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  1. MIcromax A90 S is unable to use cloud storage provided
  2. Failed to install the downloaded apps in Karbonn A30
  3. Games do not work in Sony Xperia Arc S
  4. Micromax Canvas A116 Phone turns off while entering the play store
  5. Themes installation failed on Lava Xolo A700
  6. GPRS activation failed in Micromax A75
  7. MX player does not work in Huawei Ideos X3
  8. Sony Xperia J phone does not get charged after jellybean upgradation
  9. Having problem in updating whatsapp in Galaxy S Advanced
  10. SD card error message hangs screen In HTC Desire
  11. HTC Butterfly fails to open simultaneous web pages
  12. Karbonn Titanium SII fails to save the pre-saved passwords for various websites
  13. Karbonn A7 fails to show bank updates via SMS
  14. Unable to use Facebook app on Karbonn A5
  15. Unable to edit images in Instagram in Sony Xperia Arc S
  16. Snapseed edits the images but never saves them in HTC Sensation
  17. Unable to get job updates from subscribed job portals in my Sony Xperia SP
  18. Unable to exit Zombie Evil application in Sony Xperia Tipo
  19. Press hard the pause button to make Amazing Alex start again in Sony Xperia SP
  20. Graphics quality diminished post Jelly Bean update on Xperia Sola
  21. Unable to open Google calendar on LG Spectrum phone
  22. Facebook events sync issue with Google calendar on Samsung Galaxy S
  23. Internet stopped working on Videocon VT10 after rooting
  24. Problems in syncing my LG Revolution contacts with Gmail
  25. Unable to access stored videos on LG Lucid all of a sudden, getting a message as Access Denied
  26. Cannot send Text messages from LG Spectrum after installing Jelly Bean custom ROM on it
  27. Problem in installing Instagram app on HTC Hero
  28. Vibration mode became weak on Onida i9 Android after rooting
  29. Unable to turn off Wi-Fi on Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 after a software update
  30. Ringtone can not be changed on HTC Butterfly all of a sudden
  31. LG Lucid reboots randomly at least 4-5 times throughout the day
  32. Cannot send text messages from LG Lucid after CM10 update
  33. LG Thrill P925 shows wrong time after 2.3.5 update
  34. Some portion of the touch screen won’t respond in HTC Aria
  35. Wifi doesn’t disconnect in Dell Streak Mini
  36. Samsung Galaxy S3 freezes randomly
  37. LGSpectrum unable to read sd card after re-booting
  38. Contacts unable to sync with google in LG spectrum
  39. Unable to get new notification on LG Spectrum
  40. Sony Xperia Z Restarted while surfing internet and installed Apps vanished
  41. Failed to Sync Outlook Contacts to HTC Sensation X mobile?
  42. Unable to access Google Maps on Samsung Galaxy Grand
  43. Twitter app not working on ZTE Blade
  44. Sony Xperia S signal problem after Jelly Bean update
  45. Not able to send text messages from HTC Chacha since a week
  46. Firefox browser not working on HTC one X all of a sudden
  47. Unable to connect to Skype from Sony Xperia T
  48. Unable to open Google Play on Xperia Go all of a sudden
  49. Speaker stopped working on Videocon A27 phone all of a sudden
  50. Spotify app not working on iBall Andi 3n
  51. Unable to make calls from Sony Xperia Z after updating it with Jelly Bean ROM
  52. Unable to use Reliance Connect Modem in Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
  53. Deleted apps get restored automatically in Lg Optimus T
  54. Apps not getting uninstalled in HTC Desire X
  55. Sony Xperia Tipo screen went black after apps installation
  56. Unable to install Instagram on Samsung Galaxy Y duos
  57. Nokia 7230 has audio problems while bluetooth headset is connected
  58. Karbonn A9 battery gets drained while internet is on
  59. Screen settings get minimum in Karbonn A7 on its own
  60. Motorola Droid 2 drains completely even in sleep mode after 100 per cent battery charge
  61. Motorola Droid 3 shuts down while connecting it with USB ports
  62. Motorola Droid 2 power button fails to shut down the phone
  63. Sony Xperia Mini with Android 4.0.4 fails to audio output while using wired headset
  64. Unable to edit contact details in Samsung Galaxy S3
  65. Karbonn Titanium SII crashes on its own inside the phone cover
  66. Motorola Droid Razr Maxx SD fails to recognise USB ports
  67. Unable to delete wrong text in SMS in HTC WildFire
  68. After reboot HTC Droid Eris, fully charged battery gets drained in 3 hours
  69. No News feeds updates from Facebook application in Samsung Galaxy Duos
  70. How to fix the Sound Distortion issue in xolo 700 Phone?
  71. Getting EMail Notification but not the real EMail
  72. Not able to delete an Unwanted City in AccuWeather App
  73. How to fix the Keyboard Selection issue in Samsung Galaxy S2?
  74. Lost data of my iPad completely after a fresh boot
