This is the codec problem...

    Also sometimes it happens that while transferring the videos , they got corrupted and hence you are having trouble in playing them in your phone ..
    Another reason can be that your memory card has got corrupted if you have saved the files into the SD card hence you are not able to view the videos .. So, if this is the reason then first format your memory card and then use it again...

    So , first check for the supported video formats of your phone and also the above problems and then try to play the video..

    hope i helped ..

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