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  1. How to root Android 2.3 devices?
  2. Is it possible to make telephone calls via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi on Android phone?
  3. Benefits of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich over Android 2.3 Gingerbread?
  4. Transferring data to MySQL Database in android device
  5. Routing incoming calls to voicemail on Android phone
  6. Utility of android device KegDroid?
  7. Sharing photos to other users on android phone?
  8. How can I watch BBC news on my android phone?
  9. Spreadsheet application like Excel for android phone?
  10. Battery power indication on my android application?
  11. How can I take a copy of a document with the help of android smart phone?
  12. Having Video chat on android smart phone?
  13. Is it possible to edit my android phone contact on my computer?
  14. Has Intel brought out an android phone?
  15. What are the features of I’m Watch?
  16. Upgrading Android 1.6 to Android 2.1
  17. Is it possible to use iPhone apps on android device?
  18. Unable to view photos from Gallery
  19. How to find device id of Android?
  20. Not able to play .dat or .mpeg files on android
  21. Playing songs from media player on android smart phone?
  22. Connecting a Bluetooth headset with android smart phone?
  23. Voices to text conversion applications to use on android smart phone?
  24. Getting document printed from my android phone?
  25. Personal computer does not recognize LG android smart phone?
  26. How can I personalize web browser on my android phone?
  27. Ease of using Skype on HTC android phone?
  28. How can I record phone calls on my android phone?
  29. Benefits of the VeryAndroid on Samsung android phone?
  30. Wi-Fi connected but Not working? How to fix this error?
  31. Other people can't hear my voice unless I talk after turning the speaker on?
  32. Is there any difference between Touchwiz and Sense in Touch screen mobiles? What is the purpose of these?
  33. Which is the best E-Mail app for an Android mobile with Android version 2.3?
  34. How to solve Com.Android.Phone has stopped unexpectedly problem in Android mobile?
  35. Phone hangs after downloading any file from Internet?
  36. Is it possible to control HSPA+, 3G and LTE mode independently? If yes then how?
  37. How to disable Frequent call list on my Android phone?
  38. Is it possible to create a Wi-Fi hotspot on Galaxy Portal with Android 2.1?
  39. What to do If Phone is not able to Boot after Attempted Root?
  40. Is it possible to Install Apps directly in External storage without consuming any space of Phone's Internal Memory?
  41. T-Mobile My Touch 4G always displays This video cannot be Played wile playing an online video?
  42. Is IDM a better download manager for Android mobile?
  43. Radio is not Present in my Android Mobile? How can I get a good radio App for listning all Popular channels in India?
  44. Is there any Mobile to PC voice chat App for Android which consumes less than 15 MB Internal memory?
  45. What are the benefits of Rooting an Android phone?
  46. How to know that my Phone is rooted or not?
  47. Unable to Send/Receive a call but everything other such as Internet,Wi-fi and SMS is working without any problem?
  48. Is it possible to Replace the default camera with a new and much better camera in HTC Dream G1 mobile?
  49. Does Acer Liquid A1 contains Pre-Installed Android market?
  50. Battery is not charging in Acer Liquid E mobile?
  51. Any diagram editor application available for android?
  52. Archive more than one month of corporate e-mails in the exchange server of android device?
  53. Installing swipe texting functionality in Motorola Droid2 device?
  54. How to make use of RelativeLayout app for creating widgets in android?
  55. Can we prevent playing music twice on Android phone?
  56. Unable to locate videos taken with Android camera
  57. How to delete videos permanently from Android phone?
  58. Turning off the set up wizard from Android phone
  59. Unable to receive message or video from iPhone on Android phone
  60. How can I install Android market on Kindle Fire?
  61. Transferring the contacts from blackberry phone to new android phone?
  62. How to control the amount of data transfer on android phone?
  63. Personalizing the android smart phone to look impressive?
  64. Voice chat with gaming friends from android phone?
  65. USB Mode option is missing in my Samsung Galaxy Gio mobile?
  66. Is it possible to use 3D cube desktop screen like Ubuntu in Android?
  67. How to retitle folder in Home screen of my Samsung Acclaim mobile?
  68. Unable to display pictures in web pages? How to fix this Issue?
  69. Is it possible to Receive any file through Bluetooth using any Apps from market as my default Bluetooth doesn't support File sending/Receiving?
