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  1. Removing the settings bar in Android HTC One
  2. Need to use my tablet which runs on Android as a photo frame
  3. Which is the best “do it yourself app” creating site or software for Android?
  4. Is there any app which locks the screen of an Android 2.3.4 in more than 15 minutes?
  5. Unwanted contacts are listed on Google Talk app on my Android 4 (JellyBean)
  6. Google navigation on my Android phone doesn’t show any street names
  7. Improve an application monytizing on an Android phone
  8. Is it possible to send pictures without saving it in any gallery in Android HTC phone?
  9. What can I do to watch videos in my Android tablet even when the screen is locked?
  10. Which ad network app in Android generates more revenue with icon, push and Smartwall?
  11. What are the different apps optimized for Android 3.0 (Honeycomb)?
  12. SD card on Android Samsung Galaxy S3 cannot be formatted
  13. Which is the best ROM available for Android Samsung Galaxy S3?
  14. Are there ways to increase video recording capacity in Android Samsung Galaxy S3?
  15. Why does Android HTC Droid DNA not detecting the SIM after flashing ROM?
  16. Does Android HTC Droid DNA support Bluetooth heart rate monitor?
  17. Bluetooth headset not working well on Android HTC Droid DNA
  18. Bug in Contacts list of Android Samsung Y
  19. Android Samsung Y gets rebooted on terminating a call
  20. SIM memory error on Android Samaung Galaxy Y
  21. Songs on SD card getting deleted on Android HTC Aria
  22. Android Asus Padfone shuts down while charging
  23. Is there any software to record and measure the quality of voice?
  24. How to delete preset message which cuts in when a call comes on the Android phone?
  25. Why music is not streamed from Android Galaxy S3 to Toyota corolla Bluetooth?
  26. How to measure the quality of incoming call in Android phones?
  27. ‘AllSharePlay’ app on Samsung Galaxy SII Android phone indicates always offline mode