  75. Glassdoor applications fails to show job updates in Sony Xperia Arc S
  76. Karbonn A30 fails to charged by using USB charger
  77. Google Nexus 7 fails to access MapmyIndia v7.1
  78. Games like Asphalt 6, Grand Theft Auto 3 takes time to open and change settings in Karbonn A130
  79. On Samsung Galaxy Grand, speakers have no audio output while watching videos
  80. Samsung GT-S5610 shows error on being connected to internet
  81. Acer A500 flashes needs a WiFi connection message, wi-fi is already activated
  82. Poor Skype video call quality in ZenFocus MyZen Tab 708BH
  83. Unable to get calendar updates in Samsung Galaxy SII
  84. Sony Xperia U screen taps on its own
  85. Connection Problem with Sony Pc companion and Sony Xperia Z
  86. Sony Xperia Tipo hangs daily frequently
  87. Failed to play HD videos in my MIcromax A90 S
  88. Samsung galaxy Ace restarts very frequently on its own while playing games
  89. LG Optimus 3D P920 is using too much RAM memory
  90. Whatsapp messenger upgrade fails on Micromax A 87
  91. Samsung Galaxy Y hangs while calling or receiving a call
  92. Subway Surfers game installation error in Samsung Galaxy S Duos
  93. iBall Andi C gets heated up frequently
  94. Sony W8 contact icon missing and has to use smart search option
  95. Whatsapp is not getting installed in Sony Xperia S
  96. Touch Stopped responding in Samsung Galaxy Y Young
  97. Sony Xperia P failed to establish Hotspot connection with my home wifi
  98. Micromax A90 got stuck while starting the phone
  99. Sound Profile option in Samsung Galaxy Y Duos appears frequently
  100. Android updating to jelly bean failed in Samsung Galaxy S2
  101. Trouble in updating the Xperia J software
  102. Calls time changes everytime I click on a call logs option
  103. Unable to play music in Sony Xperia J
  104. Wifi in Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is not getting turned on
  105. There is no android market in HTC One V. How to recover this?
  106. HTC Butterfly is taking so much time for the downloading
  107. Notification tone goes off at night on my Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300
  108. Brightness of my Samsung Galaxy Y keeps resetting
  109. Motorola RAZR XT910 is hanging randomly. What to do?
  110. Nimbuzz installation failed in Micromax A90
  111. Unable to close the camera in Lava Iris 555
  112. Facebook upgrade failed in Micromax A110
  113. Nova Launcher failed to download in Samsung Galaxy S Advanced
  114. WeChat messenger upgrade fails on Micromax A 90
  115. Apps not getting uninstalled in HTC Desire One V
  116. Samsung Galaxy S3 failed to get unlocked by the pattern unlocking system
  117. Adobe failed to read the pdf in Sony Xperia Neo
  118. Missed Calls are not shown in the notification bar in HTC Sensational XL
  119. HTC Desire X is not getting charged
  120. Unable to root my IBall Andi 4.5H, it gives error as "You must root your phone for ROM Manager to function"
  121. Can't receive calls and lots of data has been lost my Micromax A90
  122. Gallery is not working fine with web albums on my Sony Xperia Go
  123. Micromax A90S is behaving very strange in these days
  124. Forgotten the password to unlock the screen lock of my Karbonn S5 Titanium
  125. IBall Andi 5c is dropped out in the water dare to switch it on
  126. Lava Xolo X1000 is Unable to Scan for Networks
  127. Music Player stopped Automatically Adding mp3 files to library on my Motorola Atrix 2
  128. Received messages don't display on my LG Optimus 4X
  129. Getting “Facebook Sync Login Failed, Try Again." message on my Motorola RAZR XT910
  130. Google registration is not completing on my Sony Xperia Z.
  131. Double contacts in my Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 32GB after the sync
  132. HTC Butterfly hangs/reboot causing error with phone speakers
  133. No internet access on my new Karbonn Titanium S2
  134. Lava Xolo Q800 has forgotten my "SNS" login. What to do?
  135. Dell Streak 7 hangs and restarts while downloading Apps
  136. No pre-installed app for android market in Motorola Defy Xt
  137. Problem in Sony Xperia Arc after rooting it officially
  138. Unable to send SMS from Sony Xperia Tipo after rooting it
  139. Touch screen functions not working on Samsung Galaxy S all of a sudden
  140. Unable to make calls from Micromax Canvas A116 all of a sudden
  141. Sony Xperia ZL performance became very slow after rooting
  142. Camera stopped working on Samsung Galaxy R after updating it with Jelly Bean custom ROM
  143. Spotify app not working on Videocon A30
  144. Lock screen function not working on Samsung Galaxy Grand all of a sudden
  145. Screen of LG Optimus S goes black but all 4 buttons flash
  146. Getting an Error Code 403, When opening Play Store on Karbonn A9+
  147. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 keeps on disconnecting the connected bluetooth