  70. Is it possible to add Lyrics to songs in Android also as it is possible in iPhone through iTunes?
  71. Is it possible to Upgrade the version of Sony Experia S mobile to Android 4?
  72. Getting error 500 while downloading apps in Sony Experia S mobile?
  73. What is the procedure to Install Android Market in kindle Fire?
  74. Is it possible to share the 3G connection of my Android phone to other devices?
  75. Flash and Swype keyboard not working after update?
  76. What is the Benefits of Partioning the SD card?
  77. Is it possible to change the default Message Icon in Android 2.2? How can I do that?
  78. Wireless Bluetooth not working in my Samsung I5801?
  79. Screen turns Blank while Talking on Phone?
  80. My samsung GTI5800L is over heating and Draining battery quickly when connected to Wi-Fi?
  81. My phone vibrates only when connected to charger?
  82. Is it possible to delete SAMSUNG APOLLO voice mail messages without listening to them?
  83. Unable to delted contact in my Galaxy 3 mobile?
  84. What is the use of Voice Mail and How should I use it?
  85. How do I uninstall apps that came with my streak?
  86. How can I keep all Messanger Apps online all the time?
  87. Is it true that the Dell Streak has hidden FM Radio which Dell has not revealed yet?
  88. How to control data usage on Android 2.2?
  89. Long SMS are automatically converted into MMS?
  90. What is the meaning of symbol 3G and H while using Internet?
  91. Is it possible to Replace Default Dialer Apps?
  92. Computer is not Recognizing my Phone?
  93. Unexpected Factory Reset, and now I can't change my sound settings?
  94. My Dell Venue not receiving calls in standby Mode?
  95. My Dell venue stucked at boot up screen? How to fix this Issue?
  96. How do I remove HoneyStreak from T-Mobile Dell Streak 7?
  97. Which one is better between Android Mobile and Windows mobile?
  98. What is the Procedure to Upgrade Streak 5 to Android 2.3?
  99. How can I install Angry Birds Space on my Galaxy Y android smart phone?
  100. Is there any widgets available for Android mobiles to download? How to install it?
  101. What are the steps to follow to install the apps which are not supported in Google play store?
  102. List of top 10 apps in Android mobiles which helps in increasing the performance of the mobile?
  103. Why Nokia mobiles doesn’t support Android OS? What is the reason behind it?
  104. What will be the future of Android? Will any other OS will be introduced for competition in future?
  105. Which app is best in android for File Management?
  106. Can I upgrade my mobile to Android ICS even it doesn’t supports it?
  107. Which video player is the best in Android?
  108. Is it mandatory to download the updates provided for the apps everytime when it shows up in the notification? Will it not consume more memory?
