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    Sim contacts doesn't appear on Samsung GT-S5301. What to do?

    dear all, when i insert the sim in GTS5301 android version 4.0.4. It does not show the contacts in sim although i have tried the option "contacts to display in sim". Morever, when i try to save any contact in sim. It saves the contact in sim but again when i delete that contact from the sim(which i have saved). it does not delete and when i restart my cell phone, that contact become disappeared (in both cased either i will delete or not). So, when i go to sim tool kit. Here its showing all the contacts saved in SIM. I have tried all the options. I also tried the option "contacts import from sim". This option also shows that there is no contact in sim. I thought may be problem in my sim card. So, i have inserted the sim into S3 mini, the contact was showing and similarly i also checked with Nokia and other handset, all contacts were showing saved in sim

    So, would anyone please help me how can i solve this problem. Although i have reinstalled the android on my cell phone and i have also reset my cell phone to factory default settings.

    Please help anyone, i will really thankful for your kindness.

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