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  1. Unable to set the Thumb Keyboard as default keyboard in Android 4.1.2
  2. All Photos disappeared from the Gallary within Few Seconds in Samsung Galaxy S2 mobile
  3. Samsung Galaxy S2 Sky Rocket shows incorrect Message Reception time
  4. Where is the Voice Activation Option in LG Phoneix Mobile?
  5. Always lose some stored files on Android Mobile after turning it Off
  6. LG Phoneix says "Missing Software" when tryin to use the USB tethering
  7. Strange Icon appears near the 3G signal on LG Phoenix 505
  8. Unable to insert regional alphabets in my Micromax E390
  9. Unable to insert Smileys In my Micromax A91 Ninja
  10. Treasure Application not working in my Micromax A73
  11. Karbonn Smart A26 phone has display problems after it fell down in water
  12. Call sound quality very poor on Celkon A225 android phone
  13. Cannot send MMS from Samsung Galaxy Pop
  14. Samsung Galaxy Chat cannot be connected to Google Play Store
  15. Mono A2 Android phone shows error when connected to Facebook
  16. Screen of Samsung Galaxy Fame turns black when connected with Google Play
  17. Sony Xperia L not charging to 100 percent
  18. Firefox getting crashed on Samsung Galaxy Fame
  19. Cannot send SMS from Xolo Play
  20. VTok not allowing me to sign in. Always shows forced close error message
  21. Volume is too low in Wondermedia Wm8650. How to fix it?
  22. Font size increases when pasting a text from a website to Yahoo-Mail in Android
  23. Viewsonic G Tablet 1.2 stuck on Clockworkmod recover.
  24. Viewsonic g tablet says flash player is out of date.
  25. MID 8650 Android Tablet stuck at Boot Screen. What to do?
  26. Unable to open Newspaper links On Micromax Ninja A27 Mobile phone
  27. Unable to Run Temple Run on Micromax A100 mobile phone
  28. Micromax A72 giving sound output from both speakers and headphone
  29. Unable to Play videos On Samsung Galaxy Pop it get unresponsive
  30. Unable to boot Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 only Tab 2 screen is appear while startup
  31. Micromax Bolt A27 suddenly show Unfortunately the Process com. andriod.phone has stopped and signal not come in SIM
  32. Unable to operate Micromax A72 giving encryption Successful error while Opening
  33. Unable to Capture Photos in Samsung Galaxy Note 2 give insert memory Card internal memory is not running error
  34. Micromax Canvas HD automatically Shutting down after removing charger
  35. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Become unresponsive when i connect 3G data card
  36. Unable to connect Micromax A110 to Laptop through USB Cable
  37. Slow touchscreen and hangs frequently in HCL Me V2
  38. PhotoSync feature not functional in Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro
  39. Unable to show message icon on HTC Butterfly
  40. No audio while playing music on Samsung Galaxy S4
  41. Karbonn Smart Tab 1 shuts down while using video calling
  42. HTC EVO 4G crashes while opening Google Talk 4.0.3
  43. Wi-Fi connection fluctuates
  44. Tablet fails to detect and read Wi-Fi range
  45. Huawei Ideos S7 gets switched off while installing the drives
  46. Samsung Galaxy S4 reboots and crashed all of sudden in roaming
  47. Roaming symbol in Karbonn Titanium S5 while using Skype
  48. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 stops charging at 90 percent
  49. HTC Desire shows false Calendar events as reminder
  50. Unable to stop Samsung account updates in Samsung Galaxy Core
  51. Samsung Galaxy S4 active switch off after every 15-20 minutes
  52. Unable to ring,gave notifications when connected through wifi my Samsung Galaxy S
  53. HTC One fails to run any application
  54. Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro battery gets drained after using GPS applications
