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  1. Not able to access google market after installing Leos in Micromax A90
  2. After rooting not able to login with fb giving error on Micromax A110C
  3. Unable to disable notifications occur during using any app on Micromax A73
  4. Face detection feature not working of camera in Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 Smartphone
  5. Unable to store images on Samsung Galaxy Note 510
  6. Wifi not getting turn on in Motorola Defy Mini
  7. Getting Unknown pop up after unlocking keypad in Micromax A75
  8. Auto forwarding feature can not disable on Micromax A35 Bolt
  9. Photoshop not working on Micromax A35 Bolt
  10. Videos are not playing with Mx player Samsung Galaxy Y
  11. Failed to send messages on Samsung Galaxy Note
  12. WhatsApp restarts randomly on HTC Explorer
  13. Roaming symbol in HTC Butterfly while using mobile internet
  14. New email symbol on the screen is showing but there is no new message in Google Nexus 7
  15. HTC One 600 fails to show saved Calendar events as reminder
  16. LG Nexus 4 fails to stay connected with internet connection while on international roaming
  17. HTC Explorer fails to install WhatsApp
  18. Samsung Galaxy Note II fails to open files coming from Windows phone through emails
  19. Unable to send multilingual SMS from Motorola Droid Razr Maxx to iPhone 5
  20. Automatically backlight turns on in Sony Xperia
  21. Doodle jump stopped working in Micromax A73 phone
  22. Temple run not running in Samsung Galaxy Y
  23. Jpeg file not opening in Sony WT19I LWW
  24. Not able install Hulu app in Micromax A90
  25. After installing widgetlocker 2.2 HD music player stop working on Micromax A110c
  26. Unable to move app from phone to sd card with app2sd app on Micromax A73
  27. Canít retrieve data after crashing of Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3
  28. Samsung Galaxy WI8 250 locked due to many pattern attempts. How to unlock it?
  29. Samsung Galaxy S3 camera shows a purple stain on the upper right corner
  30. Android Device Issue:Unable to get Screen to respond
  31. How can I transfer my files from internal storage to SD card for XPERIA MIRO?
  32. Canít exit from google chrome browser on Samsung Galaxy S4
  33. Not able to manage space between words spacebar not working in Micromax A90
  34. Unable to operate compose mail option of gmail app on Micromax A110c Phone
  35. Power play cricket lite app unable to uninstall on Micromax A73
  36. Phone getting slow while answering call in Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3
  37. Phone dialler getting automatic appear while using any app on Samsung Galaxy Note 510
  38. Caller ringtone setted to contacts get removed after sudden reboot on Motorola Defy XT phone
  39. Canít stop automatic deletion of text messages after reading from inbox in Micromax A80
  40. Unable to open any files from DCIM folder while connected to pc in Micromax A73
  41. Unable to receive calls during texting from Karbonn Titanium S5, phone freezes
  42. Samsung Galaxy Note II fails to run Micoach in roaming area
  43. Sony Xperia Z Ultra after running security scan, asks for new passwords for screen security
  44. Samsung Galaxy S2 fails to open the sub menu for various modes
  45. Xolo Q900 fails to respond to incoming calls
  46. Motorola Droid 3 fails to access wi-fi connection after Jelly bean upgrade
  47. Sub Settings and contacts not opening on my intex aqua star
  48. How to uprgade the android version of Htc Desire Hd from Gingerbread to Ice Cream Sandwich?
  49. How to know the processor speed of any Android Device?
  50. Unable to Logout from GMail account on Micromax A92 Mobile
  51. Phone get automatic reboot after connecting to pc on Micromax A110c
  52. Micromax A73 phone stops charging after rooting
  53. Getting error App canít be working properly in Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3
  54. Getting error it can not be uninstalled on Samsung Galaxy Note 510
  55. Unable to login from fb app in Motorola Defy XT
  56. Canít connect with Lenovo laptop Micromax A80
  57. Default ringtone automatic set on Micromax A89 Ninja
  58. Not getting SIM messages in inbox in Samsung Galaxy Young
  59. Unable to use Viber app on Samsung Galaxy Pop phone
  60. Game apps not working on Samsung Galaxy Ace phone
  61. Firefox not working on Videocon 858 Android phone
