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  1. Rear speaker not working on HTC ChaCha after installing customized ICS ROM
  2. Unable to download games on Samsung Galaxy R
  3. Unable to use Google Wallet app on Micromax Funbook
  4. Unable to open ebay site on my HTC One S
  5. Unable to make calls from Sony Xperia Tipo after installing a customized Jelly Bean ROM
  6. Lock Screen function not working on Samsung Galaxy Pocket phone
  7. Wespro 7 inch tablet call quality quite poor
  8. Speaker stopped working on Xperia Z after updating to Jelly Bean 4.2.1
  9. Unable to make calls from Onida Android i9 since last week
  10. Unable to send SMS from Samsung Galaxy S Duos SIM 2
  11. JPEG files not opening on Videocon A27 Android phone
  12. Unable to install Instagram app on Sony Xperia S
  13. Unable to play Angry Birds game on Videocon A20 Android phone
  14. How to use Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini as Modem?
  15. How to unlock a Next Book Premium 7 Android Tablet?
  16. How to Unlock my Samsung Galaxy Y Mobile?
  17. Whenever I click on Angry Birds app, Sony Xperia Miro hangs and then after a while it reboots
  18. Unable to open Google Play on Samsung Galaxy Grand
  19. Twitter app not working on Videocon A30 and giving error suggesting that it is an invalid entry
  20. Lost all music files after rooting HCL Me V1 tab
  21. Unable to access internet from HCL Me V1 tab all of a sudden
  22. Unable to create PDF file on HTC One S phone
  23. GPRS not working on Sony Xperia Tipo after updating with custom ROM
  24. Screen on HTC One X becomes completely blank all of a sudden
  25. Videocon A30 phone turns off randomly on its own in spite of full battery
  26. Not able to read text messages on iBall Andi 3N all of a sudden
  27. Google drive not working on new Google Nexus all of a sudden
  28. Touch screen functions became extremely slow on Karbonn A9
  29. Unable to take up USB debugging on Samsung Galaxy S3 in spite of following right method
  30. Google Drive not working on HCL ME Tab V1
  31. Unable to take up USB debugging on iBall Andi 3n
  32. Motorola Droid 2 power button fails to lock screen
  33. Amazing Alex crashes Sony Xperia Arc S
  34. Unable to run Mint application in Sony Xperia SP
  35. Unable to open Falcon Pro on my Sony Xperia SP
  36. Unable to edit low resolution images files via Snapseed in Sony Xperia U
  37. Poor resolution quality image in Instagram in Sony Xperia Arc S
  38. Unable to delete pre-installed applications to make memory space in Karbonn A5
  39. Karbonn Titanium SII asks for new password after random reboot
  40. Low memory space in HTC Butterfly after using internet
  41. SD card reading message freezes on the screen of Karbonn A130
  42. Micromax Superfone Pixel A90 with android 4.0 ICS screen stays black even after clicking any key
  43. Second hand Spice Slatepad shows old users name after log in
  44. ASUS MeMo Pad screen flickers while on sleep mode
  45. Error message download unsuccessful in Samsung Galaxy i7500l
  46. Unable to uninstall Skype on Acer Iconia 4.1
  47. Touch Screen in Micromax A89 Ninja does not work properly
  48. Incoming calls automatically transfer to voicemail without prior information
  49. Unable to play mp4 videos in Motorola Razr
  50. Gingerbread HTC Explorer Unable to restore data
  51. HTC Explorer just randomly started going to a different home screen
  52. Unable to recover data from LG Thrill with broken screen
  53. Pre-installed weather app is not working after upgrading to ICS
  54. LG Thrill won't turn on but can charge
  55. Battery degrade after updating LG Thrill to ICS
  56. Stuck on Samsung logo screen on Samsung Galaxy S3
  57. Unable to reinstall Android without an OS on the HTC Magic
  58. Unable to delete duplicated contacts after importing it from sim card
  59. Unable to boot after performing factory reset on HTC One X
  60. Unable to fix the low resolution contact pictures on jelly bean
  61. Brightness unable to adjust after upgrading Micromax A51 to Jelly Bean