  55. Samsung Galaxy S4 shuts down completely and refused to restart after reboot
  56. Not able to connect a SuperTab Android Tablet to computer
  57. HTC Aria having random reboots
  58. Missing IMEI On Motorola Droid 2 After flashing stock ROM
  59. Unable to play 720p videos on mx player in Samsung Galaxy Ace
  60. GTA Vice City Game is not running on Samsung Galaxy Young phone S6310
  61. Automatically alphabets are typed without my typing in Samsung Galaxy Grand
  62. Mobile application getting crash due to Unmounting of Memory Card in Aakash Ubislate 7cz+ tablet
  63. Whatsapp is not working in Micromax A110
  64. Unable to receive data from Bluetooth in Micromax Funbook P400
  65. Unable to switch flight mode in Samsung Galaxy S4 even after restarts
  66. Unable to directly move downloaded apps to memory card in Samsung Galaxy S3
  67. Unable to connect Samsung Galaxy Ace via Wi-Fi
  68. Disconnecting Internet several times while surfing Internet on Samsung Galaxy Duos
  69. Unable to remove an Unknown icon in Samsung Galaxy Y
  70. SMS shows on screen but unable to open it in the inbox in Karbonn S 5 Titanium
  71. Unable to transfer music files in HTC One from another android phone
  72. Unable to restore NOVA3 game I backed up using titanium in my Samsung vibrant
  73. Unable to activate Data connection in my HTC Droid Incredible
  74. Having no signal issue after updating HTC Desire X to latest Jellybean
  75. ADW Launcher crashing on my Samsung Captivate
  76. Weak WI-FI reception on my HTC Droid Incredible
  77. Titanium backup is unable to find apps in my Samsung Vibrant
  78. Unable to see images in applications like flipboard,dropbox, etc on HTC Desire X
  79. Strange problem on HTC Desire X after JB official update
  80. Display very hazy on Xolo Play after it fell down
  81. Micromax A35 Android phone not starting suddenly
  82. Cannot delete google chat history from Samsung Galaxy Chat
  83. Unable to send MMS from Xolo Q800
  84. Lava IRIS 504 Q faces random reboot issue throughout the day
  85. Vibrator not working on Micromax Canvas Lite A92 phone
  86. IE8 not working on Xolo Q800 android phone
  87. Does turning off background services like data,sync, GPS etc affect Text Receiving functionality on Android?
  88. Galaxy Pro keeps shutting off without flashing any error message
  89. Unable to turn on WiFi on Galaxy Pro GT-B7510
  90. Camera doesn't save picture in my Samsung Galaxy S2 x mobile
  91. Encountered an issue during Firmware upgrade in Samsung Galaxy S2 Mobile
  92. Micromax Canvas Plus 2 A110Q shows no widgets on screen
  93. Sony Xperia Z on its own shuts down while charge is 100 per cent
  94. Touch screen freezes on pressing any button in Intex Aqua SX
  95. Backlight remains off on pressing in Karbonn Smart A26
  96. No detailed menu of widgets appear in XOLO Q800
  97. Display problems on Micromax Canvas Lite A92 phone
  98. Blank screen issue on Karbonn A21 phone
  99. IE8 not working on Sony Xperia J
  100. Angry Birds game app not working on Sony Xperia ZR
  101. Xolo Play phone not charging to 100 percent
  102. Cannot delete Skype chat history from Sony Xperia Tipo
  103. Lava IRIS 504 Q got bricked after installing custom based ROM
  104. Not able to store images on Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos
  105. Karbonn Smart A26 phone not starting at all after rooting
  106. Unable to install Opera browser on Xolo Q800 android phone
  107. Android app photo editor is very annoying on Casio G’zOne Commando 4G LTE
  108. Switched to the Dell Streak (Mini 5) and can't make calls/texts
  109. MMS Texts Showing Up as Slideshows on the HTC Desire HD
  110. Micromax A100 will not connect to wireless repeater
  111. Meizu MX 2 WI FI is not working properly
  112. Blue streaks on the camera of Huawei M835
  113. Done wipe data/factory reset and SD card data on Sony xperia z
  114. GPS has stopped working on Samsung Continuum
  115. Widgets are not deleting from the widget page from Acer beTouch E210
  116. Acer Liquid Metal phone won’t start or go into factory reset menu
  117. Alcatel OT-980 has a black screen but it is working
  118. Proximity sensor not working on received calls on ARCHOS 50 Platinum
  119. Screen of ASUS Padfone 2 is getting slower
  120. Annoying Full Battery Notifications on Casio G’zOne Commando 4G LTE
  121. Text message wasn’t sent by the HTC Desire HD
  122. Micromax A100 backup & restore apps installed via Google play
  123. Low quality photos after shooting video on my Meizu MX 2
  124. Stock Ringtones are not showing up on Huawei M835
  125. Kyocera Zio receiving GIF files but only as Stills
  126. Sony xperia z won’t charge connected to PC but is recognized
  127. Sony Xperia Arc shows no Bluetooth connection symbol on screen
  128. Sony Xperia ZL backlight turns on on its own
  129. HTC Butterfly screen fails to respond on pressing receiving button
  130. Backlight remains off on pressing in Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro
  131. Menu about does not appear in Google Nexus 4 after restart
  132. Play store crashing in CM9 ROM for HTC Legend
  133. Unable to install Clockworkmod Recovery on HTC Legend
  134. Continuous reboots after flashing AOKP 4.2.2 ROM on HTC Evo 4G
  135. No alert updates from Android market application in BSNL Penta WS 707C 2G
  136. Datawind UBislate 7C+Edge shuts down without any alert message
  137. No volume in Sony Xperia ZL while playing videos online
  138. What does "wipe data/factory reset" actually does in android?
  139. "the process com.sec.android.app.twlauncher has stopped unexpectedly"
