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  1. Getting error while trying to downgrade the hboot of Desire S using zergrush
  2. Stuck on HTC logo after flashing Jelly bean ROM on it
  3. Call sound quality very poor on Samsung Galaxy Music Duos
  4. Lava IRIS N320 got bricked all of a sudden
  5. Problems using Hulu plus app on Samsung Galaxy Star
  6. Unable to use Gmail on Samsung Galaxy POP
  7. Noise coming from Celkon A225 after installing custom ROM
  8. Talking Tom app not working on Samsung Galaxy Young
  9. Blank screen issues on Samsung Galaxy Music Duos
  10. Game apps not working on Samsung Galaxy Star
  11. HTC One X not connecting with PC with Windows 7
  12. Speaker of Dell Aero 3G stopped working all of a sudden
  13. Whisperd using 87% of battery in Android . What's the matter?
  14. Android 4.3 download failed. Restart also not working on my N4
  15. Lost the rooting on Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile. How to regain it?
  16. HTC Rezound started acting screwy. What to do?
  17. How to update the CyanogenMod7?
  18. How to connect with a WiFi network and then rebroadcast the connection using Samsung Galaxy S3?
  19. How to upgrade Samsung Galaxy grand to Android 4.3?
  20. Dual sim problem on my Micromax Canvas 2
  21. Unable to download game data of Real racing 3 on my Galaxy grand
  22. Unable to get into recovery mode in my Micromax Canvas 2 after factory reset
  23. No free RAM in my Micromax canvas 2 after ROM upgrade
  24. Display flickering on my Micromax Canvas 2
  25. Samsung Galaxy Y screen brightness went low
  26. Unstable wifi signal on my Samsung galaxy Y
  27. Stuck on booting after flashing a kernel on Samsung galaxy Y
  28. Micromax A110 restarts randomly after installing the custom rom
  29. Md5 mismatch error while flashing ROM in Micromax A50 Ninja
  30. Getting status 0 error while flashing rom in Samsung galaxy Y
  31. Unable to play gangster vegas game on Micromax A89 ninja
  32. Micromax A30 hangs while tethering with a computer running Windows xp
  33. Modern combat game pauses automatically in Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830
  34. Unfortunately Google play store has stopped working error in Micromax Canvas 2
  35. Regulary getting a Location notification message on HTC desire
  36. HTC Desire X is not detecting SD card after inserting it
  37. Deleted apps are not disappearing from the main screen on Motorola Droid RAZR HD
  38. Can’t login to Yahoo mail from my Huawei Ascend
  39. Samsung Captivate is only connecting to 2G not to 3G
  40. How to set Gmail as home page on the Acer beTouch E110
  41. Nexus 7 is always behaving like it is dead. Why it is behaving like this?
  42. Notification sound volume quick change on my Swipe 3D Life Plus
  43. Sent mail folder showing senders name not the recipient’s name on Huawei Mediapad 10 Link phone
  44. How can I disable mobile data connection completely in my LG Touch E739?
  45. How to apply volume control on locked screen on Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 I9205 LTE?
  46. Lava Iris 401e will not charge or turn on but orange led flashes
  47. No services on Lenovo P780 Smartphone after root/unroot
  48. Symphony W12 gallery not working
  49. Rooting Rocker Arc 4 without computer
  50. Facing an error with video playback on my Nexus 7
  51. Network is not working on the Pantech Breakout
  52. Samsung Captivate does not recognizing the SIM card
  53. Keypad disappearing on my Huawei Ascend to Windows 7. What should be the solution?
  54. Micromax Superfone Pixel A90with android 4.0 ICS crashed after restart post mobile security software update
  55. HTC Butterfly freezes frequently after running mobile update
  56. Karbonn A7 does not show wi-fi icon
  57. Unable to delete pre-installed applications
  58. Poor resolution images after attached to MMS
  59. Unable to open heavy file MMS coming from other android phones
  60. Google Earth fails to open in Micromax Canvas Lite
  61. Unable to receive data files on my Sony Xperia Tipo
  62. Unable to detect Bluetooth in HP Slate 7
  63. Calender application got corrupt in Sony Xperia Z