  62. Display got blurred all of a sudden on Videocon A27
  63. Onida Android phone i9 got bricked while rooting
  64. Google Wallet not working on Samsung Galaxy S3
  65. Unable to make calls from SIM 1 on my Samsung Galaxy S Duos
  66. Unable to log into Twitter account from new Sony Xperia Sola
  67. Lost all settings on Sony Xperia Go after updating to Jelly bean Firmware
  68. Instagram not working on Sony Xperia P
  69. Sony Xperia Z display became blurred after rooting the phone
  70. Micromax Canvas A116 HD reboots frequently in between calls
  71. GPS not working on Micromax Canvas A116 HD
  72. Google Play Store gives an Error 495
  73. Unable to play angry birds game on Samsung Galaxy Y Duos
  74. Xperia Z Camera stopped working after rooting
  75. Sony Xperia T Wi-Fi not working all of a sudden
  76. Samsung Galaxy S4 facing random reboot problem
  77. Camera stopped working on Sony Xperia T after updating to Jelly Bean
  78. HTC One S battery drainage problem after updating to Jelly Bean
  79. Google Navigation not working on HTC One X after updating to Jelly Bean
  80. All settings lost on HTC Desire after rooting the phone
  81. Samsung Galaxy S4 screen jitters frequently throughout the day
  82. Unable to connect Skype on Samsung Galaxy Grand
  83. Battery discharges fast on Samsung Galaxy Grand
  84. MIC not working in Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos
  85. Lost all contacts on Samsung Galaxy Grand after rooting
  86. All videos got deleted from Samsung Galaxy S3 after rooting it
  87. Firefox not working on Sony Xperia T after updating it to Jelly Bean update
  88. Contacts got deleted after installing Jelly Bean 4.1.2 on Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket
  89. Samsung Galaxy S4 speaker not working at all
  90. Unable to install instagram on Sony Xperia Z
  91. Samsung Galaxy S3 gets turned off randomly all of a sudden
  92. Samsung Galaxy S3 keeps freezing all of a sudden
  93. Getting an Errror Code -101 in Android OS. How to fix this?
  94. Sony Xperia P fails to support online banking service
  95. Google Nexus 7 fails to open Pinterest pinned high resolution images
  96. Karbonn Titanium SII shows message about deactivated internet service but internet package is recharged
  97. Google Nexus 10 experienced fall, LCD screen seems like melted from inside
  98. Mobile internet activation makes Samsung Galaxy Note II like corrupted
  99. After installing antivirus Dr Weblight, Sony Xperia U crashed
  100. Insert SD card message pops after switching on Sony W8
  101. Contact option missing from Sony Xperia SP
  102. Screen orientation like display, gestures changes in HTC WildFire all of sudden
  103. Unable to block free advertisement SMS in HTC Butterfly
  104. HTC Wildfire screen light stays on even after locking screen
  105. Sony Xperia Mini with Android 4.0.4 auto correct for spelling spoils SMS content
  106. Sony Xperia Mini shows no internet connection symbol on screen
  107. Karbonn A9 backlight turns off on its own randomly
  108. HTC One X touch screen fails to respond all of sudden and freezes
  109. Backlight turns on, on its own in HTC One
  110. Small pop up menu does not appear in HTC Desire after pressing power button
  111. Volume rocker button freezed in HTC Desire
  112. Unable to sync Twitter inbox mails on roaming in Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos
  113. After reboot HTC Droid Eris, images have disappeared
  114. Third party launcher Nova shuts down HTC Sense while switching between applications
  115. Unable to text after typing the first word in HTC WildFire
  116. Unable to group text from Motorola Droid Razr Maxx
  117. Not able to delete message during texting from Karbonn Titanium SII
  118. Unable to delete individual persons from emails, have to re-write fresh email in Samsung Galaxy S3
  119. Sony Xperia Mini with Android 4.0.4 fails to show update message after running software update
  120. Motorola Droid 3 shuts down while texting
