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  1. Getting black screen of death and can't get to recovery on the Lava Iris N400
  2. It shows a message “Unable to play” While playing some media songs in HTC Sensation XL
  3. Calls are going straight to my Google Voice Voicemail Samsung Galaxy S3
  4. Wallpaper changed automatically on LG Optimus 3D Max P725 after slide the screen for unlock it
  5. Picture messaging problem with MMS on my LG Optimus Vu
  6. Some troubles connecting my Motorola Atrix 2 to Windows 7
  7. Sony Xperia Ion screen Lock Button doesn’t Work
  8. Facing error with Google registration on the Motorola Defy Plus
  9. Android Eclipse not detecting Motorola A-15
  10. How to disable ad notifications for specific apps in Android Jellybean 4.1?
  11. How can I get a better audio on calls made from Android Acer A500 tablet?
  12. Getting a tidy cache on Android devices
  13. Battery lose syndrome on Android Acer A500
  14. Non responding Factory reset on Android Acer A500 tablet
  15. Can the fixed shortcuts be changed on Android LG Optimus Black?
  16. Why does Android LG Optimus Black not connect to the internet after coming off sleep?
  17. How to set up home and work locations for Google Now traffic cards on Android phone?
  18. How to use Emoji in stock message app on my Android phone?
  19. Is it possible to download Google map on Android device for offline use?
  20. Is it possible to perform a hard reset via hardware on an unresponsive Android device?
  21. How to perform a hard reset on my Google Nexus 7 that runs on Android Jellybean?
  22. Offline voice recognition data availability on Android Nexus7 tablet
  23. Is it possible to preload videos from YouTube in Android smartphone to avoid interruptions?
  24. How to reboot the Android Jelly Bean device into safe mode?
  25. How to transfer data between Android Nexus 7 and Mac?
  26. Can calls be made on Android Nexus 7 Tablet?
  27. Is downgrading of Android firmware possible?
  28. How can streaming be done over wireless LAN on Android Nexus 7?
  29. What are the downsides of Honey Comber updates on Android HTC Flyer?
  30. What are the features of Open Launcher for Android Google TV?
  31. Not getting firmware updates on Android HTC Droid Eris.
  32. How can text files be edited on Android HTC Droid Eris?
  33. Blocking incoming calls on Android Droid Eris.
  34. Why some processes do needs to be killed in Android?
  35. Why do the calls go straight to the voice mail on Android HTC Eris?
  36. Sirus App crashing on Android HTC Droid Eris.
  37. Using Gmail on Android Lenovo A1 tablet.
  38. Turning off typing sound on Android TouchPad.
  39. Making Android touchpad ready for resale.
  40. How can the camera fix be installed on Android TouchPad?
  41. Installing CM7/9 on Android HP TouchPad.
  42. ICS not detecting SD card on Android HP TouchPad.
  43. How to manage and access video history for YouTube in Android?
  44. Is it possible to reorder the library of Google current in Android phone?
  45. How to limit the contacts displayed in the contact book in the Android phone?
  46. How to recover Wi-Fi password using an Android phone?
  47. Is it possible to hide patterns while unlocking the Android phone?
  48. Removing apps from the My Apps List on Android 4.0
  49. How to change the screen colour mode of the Samsung Android phone using stock firmware?
  50. Android IdeaPad K1 not getting power on
  51. Skype video not working on Android IdeaPad
  52. G-sensor trouble on Android Lenovo IdeaPad
  53. Best ROM preferences for Android TouchPad
  54. Red screen appearing on Android HP TouchPad
  55. Google auto sync not working on Android Nexus
  56. How can internal overheating be warned on Android devices?
  57. How can I increase the sound of my Android Iconia tablet?
  58. Why is the startup of my Android Acer tablet slow?
  59. Android Tab gets Auto Shutdown in sleeping mode.
  60. Installing Acer Recovery software in Android A100.
  61. Moving music from Android A100 tab to SD card.
  62. Is there any other way other than the usual way of deleting emails in Android?
  63. How to block calls and notifications in my Samsung Android 4.1 phone?
  64. Avoiding syncing of photos from popular social media such as Picasa web albums to my Android Phone?