  62. Instagram app crashes on Videocon 858 phone
  63. Intex Aqua Star android phone got bricked all of a sudden after it fell down
  64. Micromax A54 Ninja phone not charging to 100 percent
  65. Unable to delete images from Samsung Galaxy Fame
  66. Unable to send apps, files and music to sd card on Galaxy S3
  67. Android stopped suddenly with Force Close dialog
  68. PC is not able to recognize my Huawei m860 when connnected via USB
  69. How to fix com.google.process.gapps process stopped issue on Android?
  70. How to change the Camera Shutter Sound on Samsung Galaxy S Duos?
  71. HTC One fails to give alert messages while it is switched off
  72. Unable to install new 3D games in LG Optimus 4X
  73. Karbonn Titanium S5 crashes while using Android Market App
  74. Weak network in Micromax Canvas A116 HD
  75. Not able to turn off talk back feature on Motorola Defy Mini
  76. Unable to turn on voice input in Micromax A75
  77. Canít disable google now widget app on Micromax A35 Bolt
  78. Not able to play games in Samsung Galaxy Y
  79. Unable to delete gmail account giving factory reset option on Samsung Galaxy Note
  80. Can not connect to desktop with USB cable in Micromax A90S
  81. Not getting notification of incoming call while connecting to internet on Micromax Superfone 101
  82. Unable to run any application in Micromax A73
  83. Canít stop account updates after connecting to internet on Samsung Galaxy S
  84. Phone battery getting drained after using GPS app even for one minute in Samsung Galaxy Y phone
  85. Automatic switch off after sometime using of Samsung Galaxy S4 phone
  86. Not able to connect via wifi of Home network in Micromax A80
  87. Canít clean Cache of Movie application inn Micromax A89
  88. Proximity sensor not working in Samsung Galaxy Young
  89. Randomly reboot several times on Motorola Defy Mini
  90. Micromax A75 giving an Error message Tethering Manager has stopped Unexpectedly
  91. Maps app automatically get stop in Micromax A35
  92. Can not see uploaded Videos in youtube in Samsung Galaxy Y
  93. Unable to synchronize via pc getting no device recognized message in Samsung Galaxy Young phone
  94. Can not able to update software updates getting notification failed to update software on on Motorola Defy Mini
  95. After upgrading to 4.3 google mail app gave notification but mail now show in Micromax A75 Phone
  96. Unable to receive invitation notifications on google calendar on Micromax A35 Bolt phone
  97. Emoji keyboard not working it only print Star(*) in Samsung Galaxy Y phone
  98. After performing video calls 3g signals get down on Samsung Galaxy Note phone
  99. Spell check stopped working it give red line even for correct words in Micromax A90 S phone
  100. Widgets not update automatically on Micromax Superfone 101 phone
  101. Can not mount SD card in Micromax A110c
  102. Not able to see home screen only blue screen and clock appear on Micromax A73
  103. Google typing app not working properly in Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3
  104. Getting USB device is malfunctioned message in Samsung Galaxy Note 510
  105. Not able to send emails via outlook in Micromax A89 Ninja
  106. Photos get blurry after clicking in Samsung Galaxy Young
  107. Video playback option missing in video settings in Motorola Defy Mini
  108. Google Now remainder not work properly in Micromax A75
  109. Samsung Galaxy S2 fails to open files coming from android phones through emails
  110. Unable to use regional alphabets in Micromaxx A115 Canvas 4
  111. Sony Xperia Mini with Android 4.0.4, unable to save Calendar events for today's events
  112. Low battery at 30 per cent in Samsung Galaxy Win Quattro
  113. Xolo Q700 fails to open links that come through SMS
  114. Sony Xperia U with Android 4.0 ICS pops install SIM message immediately after start up
  115. Latest welcome page of Instagram and updates never open successfully on Huawei Ascend P2
  116. How can we attach the documents while replying to any mail in Gmail?
  117. How to upgrade the Android version in Samsung Galaxy Y Mobile?
  118. How to get rid of Screen Freeze issue in Lenovo S880 mobile?
  119. Unable to get gmail contacts on gmail app in Micromax A90 S phone
  120. Google play store automatically get uninstalled on Micromax A73 phone
  121. No signals have been detected after performing booting in Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 phone