  28. Is Android Jelly Bean upgrade available for Samsung Captivate smartphone?
  29. Dialer responding too slow on Android supported LG Thrive handset
  30. WiFi connectivity getting dropped continuously in between ‘download’ on HTC ChaCha Android phone
  31. Is usage of live wall paper with Android based HTC Hero a battery consuming action?
  32. Screen brightness keep on changing automatically on Android powered Huawei Ascend phone
  33. Notification alert on Micromax A70 Android phone even when there is no notification
  34. Getting SMS dated 1969 on Android based Motorola Droid X
  35. Unable to play videos with LG Optimus G in full screen mode after upgrading to Android 4.1
  36. Cannot use ‘Listen to’ voice command with Google Now on Android JellyBean
  37. Is it possible to re-calibrate on screen keyboard on Android based Amazon Kindle Fire HD?
  38. Viber tend to crash intermittently while making calls through Android powered HTC One S
  39. Why is the photo size changing on Android Sony Xperia?
  40. Is there a recycle bin in Android Sony Xperia S?
  41. Icons not disappearing even after deleting them on Android Samsung Galaxy
  42. Downloading pictures from Android Samsung Galaxy Fix to PC
  43. Can anyone suggest an Android security and performance optimization app that can also be used in Android tablets?
  44. Which is the bestcall recorder for Android users?
  45. Is banana flashlight app in Android a suitable to use as torch light?
  46. Is the any support for promoting any Android app developed?
  47. Disabling caller id on outgoing calls on Android Samsung Droid Charge
  48. Why is GPS not showing my location on Android Samsung Fascinate?
  49. Cannot connect to camera error on Android Samsung Admire
  50. Which would be an ideal screen protector for Android HTC Rezound?
  51. How do I stop the ongoing Facebook update on Android HTC Rezound?
  52. How can I prevent ICS download on Android HTC Rezound?
  53. Unable to set different wallpapers for different home screens in my Android device.
  54. How to resolve the cookie problem in the stock android browser?
  55. Why KOBO reader app fails on Android Galaxy S3?
  56. Why only few play store applications on Android are there for watching full length movies from YouTube?
  57. Is it okay to leave Android tablet ringing alarm all night?
  58. Not getting any sound while playing games and music on Android based HTC One X
  59. Battery percentage stays on 100% since upgrading Samsung Nexus S to Android JellyBean
  60. ‘Music Unlimited’ app starts by itself on Android powered Sony Xperia S
  61. Gallery shows only SD card pictures since Android JellyBean update on Motorola Droid Razr Maxx
  62. Trouble in sending attachments or group messages on Android Ice Cream Sandwich
  63. Cannot save images into Gallery from Chrome app on Samsung Galaxy SIII running on Android JellyBean
  64. Can Thinkfree Office app freely used with HTC Legend running on Android platform?
  65. Is it possible to transfer a purchased Android app from Huawei M835 to another Android phone?
  66. How to set Micromax A70 Android smartphone to not to save sent messages?
  67. Call reminder settings on Android powered Motorola Milestone phone?
  68. How to set an alert on HTC Droid Eris Android phone when receiving Facebook Notifications?
  69. Archive button missing on Android supported LG Revolution handset’s Gmail
  70. 3D Apps not supported on Huawei Mediapad tablet
  71. Urine Testing App produced wrong Result on Carbon A21
  72. Unable to practice Unit test with Careers 2.0 android unit testing app on Acer Liquid E Ferrari Edition
  73. APW theme dark widget ICS app actually makes screen dark on LG Optimus G
  74. HD wallpaper actually decrease my screen resolution on Samsung Galaxy R
  75. Dictionary app with limited words on HTC Butterfly
  76. Unable to text in word App of android on the Sony Xperia Z
  77. Problem to receive calls on Huawei Honor
  78. Deleted messages in Spam Folder automatically stored in the Inbox on Asus Padfone with tablet Dock
  79. GPS is not working in out of India on Micromax A90
  80. Unable to enter punctuation text by speaking on Garmin Asus A10
  81. Unable to manage the Notification on LG Optimus 2x
  82. Forget the password Pattern to Unlock Screen on Samsung Galaxy S II
  83. Can I reset the Android in previous time and date like window 7 on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1?