  64. Unable to reject call with a message on Samsung Galaxy Grand
  65. Facbeook chat room shows my account invisible always
  66. Opera browser made Samsung Galaxy Music Duos quite slow
  67. Vibration mode stopped working on Samsung Galaxy Star all of a sudden
  68. Lemon P2 Android phone shows error while installing apps
  69. Samsung Galaxy Y not starting at all after installing Instagram app on it
  70. Samsung Galaxy Music Duos facing random reboots
  71. Samsung Galaxy Star SIM card problem all of a sudden
  72. Sony Xperia ZL fails to show alarm time
  73. Low battery shuts down Samsung Galaxy Duos without message
  74. Karbonn A7 fails to start McAfee virus scan
  75. Google Nexus 7 has buzzing earpiece problem
  76. Cracked back glass in Google Nexus 4
  77. No memory space in HTC One while downloading 3D screen savers
  78. Karbonn A27 gets corrupt while using Bluetooth in public place
  79. Unable to send data card to iPhone 4S user from Motorola Droid Razr Maxx
  80. Unable to open Google Latitudes in Samsung Galaxy Grand
  81. Sony Xperia Mini with Android 4.0.4 fails to open Facebook
  82. Sony Xperia Z deletes Officesuite application on its own
  83. No Facebook updates show in Karbonn A7
  84. Sony Xperia U with Android 4.0 ICS unable to show instant messages
  85. Facebook's welcome page never open successfully on Sony Xperia ZL
  86. Unable to add new contacts in HTC Desire
  87. Motorola Fire XT unable to send audio files
  88. eBooks downloaded but unable to locate on HTC One
  89. Sony W8 Walkman fails to open pre-installed music files
  90. Karbonn A7 hangs while making conference calls
  91. Downloaded files get delete on their own in HTC Desire V
  92. Google Latitude gives awry readings on Sony Xperia U
  93. Unable to access video chat on Sony Xperia Ion
  94. Screen turns off and wobbles all of a sudden Google Nexus 7
  95. Images clicked got corrupt on Tablet
  96. HTC Explorer signals are not coming after flashing a custom ROM
  97. HTC One sound plays even in silent mode
  98. Sony Xperia ion doesn’t turn off after flashing custom ROM
  99. Sony Xperia SL lagging after software update
  100. Network and mobile data automatic disconnect in Micromax Canvas A116 after rooting
  101. Lost IMEI how to restore In Micromax canvas HD
  102. Xperia s (jb) data connectivity problem after flashing JB rom
  103. Unable to flash custom ROM’S in Samsung galaxy s5670
  104. Samsung Galaxy Y stuck at the boot screen need help
  105. Statusbar transparency losses after some time in Micromax canvas HD
  106. Getting audio sound problem in Galaxy Y after flashing ICS ROM
  107. Galaxy y getting touch problems after flashing nemesis rom
  108. Unable to switch SIM cards in Samsung galaxy duos
  109. Status 7 error while flashing rom on Micromax a116
  110. Micromax Funbook P600 tablet stuck on boot screen
  111. Samsung Galaxy Y Duos shuts down and restarts on booting
  112. Internal memory full not able to install apps
  113. Half screen got blank in Karbonn S5
  114. Overheating problem in Micromax A110 after installation of too many apps
  115. Some apps are missing in Micromax A38
  116. SD card got corrupt in Sony Xperia J
  117. Android phone Micromax A38 restart after moving apps into external SD card
  118. How to check SD Card data if File Manager is not available?
  119. Wifi deep sleep issue in Micromax A56
  120. Google Play Store is not working in Samsung Galaxy S2
  121. Micromax canvas 4 unable to move applications from internal memory to External sd card
  122. Go sms app is not working in Micromax A90
  123. HTC desire not able to download apps from Google play
  124. Samsung Galaxy Ace microphone is not working after installation of too many apps
  125. Most of the apps crashes itself in Samsung Galaxy Grand
  126. Samsung Galaxy S automatically starts calling the same number after disconnecting the call
  127. Samsung Kies software detecting my Samsung Galaxy S phone with incorrect Mobile Number
  128. Indicator Light stopped working after a Jelly Bean Update in Samsung Galaxy S Advance(i9070)
  129. Getting an error message "the process com.sec.android.app.twlauncher has stopped unexpectedly" in Samsung Galaxy S Mobile