  121. Motorola Droid 2 crashed after being connected to computer
  122. How to disable the application update notification on Android Market 2.2.6?
  123. How to enable data connection in Android Xperia mini, ST 15i?
  124. How to turn Android ViewSonic G tablet to a high performing device?
  125. How to change the default system Font for Android?
  126. Is it possible to import contacts from SIM and then move to a new Android device?
  127. Track redundancy on PowerAmp installed on Android mobile
  128. Net access not possible on Android phone
  129. Doing recovery without data loss on Android Nexus 4
  130. Selecting Android phone with extended longevity
  131. Cannot use voice prompts due to lock screen on Android Nexus 7
  132. How to hard reset Android Samsung Galaxy S4?
  133. Unwanted games getting installed on Android device
  134. How to connect Android to Ford Focus 2013?
  135. Is it possible to connect Android Samsung Galaxy S4 to TV through wireless connection?
  136. How to connect Android Samsung Galaxy S4 to PC?
  137. Vibration issue in different modes on Android phone
  138. Recovering lost messages on Android HTC One X
  139. Switching of multiple apps on Android mobile
  140. Turning off the app for converting text to speech on Android HTC mobile
  141. Why does Android HTC One loop for ever while trying to connect to Wi-Fi?
  142. Having problem while receiving messages in Android HTC One
  143. What are the steps to be taken to transfer the files from Sony Ericson Android 2.3.3 to Mac?
  144. How to edit home screen widgets and shortcut on Google TV 2.0 running on android Honeycomb?
  145. Is it possible to create folders on the Launch bar of Android 4.0 device?
  146. Changing the default TV device while turning on the Google TV runs on Android?
  147. How to create folders on home screen of Android 4.0 phone?
  148. How to change generic input labels to custom labels in Google TV 2.0 runs on Android?
  149. Android ViewSonic G tablet to be turned into a high performing device.
  150. How to connect SD Card in Android galaxy Y?
  151. How to make the videos play in Android Galaxy Y?
  152. Increasing the Battery life of the android phone
  153. How to make the camera of Android phone work properly?
  154. Wipe Action in the Android Phone
  155. Weird message flashing in Android Xperia Mini Pro
  156. How can plug-ins be loaded manually on Android devices?
  157. How can the screenshot be captured on Android 4.2 versions?
  158. How can contacts on Android device be synced with a Mac?
  159. Launching Android WhatsApp on Windows PC
  160. Are there any methods to note the data usage on Android?
  161. Wireless files transactions on Android devices
  162. How is it possible to carry out editing tasks on Android devices?
  163. How to send videos or pictures through MMS text message from the Android Samsung S4 phone?
  164. How to enable USB debugging on Android Samsung Galaxy S4 phone?
  165. How to disable 4G in Android Samsung Galaxy S4?
  166. How to save photos in MMS Text Message from Android phone?
  167. Smart Scroll in Android Samsung Galaxy S4
  168. How can driving mode be enabled or disabled in Android Samsung Galaxy S4?
  169. Phone rings without call coming
  170. Wi-Fi printing in Android phone
  171. How to Network unlock the Android phone?
  172. Picture size problem in Android Phone
  173. Slow charging in Android Xperia Z
  174. Lack of video quality in Android Xperia Z
  175. How to enable USB debugging in Android Samsung Galaxy Note 2?
  176. Restarting the locked Android Samsung Galaxy Tab 2?
  177. How to perform a hard reset on Android Samsung Galaxy Tab 2?
  178. How to remove apps fromAndroid Samsung Galaxy Note 2?
  179. Unable to delete photos from Gallery App on the Android device
  180. How to turn ON Wi-Fi on Android Samsung Galaxy Tab 2?
  181. “Process com.android.settings stopped unexpectedly. Try again” error on Android.
  182. “Delete account failed – 503: Service Unavailable” error message on Android.