  84. Unable to do the Cut, Copy and Paste on Karbonn A1
  85. Unable to Read the In Built TOI & ET apps on Karbonn Smart tab 2
  86. Problem of using pre-installed social networking apps on Karbonn Smart tab 1
  87. Unable to Install VPN Wireless Connectivity on Samsung Galaxy Grand
  88. Bluetooth Auto Connect not working on Lenovo Ideaphone K86
  89. Sony Ericsson W8 Unable to search Network automatically
  90. Echo hampers audio quality in Motorola Fire XT
  91. Internet access gets disconnected on Motorola Backflip MB 300
  92. No memory space message pops in Viewsonic G Tablet while clicking images
  93. Unable to send MMS to multiple users from Motorola Fire XT
  94. Unable to access Google music in Google Nexus 10
  95. Unable to send data via Bluetooth from Sony Xperia U
  96. Samsung Galaxy Pocket unable sign out of Facebook
  97. Unable to connect internet in Sony Xperia P
  98. Conference call not functioning in Samsung Galaxy Ace
  99. Facebook chat contacts not visible on Samsung Galaxy Grand
  100. Camera not working on the Micromax A78 video and audio are not responding
  101. LG Optimus Black stopped recognizing SD card
  102. Errors after changing SIM card in the Sony Xperia SL
  103. Motorola Atrix 2 Stuck in boot animation
  104. Samsung Galaxy S USB is not connecting to the PC
  105. Files from SD card are disappeared after reboot on Samsung galaxy grand
  106. Incoming calls going straight to voicemail on my Huawei Ascend G300
  107. Music player not adding songs on Spice Mi 495
  108. Unable to capture screen shot while using Intex Aqua Style
  109. Karbonn A30 strange internet problem. What to do?
  110. Music/Photo Files transferred via USB not showing up on the Xolo X1000
  111. Unable to download my paid app on Dell Streak pro 101DL
  112. Notifications sounds interrupts while using multimedia on my Micromax Superfone Ninja
  113. Strange mail error on my LG Optimus L7
  114. Sony Xperia Tipo Dual phone has just crashed. What to do?
  115. HTC One V phone is randomly locking and rebooting
  116. GPS disabled automatically while using Motorola Defy
  117. Inbox is empty after using hotmail server on my Samsung Galaxy S Duos
  118. USB debugging don't work on my Samsung galaxy grand
  119. TV out issue on the Motorola Defy Mini
  120. People can't hear me and music (MP3's) doesn't always play on Salora Powermaxx Z1
  121. Email problem on my Huawei Ascend G300
  122. Spice Mi 495 10 kb picture download problem
  123. Memory card not detected in Sony Xperia Tipo
  124. Unable to close the multiple tabs in google chrome web browser in LG Optimus P
  125. Is it possible to play the online games in android version smart TV?
  126. Samsung Galaxy Advance is slow after updating the firmware
  127. Images not clear in my android mobile which are transferred from lenova laptop
  128. Unable to connect to my Samsung S2 to my hostel wifi hub
  129. Is it possible to turn off the pop ups in my Experia U web browser while browsing?
  130. How can I restore my Android Acer phone with minimal loss of data?
  131. How to back up contacts on Android Acer with Android 2.2.2?
  132. Why is my Android Acer E320 not booting up?
  133. Black screen problem after rooting for Android Acer Liquid E
  134. How can the SIM be unlocked in Android Acer Liquid E?
  135. Cannot find Gtalk in Android Acer
  136. Acer liquid phone showing issues after the latest Android update
  137. Why is my Android HTC Desire not giving alert on notifications?
  138. Removing factory installed apps from Android LG Ally.
  139. Screen rendered unusable on Android LG Ally.
  140. What are the ways to transfer music to my Android HTC Incredible?
  141. Why is Android Acer Liquid E not detecting SD card on booting?
  142. Low internal storage memory on Android HTC Salsa.
  143. A memory warning appearing on Android Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc
  144. Is it possible to use Wi-Fi on Android HTC Desire without SIM card?
  145. How can the folders from my old SD card be copied to the new SD card on Android?
  146. How can the folders from my old SD card be copied to the new SD card on Android?
  147. How to replace a broken screen on Android HTC Salsa?
  148. Want to purchase Android’s best media centre!
  149. GoToMyPC app cannot be used in my Lap dock running on Android Bionic.
  150. Unable to open the apps on the home screen of Android based Sony Xperia T
  151. Samsung Galaxy SIII restarts randomly since upgrading to Android JellyBean
  152. What has to be done for changing the background of Google search with Google Nexus 10 Android tablet?
  153. Is it possible to install Go Launcher HD into Amazon Kindle Fire HD Android tablet without rooting?
  154. Cannot change the lock screen on Android powered Micromax A70
  155. Android based Samsung Galaxy Nexus S set the time 4 hours off while using ‘Set alarm’ voice command
  156. “Parse error” while installing apps on Android powered LG Lucid handset
  157. How to access fonts other than English on message composing on Android based Motorola Milestone?
  158. How to set Android supported Samsung Galaxy Apollo to turn off WiFi when battery goes below 40%?
  159. Clock timing changing without any prompts on Android powered Huawei Mercury
  160. Call to LG Vortex Android phone getting diverted to voice mail
  161. Unknown error on video playback on HTC Desire with Android OS
  162. Prevent user from switching off mobile networks
  163. Autocorrect function not working properly on Motorola Droid Razr Maxx since upgrading to Android JellyBean
  164. Music Player runs automatically on Samsung Galaxy Ace Android smartphone
  165. HTC Magic Android phone won’t boot up after performing factory reset
  166. Unable to delete the pictures stored in Android based LG Optimus S
  167. Getting strange folder icon on Samsung Galaxy SIII Android smartphone
  168. Trouble in voice dialing Motorola handset after Android JellyBean update
  169. How to save MMS to a separate folder by default on Android based HTC Explorer?
  170. How to format a virus attacked SD card alone on Android supported Samsung Fascinate?
  171. Procedure to perform hard reset of Android powered Huawei M835 phone
  172. Screen of Motorola CLIQ Android phone stays black after new game installation
  173. How to mark multiple messages together for deletion on HTC Desire Android mobile?
  174. How to restore missing contacts after upgrade on Android based Acer Liquid E?
  175. MMS settings not working on Android HTC Aria
  176. Android HTC not working after SD editing.
  177. Installing Android 4.1.2 JellyBeans OTA update for Samsung Galaxy S3mobile
  178. Rooting Galaxy Grand GT-19082 using CWM recovery in Android
  179. How to remove a chosen contact from Favorite list of Android based HTC Thunderbolt phone?
  180. Gesture Typing causing inconvenience on Android powered Nexus handset
  181. Checking the IMEI number of new Samsung Admiral Android phone
  182. What is the procedure to set up a Google Wallet account on Lenovo LePhoneAndroidhandset?
  183. How the saved contact info on HTC Aria Android handset can be edited?
  184. Is the World’s thinnest Smartphone, R809T launched by OppoAndroid based?
  185. How to uninstall a corrupted editor Android app on LG Shine phone?
  186. Is it true that Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update is being rolled for Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G?
  187. Is it true that Android phones be tracked easily?
  188. How to transfer Pictures from T-Mobile Samsung SGH-T989 to Computer?
  189. What is the detailed procedure for setting lock screen PIN on Android based HTC Aria?
  190. Newly added contact not visible in Gmail Chat list on LG Shine Android phone
  191. How to fix buffering issues on Google Play while watching movies offline on HTC Flyer Android tab?
  192. Give an outline of the Logitech Tablet Mouse to use with Android handsets?
  193. What is the expected release date of Android supported Samsung Galaxy Note 3?
  194. Can anyone suggest the best Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphones comes in the range below Rs.15000?