  148. Karbonn A30 gets switched off very frequently on its own
  149. LG Optimus 3D failed to play the songs of the sd card
  150. Firefox upgrade failed in Micromax A110
  151. Spice MI 45 501 failed to download the pdf files
  152. Can't receive calls from a specific number on my Micromax superfone pixel A90
  153. Samsung Galaxy S3 reboots and crashed all of sudden after downloading eBook
  154. Wi-Fi connection drops randomly in HTC One M7
  155. Micromax A90S screen will got yellow colour. What to do?
  156. Can't receive calls from a specific number on my Micromax superfone pixel A90
  157. No internet access on my new Karbonn Titanium S2
  158. Lost camera icon on my Huawei Ascend
  159. Move files from external SD card to my Intex Aqua 5.0
  160. Battery drained overnight of Salora powerMaxx Z1
  161. ODIN keeps freezing can't flash firmware on my Motorola razor
  162. Sony Xperia J phone won’t wake up using Bluetooth. What to do?
  163. Deleting email on server on my Alcatel Scribe OT8000d
  164. Hotmail MSN contact disappear after configure the windows live messenger account in my HTC Desire V
  165. Unable to use mobile network on roaming while using Samsung galaxy Ace Duos I589
  166. Micromax A90S screen will got yellow colour
  167. Unable to uninstall Talking Tom application from Acer Iconia 4.1
  168. Unable to access Smart Search option in Sony Xperia Arc, on attempting to do so phone shuts down
  169. Latest welcome page of Facebook and updates never open successfully on Huawei Ascend P2
  170. Sony Xperia U with Android 4.0 ICS pops install SIM message randomly
  171. Karbonn A9 fails to open links that come through SMS
  172. Low battery at 30 per cent in Samsung Galaxy Champ Duos
  173. Sony Xperia Mini with Android 4.0.4, unable to save Calendar events for future dates
  174. Unable to use regional alphabets in Micromax A110 Canvas 2
  175. Unable to send Hindi SMS using bits of English words from Motorola Droid Razr Maxx
  176. Samsung Galaxy S4 fails to open files coming from android phones through emails
  177. HTC Explorer fails to run Android Market application
  178. LG Nexus 4 fails to read wi-fi connection while on roaming
  179. HTC One fails to show saved Calendar events as reminder
  180. Roaming symbol in Micromax A110 while using mobile internet
  181. New email symbol on the screen is showing but there is no new message in Samsung Galaxy S Duos
  182. Error occurred during update message pops in Samsung Galaxy i7500l
  183. ASUS MeMo Pad fails to go on sleep mode
  184. Spice Slatepad shows old audio files on restart
  185. Micromax Superfone Pixel A90 with android 4.0 ICS screen turns blue after restart
  186. SD card reading message hangs screen on second hand HTC One
  187. HTC Butterfly fails to identify wi-fi routers afters software updates
  188. Karbonn Titanium SII asks for install SIM after random reboot
  189. Karbonn A7 fails to dial customer care numbers
  190. Unable to delete preinstalled videos to make memory space in Karbonn A5
  191. Unable to edit resolutions using Instagram in Sony Xperia Arc S
  192. Unable to edit copied images files via Snapseed in HTC Sensation
  193. Unable to open LinkedIn, Glassdoor on my Sony Xperia SP
  194. Unable to run Zombie Evil application in Sony Xperia SP
  195. Amazing Alex, Transformers game crashes in Sony Xperia SP
  196. Unable to run scan in Micromax Canvas HD A116 on pressing the scan option
  197. Can I use 1 GHz processor in Samsung Galaxy Y Duos Mobile?
  198. How to unlock an Android Tablet using Google Account?