  122. Unable to open phone getting setup wizard stopped popup and freezes on Samsung Galaxy Note 510 phone
  123. Launch icon suddenly change by profile iconí on Motorola Defy X T phone
  124. Not able to downloads when connected with wifi in Micromax A80
  125. Stuck on Boot screen Micromax A89 Ninja
  126. Failed to save locations on map app in Samsung Galaxy Young phone
  127. Not able to see message sending time of messages in Motorola Defy Mini
  128. Word with friend app closes several times in Micromax A75
  129. Canít access wireless and network option on Micromax A35 Bolt phone
  130. Unable to Turn off Phone startup sound in Samsung Galaxy Y phone
  131. Cannot change password of voicemail app on Samsung Galaxy Note
  132. GPS not working after performing Factory reset in Micromax A90S
  133. Bootloader 2c.7c popup appear suddenly in Micromax Superfone 101
  134. Facebook not showing images on Intex Aqua3.2
  135. Getting error-98 while installing Temple Run on Micromax A35 Bolt phone
  136. Not able to install updates getting Error code -110 error popup in Samsung Galaxy Y phone
  137. Getting pop up sms error cause code 65535 on Samsung Galaxy Note while sending sms
  138. Getting Error code-24 error while installing new apps in Micromax A90S
  139. Error 497 while downloading Mozilla firefox on Micromax Superfone 101
  140. Canít paired with any device in Micromax A73
  141. Screen got stucked on keypad touch not working properly on Samsung Galaxy S
  142. Failed to turn off screen during voice calls in Samsung Galaxy Y
  143. Not able to restore SMS and call logs on Samsung Galaxy S4
  144. Can not see date and time of calls in call log on Motorola Xt800
  145. Getting not supported error in Micromax A90 while installing Hello Spy application
  146. Canít recover photos from Undelete 360 app on Micromax HD
  147. Unable to install Instagram on Samsung Galaxy Note phone
  148. Failed to find saved bookmarks in Micromax A73
  149. Archos 80 G9 Issue: Keep detecting the movement every 5 pixel
  150. Unable to charge an android tablet either via Normal charger or USB charger. What to do?
  151. Motorola Electrify doesn't allow me to transfer files to the SD card
  152. How to Root a GFive A79 Android Mobile?
  153. Getting an error 0x162 when trying to flash with livesuit in Android Tablet
  154. Uploaded tracks doesn't appear completely on Google Play Music in Android
  155. How to download adobe flash player on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2?
  156. Unable to make the Emoji work in Android Keyboard
  157. No Facebook status update in Karbonn A7
  158. Sony Xperia U with Android 4.0 ICS unable to start video calls
  159. Facebook's welcome page never open successfully on Sony Xperia ZL
  160. Glassdoor applications fails to daily show job updates in XOLO Q1000
  161. Sony Xperia Z Ultra contact icon missing and has to use smart search option
  162. Karbonn Titanium S5 shows message about deactivated internet service but internet package is recharged
  163. Sony Xperia ZL fails to support online banking service
  164. Google Nexus 5 fails to open Pinterest pinned low resolution images
  165. Micromax A116 HD Canvas experienced fall, LCD screen seems like melted from inside
  166. Google Nexus 5 shows continuous encrypted messages while running downloads
  167. Mobile internet activation makes Samsung Galaxy S4 corrupt
  168. Notifications from stock message application can not be stopped on Samsung Galaxy Note
  169. Unable to receive email notification on g-mail app in Micromax A90 S phone
  170. Tap to speak pop appear many times while operating on Micromax Superfone 101 phone
  171. Unable to send sms to multiple people not getting option in Micromax A73 phone
  172. Bricked my LG P350 mobile. How to unbrick it now?
  173. Unable to install any Application which has more than 30MB size in LG Optimus ME p350 Mobile
  174. Painting application shut down in middle of using it on Motorola Defy X T
  175. Unable to operate while surfing internet it switch off on Micromax A80
  176. Facebook application not work properly on newsfeed not get loaded on Micromax A89 Ninja
  177. Unable to answer incoming call after installing Skype in Samsung Galaxy Young phone
  178. Compass Application not working on Micromax A73
  179. IE8 not working properly on unable to load certain sites on Samsung Galaxy S
  180. After shaking of screen suddenly device turn off in Samsung Galaxy Y
  181. Screen goes suddenly black after launching Whatsapp and freezes on Samsung Galaxy S4
  182. Unable to delete chat history of google talk on Motorola Xt800
  183. Balance pop is shown in transparent unable to see balance on Micromax A90
  184. Not able to restore apps from backup giving NovA 3 errors on Micromax A110 Canvas Hd
  185. Unable to see called information of saved contacts on Motorola Defy Mini
  186. Can not perform backup for some applications on Micromax A75