  195. Magnification gestures got disabled automatically after new app installation on Nexus 4 Android tab
  196. How to change a specific contact picture using People app on Samsung Admiral Android phone?
  197. Has Android based Sony Xperia SP handset released in India?
  198. What has to be done for setting up message alert repetition on Android 4.1.2?
  199. How to turn off volume while dialing a dial pad on Android based LG Optimus G?
  200. List out the best diary apps available for Android phone in Google Play Store
  201. What are the needs to be taken for hiding missed calls and messages on lock screen of HTC Butterfly Android phone?
  202. Procedures for setting photo as a contact picture on Android powered Sony Xperia E
  203. In what way can I import a contact from Exchange Active Sync account set up on HTC Explorer Android phone?
  204. Which are the best wireless headsets available for Motorola Android device?
  205. Setting up a cover art for music collection on Android phone
  206. What has to be done for auto-fitting web pages with default browser on Android based Sony Xperia J?
  207. Is it possible to upload videos into You Tube just after capturing using HTC One X Android smartphone?
  208. Steps to be taken for hiding phone number using Sony Xperia ZL Android phone
  209. How to use Muti Window feature with Samsung Galaxy Grand Android smartphone?
  210. Is it possible to uninstall Google + application from Sony Xperia U Android smartphone?
  211. Apps updates automatically on Motorola Xoom Android tablet
  212. What has to be done for arranging applications icons into a folder on Android based HTC Flyer?
  213. Is any third party Wi-Fi hotspot or tethering app available for Android powered LG Optimus S?
  214. Not able to access google.com with Android GingerBread
  215. Cannot remove failed Facebook update status from Samsung Galaxy SII Android smartphone
  216. How to set a downloaded tone as ringtone of Android based Lenovo LePhone?
  217. Downloads going straight to home screen of Samsung Acclaim Android phone
  218. SD card keeps on checking for errors at boot on Android powered HTC Sensation
  219. Unable to download picture messages received on Motorola Defy Android phone
  220. Is SkyFire browser an apt choice to use with HTC Magic running on Android?
  221. All downloads auto skips at 50% saying Android supported Micromax A75
  222. Default WiFi policy causing inconvenience on Android based HTC Hero S phone
  223. Best recommended Android Jelly Bean handsets within the price range of RS.10000/- in India
  224. How to edit details of a new VPN network added to Huawei Mercury Android handset?
  225. How a chosen Google + post can be locked on Android supported Lenovo LePhone?
  226. Suggest some fantasy games compatible with Android ICS powered Samsung tablet
  227. How to alter the default Chrome Android browser download location on LG Venice phone?
  228. What are the interesting specs of the upcoming Android supported Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3?
  229. How to purchase a desired music item from Play store on Android based HTC Desire handset?
  230. How to follow users with Twitter app on HTC Butterfly Android smartphone and send direct message to them?
  231. What has to be done for adding widgets into the home screen of Android based Micromax A80?
  232. Sending group messages from Android powered Sony Xperia Neo L
  233. Ii have forgotten my screen unlock pattern
  234. How FB Android app can be used to delete comments posted on FB set up on HTC Desire?
  235. Is Galaxy Note 3 Samsung’s First Android Smartphone to Come with S Orb?
  236. Is tab syncing allowed on Chrome Android browser used with Samsung Admiral Handset?
  237. Price and release date of HTC One Android handset in India?
  238. ‘Developer Options’ seems missing on Android Jelly Bean Samsung handset
  239. How upgrade process to full Google Voice account is carried out on LG Venice Android phone?
  240. By what way Personal level indicators are activated on HTC HeroAndroid phone’s Gmail account?
  241. Is the new Android powered Acer Iconia A1-810 tablet aim at Apple’s iPad Mini?
  242. Can I show up the home time zone for calendar events set up on Android phone?
  243. Can anyone explain the procedures to create custom app groups on Android powered Motorola Droid X?
  244. Can a call beanswered by shaking the Android phone?
  245. Steps to be taken for reducing Backlight Time Length on Android based LG Optimus S
  246. Is it possible to clear cache storage of applications after checking on Android phone?
  247. Procedures for turning on speaker phone during a call on Android powered HTC Explorer
  248. Changing brightness level manually on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Android tablet
  249. How to turn off Mobile Bravia Engine on Sony Xperia T Android smartphone?
  250. How to turn off Mobile Bravia Engine on Sony Xperia T Android smartphone?