  65. How to stop Gmail from downloading attachments automatically when using Wi-Fi?
  66. Editing quick settings panel in Android Jelly Bean 4.2?
  67. How to change back to my default Android launcher from the Facebook Home launcher?
  68. Switching between the on and off button of Android launcher Facebook Home
  69. How to view the web content in computer version through Android browser in my Android 4.1.2 stock firmware?
  70. SIM card not detected on Android Huawei Ascend
  71. Bluetooth icon stuck on Android Huawei Ascend
  72. Display green and black on Android Huawei Ascend.
  73. How to move applications on SD card on Android Huawei Activa 4G?
  74. Vibrate not working on Android Acer Liquid Metal
  75. Why can’t the contact be saved on phone on Android Acer Liquid Metal?
  76. How can I resolve the problem in using Link2SD app in my Android device?
  77. Adding pictures to contacts in SIM card on Android mobile.
  78. Video calling in Android Samsung Galaxy Ace.
  79. Could’tinstall Contre Jour game on my Android phone!
  80. Deleting unwanted ringtones on Android LG Optimus M.
  81. Removing email account on Android LG Optimus.
  82. How can rooting in Android phone be identified?
  83. How to convert my Android phone as a modem?
  84. Steps to delete default system apps on my Android phone
  85. Automatically syncing the photos and videos in Android phone
  86. How to monitor the flight status in my Android phone?
  87. How to filter spam messages and numbers on the Samsung Android phone?
  88. How to change the message alert repetition in Android 4.1.2?
  89. Celkon A101 - Signal dropping
  90. Can Amazon Video be streamed on Android devices?
  91. Can the intensity of vibration be adjusted on Android Google Nexus?
  92. Gallery app on Android tablet not working.
  93. Changing notification bar on Android Galaxy Note.
  94. Why is Android Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 not connecting to home Wi-Fi?
  95. How to enable the faded ‘stay awake’ function on Android Samsung Galaxy Grand 8.0?
  96. Why does Android tablet freeze in between forcing for reboot?
  97. Wi-Fi network on both the devices?
  98. How to move files between the Android phones and computers wirelessly?
  99. How to let multiple users access the Android developer console?
  100. Sent out pictures being saved in gallery creating redundancy in Android Sony Experia
  101. SD card not reading video in Android mobile
  102. Can the battery last longer in rooted Android Samsung Prevail?
  103. How to isolate ringtones from music in Android LG Spectrum 2?
  104. How to re-install Android 2.3.6 Ginger Bread version on Samsung Galaxy Y?
  105. Which would be the best Android to buy?
  106. Camera going black on my new Android HTC Explorer
  107. Android Desire not booting up after SD shuffling
  108. Anonymous messages that get automatically saved on the SIM card in Android mobile
  109. Are there completely waterproof cases for Android HTC Desire?
  110. Installing apps for preventing hacking in HTC android phone
  111. Photos stored in Android S3 phone not getting downloaded
  112. Why does apps not supporting in Android ics?
  113. YouTube not working on Android LG Optimus M with Wi-Fi
  114. How can the Google notification be removed on Android LG Optimus M?
  115. Why has the music volume gone low after rooting Android LG Optimus M?
  116. Sending video along with text on Android Optimus M
  117. Android LG Optimus keeps forgetting Wi-Fi password
  118. Getting call logs on Android phones
  119. Facebook blocked on Android LG Optimus 2
  120. How can Android LG Optimus 2 be switched on without power button?
  121. MS Word crashes in Samsung GT-N8000 tablet
  122. Unable to send music files via Bluetooth in Karbonn A21
  123. Fails to read applications like Facebook, WhatsApp in Lava Xolo A700
  124. No space for application to be installed in Samsung Galaxy Grand
  125. Lava Iris N 501 has internet connection hassles. After log in, always ask for new settings
  126. Samsung GT-N8000 tablet sends error messages about storage of images
  127. HTC Butterfly freezes frequently while trying to run application
  128. Unable to receive the MMS sent by friend on HTC one X
