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    Significance of Android app for visually impaired

    I would like to know about the significance new Android app for visually impaired. Please mention the enjoyable features with the same.

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    Re: Significance of Android app for visually impaired

    The new Android app for visually impaired is a real aid to the people with less sight or no sight. By passing fingers over various options, it will read aloud like what it is for. Lingering on a specific option produces a beep sound indicating that it has been selected. Apart from making calls and sending texts easily, there are location-based technologies also indicating about when the bus arrives and all. They will be intimated like to which direction they are facing. They can even set location-based reminders. The app is not meant to replace the sight but to add assistance for the blind persons. The app will be made available worldwide in English.

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    Re: Significance of Android app for visually impaired

    Friend, android have many apps for supporting blind person and make there task
    easy. One of the most common problems that many blind and visually impaired
    people experience is their day-to-day challenge in coping with their impairment.

    1. Equipment such as Braille
    2. Reading glasses
    3. Walking stick

    are just some of the few things that help visually impaired people get along with
    their lives. With the advancement of technology, a common Android smartphone
    equipped with specific applications can aid visually impaired and blind people in
    functioning. Here are some of the best applications that are tailor-made for visually
    impaired persons.

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