  199. Screen display turned dark in Karbonn A7 after removing and reinserting the SIM
  200. No SMS updates from Stock market application in Samsung Galaxy Duos
  201. Motorola Razr shuts down without any low battery alert message
  202. Volume fluctuates in Sony Xperia SP while playing music
  203. After reboot HTC Droid Eris, security certificates have disappeared
  204. Unable to insert regional language inserted SMS in HTC WildFire
  205. Hindi text gets corrupt from Motorola Droid Razr Maxx SD keypad
  206. Not able to delete wrong spellings during texting from Karbonn Titanium SII
  207. Can not delete individuals from group SMS, have to re-write fresh addresses in Samsung Galaxy S3
  208. Sony Xperia Mini with Android 4.0.4 fails to show software bugs report after running security scan
  209. Motorola Droid 2 power button fails to shut down the phone
  210. Motorola Droid 3 shuts down while formatting the emails
  211. Motorola Droid 2 crashed after copying music from desktop
  212. Unable to make emergency calls like Police, ambulance from Micromax Ninja A89
  213. Unable to change the snooze time for alarm in HTC One M7
  214. Unable to install instagram app on Sony Xperia P inspite of following right method
  215. Yahoo Search and Google Search not working on Samsung Galaxy Pro
  216. Lost all contacts on HTC wildfire after rooting it
  217. Sony Xperia U got bricked after installing Jelly Bean custom ROM on it
  218. Unable to use Yahoo Chat on Motorola Defy
  219. SIM 1 not working on Philips Dual SIM ICS Phone
  220. Not able to access internet on Philips W920
  221. Unable to start Sony Xperia S after replacing the battery
  222. Philips W920 reboots randomly throughout the day
  223. Philips Dual SIM ICS phone has battery drainage issue
  224. Philips W732 shows low battery in spite of charging it fully
  225. Philips W732 Android phone gets overheated within 10 minutes of use
  226. Unable to open Gmail account in Panasonic Eluga
  227. Unable to view videos on P-O2E after replacing battery in it
  228. Panasonic P-O2E phone got bricked all of a sudden
  229. Hotmail MSN contact disappear after configure the windows live messenger account in my HTC Desire V
  230. Upgrade has failed in my Celkon Signature HD A119
  231. Sony Xperia J phone won’t wake up using Bluetooth
  232. Can’t get any call, contacts and the message buttons on My Motorola razor after moving apps to SD card
  233. Salora powerMaxx Z1 won’t start after trying to upgrade to 2.3.3
  234. Music Player messes up the Album Art on my Intex Aqua 5.0
  235. Karbonn Titanium S2 keeps turning itself off
  236. USB is not connecting to PC from my Xolo Q800
  237. Power gets off when I use the touch keyboard slide on my Micromax superfone pixel A90
  238. Error while updating my new Micromax A90S, it only gives me that I have to replug it to the computer
  239. Samsung galaxy Ace Duos I589 is dropping signal
  240. YouTube app is not working on Lenovo S880. What to do now?
  241. Idea SIM not recognised immediately by my Accatel Scribe OT8000d
  242. FM radio randomly shuts off and turns on in my Celkon Signature HD A119
  243. Lenovo S880 android phone will freeze when get any text message
  244. iBall Andi 4.5h has weak network signal
  245. Videocon A30 shows error while downloading apps from Google Play
  246. Unable to access internet on iBall Andi 3n all of a sudden
  247. Lost all contacts from Samsung Galaxy R after rooting it
  248. Unable to send MMS from Sony Xperia Tipo all of a sudden
  249. Unable to open Google Drive on Micromax Funbook
  250. Network signals very weak on Sony Xperia Miro