  109. My mobile freezes after installing any new App?
  110. List of best clock widget apps available in Android market for Android version 2.2 and higher?
  111. Which is the latest android upgrade version for the Optimus T?
  112. Airplane mode is automatically turning on at night?
  113. LG Spectrum is not charging or switching on?
  114. GPS is working very slow in my LG Spectrum mobile?
  115. Problem in Pairing of Bluetooth?
  116. How can I do a hardware reset on my X10 pro?
  117. Unable to play all Youtube videos while some plays fine?
  118. The phone turns off everytime when connected to PC?
  119. Unable to see some Files when connected to Computer?
  120. Unable to change Permission on Xrecovery, Every time I try, It displays an Error message?
  121. How can I completely get rid of the vibration when receiving SMS texts?
  122. Hotspot not Connecting to router with 64-character hex WPA-PSK key?
  123. My phone is talking to me?
  124. Application uninstalled still icon showing in Menu?
  125. Unresponsive Screen issue in Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro?
  126. Is there a way to delete an SMS message without opening it?
  127. From where should I download the ROM Manager Xperia X10 Mini Pro?
  128. Battery level showing Null in Sony Ericsson Experia Neo mobile? What should I do to fix this Issue?
  129. How can I update my Sony Experia Android version from Android 2.3.2 to 2.3.4?
  130. ::EALP Results - AndroidQueries.com::
  131. Unable to transfer .apk files through bluetooth?
  132. Unable to Boot into Recovery mode in Micromax A70 mobile?
  133. Is it possible to use SD card as RAM in Android devices?
  134. How to force install apps to SD card without Rooting in Micromax A70 mobile?
  135. How to add extra Home screens in my HTC T-Mobile G1 after upgrading it to Froyo 2.2?
  136. How to install Live Wallpapers on JD1?
  137. Facing Problem while adding Facebook Account?
  138. What should I do to Sort all the Installed Apps Alphabetically on Android 2.2 version?
  139. What is the meaning of Bricked Phone in Android mobile system?
  140. How to do Bluetooth File transfer to other devices in Android 2.1?
  141. Why does the internet stop working when recieveing/send a text?
  142. How do I get a Sprint Transform Ultra to work on Boost?
  143. How and where to purchase an external antenna for Transform Ultra mobile as it has an external antenna port?
  144. How to reset pattern lock on Galaxy Spica i5700?
  145. How to Restore to Default without Odin in Samsung I5700?
  146. Facebook not working properly in android?
  147. Permanent removal of video files from video player in android?
  148. Can we play media player in the background in android?
  149. How to print an e-mail in android?
  150. Receiving Facebook Status Updates in android?
  151. Texts and e-mails showing incorrect time in android?
  152. How can I view the mobile version of websites in android?
  153. Is it possible to separate notification sounds in android?
  154. Removing shortcuts from the home page in android?
  155. Playing movie files in Android?
  156. Where to get the Non-zipped version of froyo android for HTC hd2 mobile handset ?
  157. Is it mandatory to download the updates provided for the apps everytime when it shows up in the notification? Will it not consume more memory?
  158. How to change the keypad themes in Android mobiles?
  159. Which is the best and lowest priced mobile with Android OS?
  160. Which app is best Dolphin Browser HD or Google Chrome Beta browser for Android Ice cream sandwich?
  161. Is it possible to move the applications from internal memory to external memory card? How to do it? Which app I should install?
  162. Is it possible to open MS Office related files like .doc, .xls, .ppt in Android mobiles? Which app helps to open such files?