  183. How to enable flash content in Android Kindle Fire HD?
  184. Making the application update notification disabled on Android Market 2.2.6?
  185. How to use volume buttons to turn pages on Kindle for Android?
  186. Altering the default system Font for Android?
  187. How to sign in and sign out of latitude in Google Maps?
  188. Translating languages on Android Nexus mobile phone
  189. Is iPhone to Android Nexus One transfer possible?
  190. How to locate the MAC address for Android ViewSonic G tablet?
  191. How to add custom ringtones, notification sounds, and alarm to Android device?
  192. Configure to always use SSL encryption in Google Reader for Android.
  193. Why can a factory reset be done on Android HTC Desire HD?
  194. Managing files on Android HTC Desire HD
  195. Battery replacement on Android Nexus One
  196. How can talktime usage minutes be counted on Android mobile?
  197. Internet data allowance stolen by apps on Android LG Optimus V
  198. Boot up trouble on Android Nexus One
  199. Is it possible to use the Android Nexus One Desk Dock to pair with devices?
  200. Why is the ringing volume decreasing on Android Nexus One?
  201. Enabling the silent mode on Android Nexus 4
  202. Why does Android Samsung Galaxy S4 show a lag in animations?
  203. Issues with S-Voice apps on Android S4
  204. Error with authentication while connecting Android S4 to Wi-Fi
  205. Helpful apps for location detection of Android phones
  206. Getting rid of themes on Android Samsung Galaxy S4
  207. Where are the FB uploaded photos stored on Android phone?
  208. How to restart locked Android Samsung Galaxy Note 2?
  209. How to connect Android Galaxy Tab 10.1 to TV?
  210. How to enable flash content in Android Kindle Fire?
  211. How to take the screenshot on the Android Samsung Note 2?
  212. ”Process com.android.settings stopped unexpectedly. Try again” error displaying on Android device
  213. How to delete photos and videos from Facebook in Android App?
  214. How to enable Split-Screen or Multi-Window feature on Android Samsung Galaxy Note 2?
  215. How to connect Android LG Intuition to TV?
  216. Is it possible to enable hand written search in Google on my Android device?
  217. How can shortcuts for apps be added to app drawer on Android mobile?
  218. Issue of overheating of Android Xperia Mini Pro
  219. Data issues because of the apps on Android phones
  220. Avoiding screen flickering in Android phone
  221. How to improve the speed of YouTube on Wi-Fi?
  222. Best notification app for Android phones
  223. Steps for clearing the Cookies in Android device?
  224. How to avoid the problem of Android’s Galaxy not turning on?
  225. Is there anything peculiar about Android’s Sony Xperia Z features when compared to other models?
  226. How can the preferences of app be reset on Android mobile?
  227. How can the apps be customized in the Android Samsung S2 app drawer?
  228. How to clear the browser form data form the Android device?
  229. How can notifications and calls be blocked on Android Samsung S3 mobile?
  230. Creating a modem out of an Android Samsung Galaxy phone
  231. Toggling Facebook Home on Android phone
  232. How to rename the folder in Android Sony Xperia X10?
  233. How to clear browser history from the Android device?
  234. How to transfer music and photos of Android Sony Xperia X10 with Mac?
  235. Is it possible to clear browser cache from Android phone?
  236. Can you suggest a good protective case for Android based Motorola Droid X?
  237. Same SMS getting received twice always on LG Revolution Android smartphone
  238. How to change the default alarm tone on Android based HTC Rezound?
  239. Is Adobe flash player supported on Motorola Motoluxe Android handset?
  240. How to fix slow browser loading issue on Huawei Ascend G300 Android handset?
  241. How WiFi tethering is made possible on Android supported Acer Iconia Tab A500?
  242. Vibration feature not working on ‘silent’ mode on HTC EVO 3D Android handset
  243. How to fix a slow loading travel app on Android powered Nexus 7 handset?
  244. Unable to change home screen theme on Android based Micromax FunBook
  245. Is there any option to track memory usage of individual Android apps on HTC Thunderbolt?
  246. Unable to set any preloaded tone as notification tone on Toshiba Thrive Android tab
  247. How to sync FB profile pictures to contact images on LG Esteem Android smartphone?
  248. Captured pictures not getting saved on HTC Sensation Android smartphone
  249. Which is the best Android app to watch Live cricket on Motorola Electrify?
  250. WiFi getting continuously interrupted on Android based Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro