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  1. Unable to do video call on Samsung Captivate having Gingerbread
  2. :Dial pad horribly gets slow in Micromax Smarty
  3. Camera of Sony Xperia P lags on while opening through touch screen
  4. Gmail app is unable to get delete on Samsung Captivate
  5. Unable to connect usb mass drive to HTC one X
  6. LED notification not working when Stamina Mode is on
  7. Contacts got deleted while updating HTC One S to Jellybean
  8. Unable to send message after updating Samsung Captivate to Jellybean
  9. Gmail attachment notification unable to delete
  10. Phone contacts synced from google account are missing on Sony Xperia Z
  11. The screen is unable to rotate in android supported HTC ONE X
  12. After updating to jellybean ,the wallpaper does not change in HTC one X
  13. The screen of Galaxy S2 turn unresponsive when pressed for long
  14. Unable to unlock my Samsung Galaxy S3
  15. HTC Desire zZ is unable to reset while booting
  16. Motorola XPRT with Android version 2.3 freezes while operating with different apps
  17. Flash player unable to get installed on ice cream sandwich
  18. Unable to connect Skype on Galaxy S3
  19. How to Make a Video Call in Samsung Galaxy S Duos without using Skype?
  20. How to Install the Punjabi Font in Android Tab Penta?
  21. Unable to find some specific Games on my Sony Xperia Go Mobile
  22. How to Play iTunes Movies on Android Device?
  23. Samsung Galaxy showing error during a Music Play after Call
  24. Unlock Pattern not working in Samsung Galaxy Tab
  25. How to Download Songs and Videos in Sony Ericsson Live Walkman?
  26. How to Upgrade the Android version of PendoPad Tablet from Icecream Sandwich to Jelly Bean?
  27. Unable to watch Movies on Netflix
  28. How to Reformat my Android Share Tablet?
  29. Samsung Galaxy Proclaim Issue:Keep searching for WiFI network
  30. Speaker stopped working in Samsung Galaxy Proclaim
  31. How to protect Samsung Galaxy handset from virus when downloading an Android app?
  32. Issues receiving photos from Nokia phones via Bluetooth on Android powered HTC Thunderbolt
  33. How to know the code for factory reset on Samsung phone running on Android ICS?
  34. Unable to turn off music from menu on LG Shine Plus Android handset
  35. Motorola Droid Android3 handset getting crashed on receiving phone calls
  36. Battery seems to be used up on an abnormal basis when Samsung Android phone on standby mode
  37. Vibration not working on silent mode on Android supported HTC phone
  38. No sensitivity on touch screen after latest Android upgrade on Huawei Ascend
  39. SD card went unrecognized all of a sudden on LG Shine Android smartphone
  40. Is the new Android game ‘Jewel bits’ compatible to play with Android GingerBread?
  41. Android based Nexus one getting stuck up at the X screen
  42. Unable to access email folders suddenly on Android supported Toshiba Thrive Android tab
  43. Suggest some romantic Live wallpapers to use with Motorola Droid 2 phone
  44. Poor WiFi signal after new power button on HTC Hero S Android phone
  45. Is there any new update available for Android game, Space Battleships?
  46. Music getting turned ON automatically while ending phone calls on Huawei Ascend
  47. Is Mono, the new music Android app worth purchasing to use with Lenovo tablet?
  48. Emoticons on Android based HTC Aria phone seen as ‘#” always
  49. Is there any Android app to monitor LG Vertex smartphone remotely?
  50. Issues opening received MMS on Android powered Samsung Admiral Handset
  51. Status bar doesn’t have any missed call or sms alert notification on HTC Desire V
  52. Cannot do the BB is coding on messaging app on Motorola Atrix 2
  53. Headphone is not supported on Micromax A90
  54. Unable to detect the mass storage device on Samsung Galaxy Ace
  55. Unable to store any data in phone memory on LG Optimus T
  56. Cannot use 100% of the memory of the Micro SD card on Micromax A52
  57. Cannot do multitasking function on Sony Xperia
  58. Unable to streaming YouTube videos on Motorola Droid
  59. Cannot display any sms in the Inbox on Acer Liquid E 2
  60. Unable to stop the default Verizon email app on ASUS pardon 2
  61. Cannot find the twitter app on application list of LG Lucid
  62. Getting a notification of password hack from twitter on Samsung galaxy Chat
  63. Corrupt the device software on Vodafone 845
  64. Couldn’t access the internet while in Roaming network on Carbon A15 with Vodafone
  65. Google talk is not working on Micromax A75
  66. Samsung galaxy grand is not supporting HD video format
  67. Google Maps continually running in the background on my Karbonn A11
  68. Micromax A80 alarms no longer works
  69. Black screen on HTC Cha-cha phone is very annoying
  70. No SD card inserted message is coming on the screen of my Samsung galaxy y
  71. Unable to streamline the contact list on Sony Xperia ZL
  72. Cannot save the wifi password on LG Optimus 3D
  73. Cannot make spell check on Samsung Galaxy S4
  74. Unable to use voicemail in my HTC sensation
  75. HTC Desire V network setting problem
  76. MMS never gets send on my Lava Xolo X900
  77. How to extract nv_data.bin files from the nandroid backup img. on my Sony Xperia Ion?
  78. Unable to set the calendar on my Micromax A110
  79. Unable to turn off the music player of the Sony Xperia S
  80. Unable to access any web page except the main webpage on the HTC Sensation XL
  81. Unable to installed apps that are on my last phone to my new Sony Xperia Go
  82. Cannot access Skype 6.0 in HTC Desire V Android 4.0 ICS
  83. Google Latitude gives awry readings on Samsung Galaxy Y
  84. Motorola Defy screen shakes while downloading is in progress
  85. Samsung GT-N8000 tablet asks for password on opening
  86. HTC Butterfly vibrates and shut down
  87. Micromax Superfone Pixel A90 with android 4.0 ICS asks for password for mobile security software
  88. SD card reading message in HTC Butterfly
  89. Nexus 4 has buzzing earpiece problem
  90. Back glass in Nexus 4 appears to be cracked
  91. Not able to either search or download Applications in Android Mobile.
  92. My Android Mobile intex aqua marvel locked.How to unlock it?
  93. Facebook chat contacts on the screen are not visible
  94. Rebooting issue on Samsung Exhibit 4G with Android 2.3
  95. Downgrading Android mobile to 2.3 version
  96. Finding SD card files on Android 2.3.5
  97. Changing the default music player on Android 2.3.5 device
  98. Transferring apps on Android 2.3 Ginger Bread version
  99. Fixing troublesome phone based on Android
  100. How to change the name of the Android Kindle Device?
  101. How to locate the MAC address in Android Kindle Fire?
  102. How to root Android Kindle Fire 6.2.1?
  103. How to remove items from Carousel on Android Kindle Fire?
  104. Is it possible to display .mobi files as books in Kindle Fire using Android?
  105. Disable automatic spelling correction with Android Kindle Fire
  106. How to auto-save contacts to SIM card or phone by default on the android phone?
  107. Preventing children from seeing and buying inappropriate apps from Android market
  108. How to customize apps in the bottom app drawer in Samsung Android phone?
  109. Changing the default start up behavior of Opera browser on my Android tablet?
  110. How to unsubscribe the list in bulk from YouTube account in my Android device?
  111. How to configure the speed dial option on Android phone?
  112. Will android ICS shows touches during the Screencast?
  113. Disabling grid lines on Android Samsung Galaxy
  114. Android tablet got password locked automatically
  115. Space insufficiency on Android LG Optimus L7
  116. How can the contacts be merged on Android mobile supporting the ICS version?
  117. How to disable Geotagging on my Android 2.3 Smartphone’s camera?
  118. Is it possible to avoid the installation of non market apps on Android 4.0 (ICS)?
  119. How to avoid the installation of non market apps on Android 2.2 and 2.3?
  120. How to block unwanted calls in Android devices without relying on any third party app?
  121. Using custom ROMs on Android HTC Aria
  122. Switching off broadcast notifications on Android Galaxy S3
  123. What are the ways to send videos on Android Samsung S3?
  124. How to control and limit the data usage in Android ICS without any third party application?
  125. Disabling the Built-in apps in Android ICS without any third party Application
  126. How to upload files from Android phone to Google drive?
  127. Coverage issues on Android Google Nexus 4
  128. Steps to transfer contacts between Android devices
  129. Wish to know how Color alignment in Android Google Nexus 4 is done
  130. Unable to open the albums after Android phone update
  131. How to enable inverted mode in android Ice Cream sandwich?
  132. Setting up face unlock on Android ICS device with front camera
  133. How to sync open tabs across the Android devices?
  134. Warning on approaching data caps and overage fees on Android ICS device?
  135. Regulating the vibration on Android HTC One
  136. Getting notifications of Gmail on Android HTC One
  137. Wi-Fi slows down gallery and freezes it on Android Samsung Galaxy Note 2
  138. How to load plug-ins on demand in Android ICS browser?
  139. Is it possible to unhide the hidden applications on my Samsung Android 4.1.2?
  140. How to export an Android Application in Eclipse?
  141. Steps to set up a developing environment in Eclipse on my Samsung Android device
  142. How do I hide games or apps from the app drawer in Samsung Android Jellybean device?
  143. Wavering brightness of screen on Android HTC Evo
  144. How can the deleted files be retrieved on Android HTC Evo 4G?
  145. Unable to open photos in Android HTC Evo
  146. Why does Android HTC Evo get a black screen while trying to open bootloader?
  147. Android HTC Evo 4G shows a flickering orange light instead of charging
  148. Micromax Superfone A101 not recognized by win 7 or XP
  149. IBall Andi 4.5H is getting full signal but there is no service
  150. Deleted apps are not disappearing from the main screen on HTC Desire V
  151. Getting message of conditioning call forwarding on my Lava Xolo X900
  152. Sony Xperia Ion can’t connect to USB by any method
  153. Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S not registering USB connection
  154. How do you close running applications on the LG Optimus 3D Max P725?
  155. Is there any way to get the proximity sensor on the LG Optimus 4X to trigger call answering?
  156. Motorola RAZR XT910 is not starting up
  157. Samsung Galaxy S2 auto rotation error
  158. Micromax A75 is always behaving like it is dead
  159. HTC Chacha is not detecting SIM card
  160. Bluetooth is not pairing with other phones from my Micromax Superfone A101
  161. Deleted apps are not disappearing from the main screen on HTC Desire V
  162. GPS navigation apps stopped unexpectedly again and again while using Sony Xperia Ion
  163. Can’t login to Yahoo mail from my Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S
  164. LG Optimus 3D Max P725 is only connecting to 2G not to 3G
  165. Unable to install some firewall apps for my LG Optimus 4X
  166. Can’t download some apps from market on Samsung Galaxy S2
  167. Unable to receive calls on Sony W8
  168. Unable to open two or more applications in HTC Desire
  169. Facebook new look not installed successfully on Sony Xperia U
  170. No Facebook updates shown in Karbonn A9
  171. Sony Xperia Mini fails to make and receive calls on roaming
  172. Motorola Droid Razr Maxx fails to use hotel Wi-Fi connection
  173. Installation of Skype 6.0 fails in Samsung Galaxy Duos
  174. Sony Xperia P unable to open parallel windows
  175. Google Nexus 7 unable to save files in drives
  176. Unable to click images in Google Nexus 7
  177. Sony W8 contacts widgets missing from phone
  178. Unable to open heavy attachments via GMail on Google Nexus 10
  179. Playnow Store feature not functional in Sony Xperia Arc S
  180. Microsoft Word get corrupt on its own in Samsung Galaxy Note II
  181. eBooks fail to get downloaded completely on Google Nexus 10
  182. Google Nexus 10 shuts down after clicking images
  183. Skype 6.0 fails to get activated in Samsung Galaxy Duos
  184. Sony Xperia P fails to access WhatApp
  185. Sony W8 contacts details missing from phone
  186. Need to force close the Lava Xolo X900 due to the process.com.sec.android.app
  187. Can't seem to use mass storage on Motorola Defy plus
  188. Is there a way to install the default internet browser app on Spice MI 425?
  189. Duplicate images in galary of Samsung Galaxy Y
  190. LG Optimus Vu is running very slowly. What to do?
  191. Macbook Pro's wifi never gets connected with Samsung Galaxy Grand
  192. Samsung Galaxy S3 is not recognized by the PC
  193. Have to try 3 times to send a SMS on HTC Sensation XL
  194. How to send a group message from the Motorola RAZR XT910?
  195. Not able to send the MMS from LG Optimus 4X
  196. SD card music files are not showing in the music player on LG Optimus 3D Max P725
  197. Display will go very dull on the Sony Xperia Ion
  198. Vibrate mode not working on the Lava Xolo X900
  199. Text messages are not deleting on HTC Desire V
  200. Apps are updating automatically on IBall Andi 4.5H
  201. Can’t find the Google play Icon on my Micromax Superfone A101
  202. How to delete or detect virus files on SD card of HTC Chacha?