  140. Stuck at login screen on android after forgetting the EMail Password. What to do?
  141. Getting an error message "odin3 communicator has stopped working" on Samsung Galaxy S
  142. LED Indicator in Samsung Galaxy Reverb only works with stock Apps
  143. Vibration Mode stopped working on Samsung Galaxy GT I-9000
  144. Galaxy S never connects to the internet even after having Packet Data connection
  145. Unable to save the launcher preference in Android mobile after installing the latest OTA Jellybean update
  146. Getting -1 sign over the top of email icon in Samsung Galaxy Reverb mobile
  147. Not getting any option to use Photosphere on my Droid 4
  148. Unable to factory reset my HTC Desire X
  149. HTC Evo 4G stuck in bootloop after flashing RUU
  150. Keep losing the custom recovery on my HTC Google Nexus One
  151. Unable to play HD games after the 4.1.1 update on HTC Desire X
  152. Unable to downgrade my HTC Legend from CM10 to Stock
  153. HTC Google Nexus One Bootloops after flashing custom ROM
  154. HTC Desire X always stucks and rebooting to recovery
  155. No keyboard to unlock my HTC Evo 4G after flashing a custom ROM
  156. Camera not working on HTC Desire X
  157. HTC Google Nexus One stucks at boot logo after flashing unofficial Cyanogenmod 9?
  158. HTC Desire X JB update India stops in the middle of installing?
  159. Unable to insert emotions in messages in HTC Desire X
  160. SD card unsupported problem on HTC Desire X after formatting it through recovery
  161. Unable to change the font in HTC Desire X
  162. Unable to set live wallpapers on HTC Sense 4+ devices
  163. Yahoo Search app crashes on Videocon 858 phone
  164. Intex Aqua Star android phone got bricked while rooting
  165. Micromax A54 Ninja phone not charging to 100 percent
  166. Unable to delete unimportant videos from Samsung Galaxy Fame
  167. Ringtones are quite slow on Videocon A15 phone
  168. SIM 1 stopped working on Samsung Galaxy Star Duos phone
  169. Images on Vodafone 858 android got deleted all of a sudden
  170. Web browser is crashing on the Samsung Continuum
  171. Erase locked Acer be Touch E210 after few failed attempts
  172. Apps not compatible with my device Acer Liquid Metal
  173. USB Storage not working on Alcatel OT-980?
  174. WI-FI Not working on the ARCHOS 50 Platinum
  175. Screen of ASUS Padfone 2 isn't responding in Certain Application
  176. Can't sync multiple calendars from one Google account from Casio G’zOne Commando 4G LTE
  177. Micromax A100 is smoother when connected to a computer
  178. Android Tablet PC won't turn on. What to do?
  179. Unable to listen song on Android 4.3. Getting an error message "No artist found".
  180. Unable to delete the videos bought from video hub in Samsung Tablet
  181. Some applications doesn't access the internet in Android 4.3
  182. How to disable the image thumbnail feature on Android in Galary?
  183. Facebook updates never shows on Huawei Ascend P2
  184. Smart Search option in Sony Xperia Tipo shows contacts as contacts widgets is missing
  185. Samsung Galaxy Star having low call volume in spite of keeping the volume on full mode
  186. Samsung Galaxy Chat not connecting to Google Play Store
  187. Samsung Galaxy Chat shows blank screen all of a sudden
  188. Videocon A15 phone not charging to 100 percent
  189. Camera of Micromax Bold a35 not working suddenly
  190. Micromax Canvas Doodle has poor call sound quality
  191. Samsung Galaxy Star got frozen after installing custom ROM on it
  192. Samsung Galaxy Fame got bricked while rooting
  193. Display issues on Sony Xperia L all of a sudden
  194. Cannot store images on Micromax Canvas HD phone, getting error as “Memory Full”