  129. Sony Xperia U don’t have the camera quality as like Sony camera
  130. Not a Single incoming call come in 5 days to my Motorola Defy
  131. 2GB memory card only having 1 GB space on Samsung Galaxy Ace
  132. Received ‘500’ error code for internet server error on Samsung Galaxy S4
  133. Unable to use Micro SD card ask for reformatting on LG Optimus L9
  134. Music player open with each click on Sony Xperia Z
  135. Multiple Download at the same time on Samsung Galaxy S3
  136. Cannot write more than 140 text in text sms on Micromax A100
  137. Volume turn off itself on Sony Xperia tipo
  138. Skype 6.2 upgrading crashed on Sony Xperia Ion
  139. Cannot save images in HTC Desire V Android 4.0 ICS
  140. HTC Incredible S hangs while making calls
  141. Upgrading Samsung Galaxy S without losing applications
  142. Error with the KIES on the Samsung Galaxy Y
  143. Messages are receiving with a delay on the Motorola XT800 ZHISHANG
  144. GPS is not working after trying to fix it on LG Optimus L7 P705
  145. Error while using Old firmware version of Spice Mi 425
  146. GIF images in the browser are not moving on Karbonn A9 plus
  147. Is the auto.exe in Recycle bin on the Huawei Ideos X5 U8800 a virus?
  148. No any kind of notification on my Karbonn A11
  149. How to reject a call without the caller knowing on my iBall Andi?
  150. Twitter app is not responding on the Micromax A78
  151. Hiding text messages that are not on contact list on LG Optimus Black ringtone bug
  152. Bluetooth is not connecting to the car Music player by the Sony Xperia SL
  153. WI FI is not connecting on the HTC One S
  154. Unable to save all saving contacts on phone on Motorola Atrix 2
  155. Notification Screen can’t pull down at all on Samsung Galaxy S
  156. How to change Facebook account on is there is no sign out option visible in Sony Xperia SL?
  157. LG Optimus Black battery died and will not charge or turn on at all
  158. Unable to set Karbonn A11 to ‘Silent mode’
  159. No call alerts when playing new Android music player on Karbonn A9 plus
  160. Screen brightness went down after Android upgrade on my Spice Mi 425
  161. Speaker problems on Android Samsung Galaxy
  162. Calendar behaving strange on Android Samsung Galaxy
  163. Screen unresponsive on Android Samsung Galaxy Portal
  164. Is it possible to leave a voice message for callers on Android?
  165. Keypad vibrating while entering text on Android Samsung Galaxy Portal
  166. Unlocking boot loader in Android LG Intuition
  167. How can I reverse engineer the Android browser?
  168. Are there any RTS offline games for Samsung Android phone?
  169. Help needed in finding a case for my 3.5 inch Android phone
  170. How to download the game Dead on Arrival 2- Pre Beta on my Android 3.0?
  171. Is it possible to download the game Bugs Race on my Android phone?
  172. Want to download Real Racing 3 on my Samsung Samsung Galaxy S3
  173. Replacing the touch screen keyboard on Android Reverb
  174. Volume key failure in Android Samsung Reverb
  175. Techniques to improve photo quality on Android
  176. Is it possible to sync Android LG Optimus 2 with Outlook?
  177. Improving the battery life on Android Samsung Galaxy Music
  178. Why the timer not shutting off in Android LG Escape?
  179. Is it possible to restore the stock ROM on my Android Motorola Triumph?
  180. Why does charging problem occur in VM Venture Android phone?
  181. Why does the apps in Android closing automatically while running in GPRS?
  182. Why Bluetooth on my Android is not working after updating to CM10.1 M2 Custom ROM?
  183. Why the ne Android phone always seems to be dead?
  184. What ROM should be used on Android virgin mobile?
  185. How can I possibly find the MAC address for the media link of Android HTC one x?
  186. Why is it not possible to play Gamevil apps in my Android phone when I am offline?
  187. Not able to delete a text message on Android Samsung Galaxy Portal.
  188. Taking screenshots with events on Android.
  189. How to enter stock recovery in Android Karbonn A15?
  190. Is it possible for me to remove the battery status from the unlock screen on my Android 4.0.4?
  191. How to stop Email notifications on Android Samsung Galaxy Reverb?
  192. Can’t get rid of Chinese notifications in my Android phone!