  163. Is Temple Run game available in Android? Is it free version or paid?
  164. How secure is ICICI iMobile app?
  165. List of Android devices which will be getting official ICS updates?
  166. Trick to speed up the charging in Android phones?
  167. When we are going to receive Ice Cream Sandwich OTA in India for HTC Sensation?
  168. Is it possible to convert my Nook reader into a full android tablet?
  169. Is it possible to run the android apps on my smart phone in my personal computer?
  170. Installing operating systems on android phone?
  171. Is it possible to connect HTC android smart phone to HDTV?
  172. How to locate lost android phone?
  173. Clearing the search history in android?
  174. How to keep the alarm in Snooze mode in android?
  175. Deleting bookmark from HTC Inspire android device?
  176. Google Calendar issues in android?
  177. Is there any android app for tagging pictures in Android phones?
  178. How do we get better battery life in android device?
  179. Will HTC Hero android phone play YouTube Videos in android?
  180. Can we cancel a sent text message in android?
  181. Fixing the error of ‘Force Close’ in android?
  182. Which external USB Bluetooth can work with android 2.1?
  183. Is it possible to open a tif file in android?
  184. Sending a downloaded ringtone to someone else from android phone?
  185. What is Android and why is it so popular?
  186. How can we remove widgets and desktop icons in android?
  187. Lists of dialog boxes that are supported in android?
  188. How to reboot on android?
  189. What makes Android version 4.0 superior to Android 3.2?
  190. Battery backup of Samsung Rugby Smart android phone?
  191. What needs to be done for forwarding an incoming call in android?
  192. Disabling the haptic feedback in android ICS 4.0.3?
  193. Can I turn off syncing for backup assistant in my LG Vortex mobile?
  194. Does HTC T-Mobile Dream G-1 support Adobe Flash player?
  195. Getting only Notification bar and Black background after factory reset of my LG Vortex mobile?
  196. Unable to find what is causing Low Space problem as I have used the least space of my Phone's memory?
  197. How to make Google as my home page in my Galaxy Apollo mobile?
  198. What should I do as my Mobile displays a message USB connected when I insert the SD card in it?
  199. Text Message deviates towards wrong person?
  200. Contact list disappears everytime after saving new contacts?
  201. Android widget not Opening and flashing error message but all other widgets are working fine?
  202. The phone reboots every time while trying to Open any Installed Apps?
  203. How can I watch TV or Installed Adobe Flash Player in my Samsung Galaxy 3 mobile?
  204. How to fix Sending/Receiving PXT's/MMS in my samsung mobile?
  205. How Android has changed the world of Mobile Computing?
  206. Live TV App not working after first use?
  207. Phone vibrates even in silent mode when full charged?
  208. What should I do after Dropping my Galaxy Apollo mobile Accidently in Toilet?
  209. Not able to Receive messages from one person?
  210. Is it possible to connect my phone (Samsung Galaxy Apollo) to a wi-fi hotspot and then share this connection to a computer through USB?
  211. Memory Card not Reading in my Galaxy 3 i 5801 phone?
  212. How to resolve Mac Address not available problem while connecting Internet through wi-fi?
  213. How to Install Malayalam font in Galaxy 3 mobile?
  214. Camera not working after Upgrading the firmware from 2.1 to 2.2?
  215. Sim Card not working after Accidently putting Micro SD card in Sim card slot?
  216. Unable to connect Internet using samsung Kies in Windows xp and Windows 7?
  217. Neither Speakers nor Vibrations working for Incoming calls in my Samsung Galaxy mobile?
  218. Callender notification doesn't make any sound or vibrations?
  219. Is there any way to have a Clock Display on to use it during the night Plus?
  220. WiFi problems with my Galaxy apollo even after factory reset?
  221. Is it possible to replace the RAM of my HTC mobile for better performance?
  222. Phone Vibrates randomly even in Silent mode and Vibration off?
  223. The phone goes into Mute mode while making a call using Fring?
  224. Kies not showing Current Firmware version for mobile model GT-I5801?
  225. How to stop Data Usage Pop-up display in my Samsung Galaxy Apollo mobile?
  226. What is Youwave for Android? How it can help a new comer to understand the Android OS?
  227. Which android mobile is better Samsung or Sony Ericsson?
  228. What is the next version which is going to be released after Android Ice Cream Sandwich?
  229. How to increase the performance in Android OS? Which is the best application for this?
  230. Android OS consumes more power in mobile? Is it better OS for mobile?
  231. Which is the best app Siri of iOS or Iris of Android?
  232. How to find my Mobile system details like RAM, processor speed etc. in android mobile?
  233. Google chrome browser is added only for Android ICS or its available in Android Gingerbread too?
  234. Can I do a remote connection to my desktop using my android mobile?
  235. How to download and play games which are paid versions? Is it possible to crack those games?
  236. Whether Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android supports face recognition lock?
  237. Which has better security when compared to Android and iOS?
  238. Is Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich better then Apple iOS 5?
  239. What are the difference between Android Gingerbread and Android Ice Cream Sandwich?
  240. How to upgrade my Sony Ericsson Neo V mobile to Android version 4.1 of Ice Cream Sandwich?
  241. How to download MS Office in Android Tablet? Will it work in Tablet just like in normal PC?
  242. What needs to be done to load a word doc to the note app in android?
  243. What needs to be done for clearing the frequently contacted list in android?
  244. What needs to be done for importing contacts to android?
  245. What needs to be done to turn off the volume key functions in android?
  246. What needs to be done for removing the android theme from LG Vu android device?
  247. What are the paid applications that are available in the Google Play Store in android?
  248. How to fix the issue of auto signature in android?
  249. What needs to be done to print out text messages in android?
  250. How to restore the apps in android?