  130. Galaxy S i9000 not going into the recovery mode
  131. Installed MX Player Pro without any issue but Unable to install the codec.
  132. Network and microphone problems in HTC Desire S after rooting
  133. Old messages are suddenly disappeared in Samsung galaxy y
  134. HTC G1 battery is draining very fast
  135. Google play suddenly crashes in HTC X
  136. Getting error as “Google play error please upgrade play store” in HTC Sensation XL
  137. Sony xperia s keypad is not working
  138. Twitter app is not working in Micromax A45
  139. Icons are very small and graphics are also not good in HTC Desire
  140. MXPlayer not able to play videos on my Sony Xperia S
  141. Unfortunately Link2Sd stops working in Gingerbread
  142. Volume up button is not working in HTC Miro
  143. Sony Xperia J always crash
  144. Not able to factory reset in HTC Desire X
  145. Failed to install application from Google Play in Karbonn A9+
  146. Installation getting aborted every time while updating Micromax Canvas while updating Micromax Canvas
  147. Net connectivity being lost and needs HTC Desire SV restart to restore internet on? Please help me
  148. Problem in Gmail password on the LG Optimus Black
  149. Computer stopped recognizing my Sony Xperia SL, and then phone stopped recognizing my SD card
  150. LG Optimus 3D P920 is running very slow. Please help me out this
  151. Internet browser is crashing on Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830. What to do?
  152. Without touching the back button, HTC S1 returns to the previous screen?
  153. eMail will not sync with PC on the Karbonn Ta-Fone A39 HD
  154. Blue streaks on my camera on the Milagrow Tabtop
  155. WIFI shuts off while charging on the Swipe 3D Life Plus?
  156. Why can't I upload pictures to Craigslist from Huawei Mediapad 10 Link phone?
  157. Samsung galaxy s2 is not playing videos without buffering
  158. Transferring music, pictures from one phone (Droid) to another LG Touch E739
  159. Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 I9205 LTE battery is draining very fast
  160. Couldn't add Google account on my Intex Cloud Z5?
  161. Launcher 8 NOT saving changes on the Lenovo P780 Smartphone
  162. Pressing the backspace button but LG Optimus S is using as Enter button
  163. LG Optimus Issue: The screen turned completely black. Charging is also not working
  164. How to capture Screen in Samsung Galaxy S4 Mobile?
  165. Error with the KIES on the Rocker Arc 4
  166. Karbonn Ta-Fone A39 HD won’t wake up while using Bluetooth
  167. Battery drained over-night of Milagrow Tap Top
  168. Unable to Move files from external SD card to my Quad Phoenix
  169. Lost camera icon on my Swipe 3D Life Plus?
  170. No internet access on my new Huawei Mediapad 10 Link phone
  171. Can notifications show on each app running in wicked leak Whammy Note?
  172. Can't receive calls from a specific number on my LG Touch E739
  173. Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 I9205 LTE screen will got yellow colour. What to do?