  187. Free space of SD card is not visible in setting on Micromax A35
  188. Unable to install Google Wallet application on Samsung Galaxy Y
  189. Samsung Galaxy Prevail Issue: The device turns off and On without giving any warning message
  190. Data Connectivity Feature stops working after 3-4 hours in my Android Mobile
  191. Samsung Galaxy Pocket Issue:Unable to lock the Phone or put it on standby/Airplane Mode
  192. Samsung Galaxy Pocket always notifies about the SMS without actual reception
  193. Widgets never appears on the screen of Sony Xperia P
  194. Unable to Copy web address of Url of youtube videos on Samsung Galaxy S4
  195. Unable to Copy Files from One folder to another folder in Motorola Xt800
  196. Unable to install Delhi Metro App giving Compatibility Error on Micromax A90
  197. Micromax A110 Canvas Hd Phone Shut down during Video calling
  198. Incoming calls in Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro automatically gets diverted
  199. Gmail fails to upload inbox in Karbon Titanium S5
  200. Not able to receive calls during texting from Karbonn Titanium S3, phone freezes
  201. Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro fails to run Micoach in roaming area
  202. HTC One 600 after running security scan, asks for new passwords for screen security
  203. Micromax A116 HD Canvas fails to open the sub menu for various modes
  204. Celkon A118 Signature HD fails to respond to incoming calls
  205. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 fails to access wi-fi connection after running software update
  206. Unable to make Skype calls from Celkon A98 after software update
  207. Wi-Fi connection fails to get disconnected in HTC Butterfly
  208. Sony Xperia Z fails to get activated for roaming
  209. No Twitter status updates from others shown in LG Optimus L9
  210. Sony Xperia ZL fails to start from Skype calls
  211. Pinterest welcome page not coming in HP Slate 7
  212. Applications fail to shut down in HTC One
  213. Unable to create PDF file on Idea ID 918
  214. Viber app not getting installed on Intex Aqua 3.2
  215. Byond B54 phone got bricked after rooting
  216. Idea Ivory phone not getting connected with Google Play
  217. Intex Aqua Trendy got bricked after installing custom ROM on it
  218. Google Plus not working on Karbonn A7
  219. HTC Butterfly fails to run WhatsApp
  220. Micromax Bolt A27 fails to open files coming from Windows phone through emails
  221. Unable to use numerics in SMS in Karbonn Titanium S5
  222. Low battery shuts down Samsung Galaxy Champ Duos within half an hour of usage
  223. Karbonn A9 fails to open links that come through Linkedin
  224. Sony Xperia E pops no SIM message
  225. No updates from Twitter shows on Huawei Ascend P2
  226. Celkon A119 Q Signature HD shuts down completely and refused to restart after software scan
  227. Poor audio quality in Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562
  228. Sony Xperia Z fails to activate the set alarm time
  229. Low battery shuts down Google Nexus 4 without message
  230. Karbonn A7 fails to start McAfee virus scan
  231. Sony Xperia ZL fails to send VCards to old models cell phones
  232. Battery fails to get fully charged in Huawei Ascend P2 after using wi-fi
  233. Unable to send details from Contacts widget and Smart Search option in Sony Xperia Tipo
  234. Alcatel OT 980 shows 'starting download' but does nothing
  235. Unable to get rid of Traingle and red Exclamation mark in Alcatel OT 995 ICS Phone
  236. My Computer stopped recognizing my Nexus 10. What to do?
  237. Getting a red "X" symbol on Motorola Xoom's screen when watching rented movies on HDMI output
  238. Stuck on Safe Mode Screen in Sony Ericsson Arc S Mobile. How to come out of this?
  239. Nexus 10 stopped flashing the LED light on receiving notification
  240. Google Play Store shows that my Nexus 10 has compatibility issue with EA's NBA JAM
  241. Unable to find any application for Nexus 10 which converts handwriting into Normal Text
  242. Configured the Proxy Manually in Nexus 10 but it stops working after fresh restart
  243. Magazines shows blank blue cover instead of normal cover in Nexus 10
  244. eBay xyboard issue:Icon shows charging but the charge percentage never increases
  245. Unable to download Games or Applications in Zeninthink Ztpad because it says invalide download url
  246. Getting an error message "Prepare inter Mmc update mode, and system updating start---- skip recovery" in Zenthink c91
  247. Galaxy Tab keeps rebooting after getting involved in some music transfer
  248. The playback becomes horrible when Playing HD Videos on Galaxy Tab 8.9
  249. Lost around 8 GB space on Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 after doing a factory reset
  250. Unable to install Adobe Flash Player on Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9