  195. Poor YouTube Player Video Quality on Sony xperia z
  196. Locked out of my Acer beTouch E210 due to too many wrong pattern attempts
  197. Getting some strange symbol on my Acer Liquid Metal. How to manage it?
  198. Motorola CLIQ videos are not playing
  199. All of sudden the Meizu MX 2 is dropping calls
  200. Why I can't upload pictures to Craigslist from Micromax A100?
  201. Why the picture message rejected on HTC Desire HD?
  202. How do I connect the Dell Streak (Mini 5) to a MAC computer?
  203. HTC Desire X getting too hot while gaming
  204. Samsung Galaxy Y locked due to several pattern attempts unable to sign in to Google due to no internet
  205. Bricked HTC Desire X while trying to install custom ROM
  206. HTC Desire V not booting after installing font installer app
  207. Unable to set wallpaper in my Kindle after the latest OTA
  208. Unable to sign in Facebook app in Samsung Galaxy Y
  209. The incomings calls are lifted automatically without of my concern in Micromax A73
  210. Unable to download applications from play store on my Galaxy Y
  211. Micromax A89 is constantly rebooting after unrequested update
  212. Unable to connect HTC Explorer to the computer to use internet?
  213. Music application in Samsung Galaxy Ace not recognizing the mp3 files stored on SD card
  214. Stuck at X logo in Nexus 4 after rooting it
  215. Getting an error message "Unfortunately, Google Play Store has stopped" after android 4.3 Jellybean update
  216. Google voice system speaks weather in Celsius. How to change it to Fahrenheit?
  217. Audio settings change in HTC Butterfly randomly
  218. HTC Butterfly touchscreen fails to get on
  219. Camera is not working in HTC One after jerk
  220. HTC Wildfire screen flickers during charging
  221. Thesaurus fail to get activate during messaging in Sony Xperia Mini
  222. Sony Xperia Mini shows no time widget on screen
  223. Sony Xperia SP shuts down while charging
  224. Touch screen freezes on pressing accept button in Intex Aqua SX
  225. Backlight remains on in HTC One after locking
  226. No widgets appear on HTC Desire screen
  227. Display problem on Mono A2 after rooting it
  228. Unable to download game apps on Vodafone 858 android
  229. Call sound quality very poor on Richtel A1 phone
  230. Vodafone 858 phone gets frozen while connecting to Google Play
  231. Touch screen became unresponsive on Nexus 4 Droid
  232. Can't use internet after upgrading to Android 4.3
  233. Apps are updating automatically on Micromax A80
  234. Text messages are not deleting on Motorola Droid RAZR HD
  235. Vibrate mode not working on the HTC Desire X
  236. Display will go very dull on the HTC Droid Incredible 2
  237. Create folder option is missing in Nexus One?
  238. SD card music files are not showing in the music player on Pantech Breakout?
  239. Not able to send the MMS from Samsung Captivate
  240. Unable to send a group message from the Nexus 7
  241. Pop-up a error message while download apps from Google Play on Karbonn A9
  242. Picture Quality is very poor of LG Phoenix. How to fix this problem ?
  243. Unable to sync selected contacts of Gmail on Alcatel ONE TOUCH Idol?
  244. Dell Streak (Mini 5) is not detecting SIM card
  245. Unable to start my device after restoring backup in HTC Desire S
  246. All of a sudden my HTC Desire S turns off
  247. No ringtone or Notification tone after installing custom ROM on Micromax A100
  248. Unable to erase data in HTC Desire X via fast boot
  249. Micromax Canvas HD having unable to take incoming and make outgoing calls after flashing stock Asia Firmware
  250. HTC Desire V having random reboots after installing custom ROM