  174. Lava Iris 401e android phone will freeze when get any text message
  175. Home screen keeps resetting after ICS update on Rocker Arc 4?
  176. URL doesn't highlight previous entry on browser in MTS Duet
  177. No flash video on browser on my Symphony W12
  178. HTC One Dual SIM Random Restarting
  179. Lenovo P780 Smartphone is acting weird after ICS upgrade
  180. Samsung Stratosphere not allowing me to delete EMails. Sync is also not working
  181. How to capture screen in Samsung Galaxy Grand Mobile?
  182. How to upgrade the android version in Samsung Galaxy Grand Mobile?
  183. How to increase the volume of Samsung Galaxy S4 without unlocking the screen?
  184. How to stop the background data usage in Android OS?
  185. Is it possible to insert a SIM card on my Samsung galaxy tab 3?
  186. Unable to see any Application in Play Store on Samsung Galaxy S2
  187. MMS Notification not working in "Go SMS Pro"
  188. Getting an error "Currently unable to download. Please try again later." in Android
  189. Xperia Neo turns itself Off and On regularly without any issue
  190. Xperia Neo shows connected via WiFi but I am not able to use Internet
  191. Samsung Galaxy S2 camera resets its settings on its own
  192. Sony W8 Walkman keypad freezes after internet connection is on
  193. Karbonn A5 hangs while opening webpages
  194. Images get corrupt on their own in HTC Desire V
  195. Google Latitude app fails to open in Sony Xperia ZL
  196. Unable to access video chat via Skype on Sony Xperia Ion
  197. Screen turns off and wobbles all of a sudden in Samsung Galaxy Grand
  198. Images clicked on Tablet gets yellow
  199. Low storage space message on phone message in HTC Incredible
  200. Sony Xperia U gets hanged after Android 4.0.4 updating, messaging service got blocked
  201. Problems in Sony Xperia U in updating android 4.0 to 4.0.4, phone got shut down permanently
  202. Applications like Pinterest, Tumblr crashes during downloading in Micromaxx A116 HD
  203. Contact option and details freezes and deletes automatically in Sony Xperia Tipo
  204. Unable to sync Gmail, inbox as it shows empty while on roaming in Micromax Canvas 2
  205. Applications like The Weather Channel and Team F1 sends wrong updates in my Acer Iconia Tab A500
  206. Google Earth fails to open in Micromax Canvas A116
  207. Unable to send data files from Sony Xperia Mini
  208. Unable to scan Bluetooth in Wespro 786
  209. Calendar application got corrupt in Sony Xperia S
  210. Unable to reject call with a message on Samsung Galaxy Duos
  211. Chat room shows my account invisible on my Sony Xperia ZL
  212. Completely new Android mobile shows an error message "Storage space running low?"
  213. SD card is present in my android Mobile but it is still showing "SD card removed"
  214. I can't connect my LG Optimus Me mobile to my Home Wi-Fi
  215. LG P350 stuck at LG Logo and LED keep flashing all the time
  216. Bricked LG P350 Phone. What to do now?
  217. Unable to launch a Downloaded and Installed Application
  218. Unable to install any Game having more than 35 MB space in my Android Phone
  219. Capacitative Button in my Acer Liquid Metal S120 stops working in my Home
  220. Menu icon became invisible on Sony Xperia Z after rooting it
  221. Alarm function stopped working on Sony Xperia Active
  222. Vibration mode stopped working on Samsung Galaxy S4 all of a sudden
  223. Unable to transfer contacts from Sony Xperia Sola to Sony Xperia Miro
  224. Unable to deactivate Google Voice Dialler on Samsung Galaxy Pro
  225. Opera browser made Samsung Galaxy Pro quite laggy
  226. SD card got corrupted on Samsung Galaxy Fit
  227. Display of Samsung Galaxy Young became blurred after rooting it
  228. Unable to install Hulu app on Samsung Galaxy Note
  229. Camera stopped working on LG Spectrum phone
  230. Video is not playing on Swipe 3D Life Plus
  231. FLY IQ 4410 Quad Phoenix Email widget not working properly
  232. Milagrow Tap Top 7-16 losing internet connection
  233. Karbonn Ta-Fone A39 HD doesn't upload photos via Gmail or Face book
  234. HTC WildFire gets random shutdown
  235. Motorola Droid Razr Maxx fails to reboot
  236. SMS shows on screen but unable to open it in the inbox in Google Nexus 7
  237. Unable to transfer music files in HTC One from other Windows phone
  238. Sony Xperia Mini with Android 4.0.4 fails to delete unwanted emails after highlighting
  239. Sony Xperia Mini gets corrupt while downloading links during roaming
  240. CalenderApp on Facebook shows old events on Karbonn A9
  241. Sony Xperia Tipo fails to send alert messages while phone is switched off
  242. Unable to open TimeScape from Sony Xperia U for toll free number
  243. MS Word gets freezed in Airpad 7 tablet
  244. HTC One Dual SIM doesn’t ring when I receive a SMS, just vibrate
  245. Lenovo P780 Smartphone automatically Open Netflix when Connecting to Car Dock
  246. Lava Iris 401e after ICS can't change the incoming call answer screen
  247. Pictures won't download to Intex Cloud Z5
  248. Motion detector, auto-rotate failed on my Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 I 9205 LTE
  249. Way to turn off the Notification tone and vibration during calls LG Touch E739
  250. Proximity Sensor is not working on the wicked leak Whammy Note