  193. How can I resolve the compatibility issue regarding my Samsung galaxy Android phone?
  194. Steps to be taken for creating folders on LG Esteem Android smartphone
  195. Not getting exact time on call log with Samsung Android handset
  196. Android powered Kyocera Rise get stuck on boot up screen while using Rom ToolBox Lite app
  197. Samsung Galaxy SII not reading internal memory after upgrading it from Android Ice Cream Sandwich to Android JellyBean
  198. Cannot mute or vibrate Motorola Razr Maxx since Android JellyBean update
  199. Android based Micromax A85 tend to get hanged up while in sleep mode
  200. How to handle virus files on SD card attached to HTC Magic Android phone?
  201. Issues sending MMS from Android powered Huawei Ascend smartphone
  202. Google Play app icon went missing after a reset on LG Shine Android smartphone
  203. Motorola Droid X running on Android got stuck up on print screen
  204. Music on SD card not showing up on music player on LG Thrive Android phone
  205. Screen display appears faded on Android supported HTC Legend handset
  206. How to sort date of the image files in Android phone?
  207. Is there a two way program app in Android to search PC and upload to SD card?
  208. SIM card not detected on Android Huawei Ascend
  209. Bluetooth icon stuck on Android Huawei Ascend
  210. Display going green and black on Android Huawei Ascend.
  211. How to move applications on SD card on Android Huawei Activa 4G?
  212. Vibrate mode not working on Android Acer Liquid Metal
  213. Why can’t the contact be saved on phone in Android Acer Liquid Metal?
  214. How can I resolve the problem in using Link2SD app in my Android device?
  215. Zip folder in SD card not opening in Android LG Esteem
  216. Status bar vanished on Android LG Esteem.
  217. Why does my data connection goes off when my Android HTC One screen goes off?
  218. Can’t install Contre Jour game on my Android phone!
  219. Recovery of important files deleted from Android phone?
  220. Bluetooth gets connected but not pairing with other device in Android E110
  221. Why is it not possible to log into some sites on Android E110 mobile?
  222. Configuration of personal e-mail ID not possible on Android Acer E110
  223. Is it possible to take back up for games saved on Android sets and transfer from one Tab to another?
  224. Separate call time display for SIMs in Android dual SIM phone
  225. Screen of Android based Samsung Captivate handset goes red while loading
  226. Which audio book players use Replay Gain in Android?
  227. Android HTC Salsa showing roaming signal though not on roaming
  228. How to restore missing data on SD card attached to Motorola Milestone Android handset?
  229. Low output volume of earphone on Android Padfone 2
  230. Can Android Padfone 2 be used on Verizon’s network?
  231. Asus-Padfone based on Android shutting down automatically
  232. Why can’t apps be downloaded on Android Acer E210?
  233. How to turn off vibrate on Android powered HTC Sensation handset?
  234. Android Acer Be-touch E210 not starting up
  235. Can’t get rid of Chinese notifications in my Android phone
  236. Calls getting auto switched to speaker on Micromax A85 Android handset
  237. How can I resolve the compatibility issue regarding my Samsung galaxy Android phone?
  238. How to move selected files to SD card of LG Spectrum with Android OS?
  239. How to play .amr files on Android version 4.1.2?
  240. How can I control Android music player connected with Kenwood Deck?
  241. Display goes dim in 15 seconds on Android supported HTC Desire S
  242. How can I upgrade my MyTouch 3G phone from Android 2.2.1 to gingerbread?
  243. How can I boot my tablet running on Android, where all data is deleted as I installed CWM recovery?
  244. Problem with the @ and " keys on my Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 which runs on Android Honeycomb
  245. Where to find my Android version 3.3.3 in SDK platform package?
  246. What is the audio DAC chip in Android Samsung S4?
  247. Is unlocking SIM possible on Android Samsung S4?
  248. What are the applications of IR on Android Samsung S4?
  249. Can the rooting of Android HTC One be done without HTCDevUnlock?
  250. Does Android HTC One display 10-bit video?