  203. How to perform hard reset on Karbonn A11?
  204. Mic error when is on speaker on the Micromax A90S
  205. Internal memory error "Warning: Not enough memory" on Samsung galaxy S2
  206. Is there any photo editing app similar to instagram which can be applied to Android phone?
  207. Calender pad in the Android phone is not syncing to Google calendar
  208. Android galaxy phone is not working properly when the data pack is on
  209. The support Viber got froze in Samsung android phone
  210. Is there any problem in deleting RAM memory on Android phone?
  211. Android HTC Evo screen dead partially
  212. Android HTC Evo stuck with exclamation screen
  213. Unable to sync Android HTC Evo with Google
  214. Replacing the default browser on Android HTC Evo
  215. Unable to accredit Google App on Android HTC
  216. Continously facing Force close issue in Camera
  217. Screen Timeout not working properly in Galaxy Ace 2
  218. How to reformat my android 1.6 kernel version 2.6.9
  219. How to root an Android Mobile?
  220. How to Root my Micromax A35 mobile?
  221. Unable to download any call recorder app on IBall Andi 5c
  222. GPS is not showing my location on the Lava Xolo X900
  223. Motorola Defy plus not playing any sound while playing games
  224. Spice MI 425 Phone doesn’t save images into Gallery from Chrome app
  225. How to make a call from the Google chat on the Sony Xperia Ion?
  226. HTC Incredible unable to read BlueTooth files from other phones
  227. No memory space message in Samsung GT-N8000 Tablet
  228. LG Optimus 4X screen gets cracked after jerk
  229. Old updates appear on Sony Xperia Arc S after software update
  230. Google Latitude shows wrong directions Sony Xperia Ion
  231. HTC Desire V unable to run Play Store
  232. Poor resolution quality image while attached to SMS or email in Sony Xperia Arc S
  233. Unable to delete applications to make memory space in Motorola Droid Razrr
  234. Google Earth fails to open in Micromax Canvas HD
  235. Ear speaker is damaged in my HTC Sensation XL. What to do now?
  236. Chat room shows my account invisible on my Sony Xperia U
  237. Unable to reject call with a message on Samsung Galaxy SII
  238. Calendar application got corrupt in Sony Xperia Arc S
  239. Internal memory is not responding well on my new Samsung galaxy grand
  240. Samsung Galaxy S3 gallery icons are blinking very fast
  241. Duplicate contacts on the Lava Xolo X900 are driving me insane
  242. Spice MI 425 Phone won’t start after ODIN flash
  243. Errors with benchmark and phone CPU on my Motorola Atrix 2
  244. SIP VOIP app is not giving good quality sound on the Sony Xperia Ion
  245. Contacts are disappeared automatically from Motorola Defy Plus
  246. Turning off phone for whole night and battery wipe on my LG Optimus Vu
  247. Default photos neither set as wallpapers nor deleted on the Micromax A90S
  248. Can’t connect to a network on IBall Andi 5c
  249. How to stop notification sounds through external speaker with headset plugged in on the Sony Xperia U?
  250. Too much data transfer use on the Huawei Ideos X5 U8800