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  1. Unable to add Google account in android mobile even after active internet connection
  2. What is the meaning of x buttons in android Mobile?
  3. Sd card not shown after mount on Lenovo P780
  4. Invalid touch inputs on Sony Xperia ZR
  5. Mozilla firefox restarting several times on Micromax A73
  6. Getting google play error on Samsung Galaxy S
  7. How to move system applications to the SD Card in Android?
  8. How to get rid of Camera force close issue in Android?
  9. Unable to use internet on Android Phone. How to fix this issue?
  10. Which mobile is best: Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos or Micromax Canvas 4?
  11. Can i exchange my old HTC mobile with a new one?
  12. Installed Facebook app never opens any page on Nexus S
  13. My HTC Hero continues vibrating after the call start
  14. Cannot update android forum profile on Motorola Droid Pro
  15. Unable to transfer Media files through Bluetooth on Samsung Galaxy R
  16. Cannot send any group message on Vodafone 845 mobile
  17. Sms deleted from the mobile automatically on the Sony Xperia U
  18. Got error of Ďdownload messageí for all Inbox text sms on the Samsung Galaxy grand
  19. What are the disadvantages of using Location services in Android Mobile?
  20. How to install Internet Explorer in an Android Mobile?
  21. How to install Internet Explorer in an Android Mobile?
  22. How to store the Formatted data in an Android device?
  23. Custom icon packs required launcher on Samsung S4
  24. Unable to update the OS on HTC One to get the new features
  25. Unable to block free advertisement emails in Samsung Galaxy Tab 3
  26. HP Slate 7 screen light stays on for some time even after locking the screen
  27. Sony Xperia Mini with Android 4.0.4 auto correct for spelling gets de-activated on its own
  28. Sony Xperia M shows no internet connection symbol on screen
  29. Karbonn A110 backlight turns off on its own randomly
  30. Karbonn Titanium S2 touch screen fails to respond all of sudden and freezes
  31. Backlight never turns on in single attempt in HTC Butterfly
  32. Small pop up menu does not appear in HTC Desire 200 after pressing power button
  33. What to do, if camera stopped working in Android?
  34. What is the process of Updating an Android Version?
  35. How to import contacts from an SD card to Android Mobile?
  36. How to update the Android version of Celkon A9 Mobile?
  37. How to clear the History in Micromax A90s Mobile?
  38. How to unlock an android mobile after forgetting the unlock pattern?
  39. Android tablet doesn't allow me to unlock the device by entering the EMail and Password
  40. Android Tablet won't recognize my email account
  41. How to move the files from internal storage to sd card in LG5?
  42. How to upgrade Celkon A88 to android 4.1.1?
  43. Kies app not working in Karbonn Smart A50
  44. Very slow speed when access wifi karbonn Smart A2+
  45. Data getting auto lost in karbonn A30
  46. Sim Card not getting recognize in Lenovo S880
  47. Failed in changing text size In Lenovo K900
  48. SD card not showing folders in Lenovo A390
  49. Charging not getting full on Karbonn Smart A12
  50. Connection lost several times in Xolo Q1000
  51. Not getting wifi option in Karbonn Smart A12
  52. Unable to Receive Data in Xolo Play
  53. Downloaded files get delete on their own in HTC Desire 200
  54. Google Latitude gives awry readings on Sony Xperia ZL
  55. Unable to access video chat on Sony Xperia M
  56. Screen turns off and wobbles all of a sudden Google Nexus 4
  57. Images clicked gets locked on Samsung GT-N8000
  58. Shows no storage space on HTC Desire 600
  59. Unable to download applications like WhatsApp
  60. No application gets fully downloaded in Samsung Galaxy S4
  61. SD card getting stop working on inserting in Sony Xperia E
  62. Not able to install games in Nexus 4
  63. Is there any Multi-Window compatible Office document reader of PDF reader for Android?
  64. HTC One doesn'y show notification while playing Games
  65. Android Issue::Battery Ran Out and is not charging any more
  66. How can i transfer internal files to memory card in sony xperia neo L.
  67. Not able to search in contacts list on Samsung galaxy S
  68. Unable to take screenshots in Micromax A73
  69. Smart action application not working in Samsung Grand
  70. Images clicked on Samsung GT-N8000 gets greenish tinge
  71. Low storage space message on phone message in HTC Butterfly
  72. Sony Xperia U gets hanged after Android 4.0.4 updating, incoming calls service got blocked
  73. Problems in Sony Xperia ZL in running software updates, phone got shut down permanently
  74. Applications like Facebook, Pinterest crashes during downloading in Karbonn Titanium S5
  75. Contact option and details freezes and deletes automatically in Sony Xperia M
  76. Not able to sync Gmail, inbox as it shows empty while on roaming in Micromax Canvas 4
  77. How to download YouTube video in Android Mobile?
  78. What are the disadvantages of using Antivirus software in android devices?
  79. Unable to fill online forms properly on LG-MS770 Mobile
  80. How to fix the Over-Heating issue in Android?
  81. The Internet speed via Tethered WiFi network became too slow on Android Device
  82. Getting "Download Failed" error message in android after the completion of download
  83. Asus Fonepad - deleting items, downloading items
  84. Samsung Galaxy S Issue: All internet related Application shows force-close message
  85. deleting from Asus Fonepad
  86. Applications downloaded through Micromax A27 doesn't work
  87. NDTV news application updates never shows on Huawei Ascend P2
  88. Smart Search option in Sony Xperia M shows contacts as contacts widgets are missing
  89. Poor resolution images after copied to desktop
  90. Unable to open heavy file image coming from other android phones
  91. Ringtone Maker Pro fails to open in Micromax Canvas Lite
  92. Unable to receive data files on my Xolo Q1000
  93. Unable to de-activate Bluetooth in HP Slate 7
  94. Calendar application got corrupt in Sony Xperia M
  95. Unable to reject call with a message on Samsung Galaxy S4
  96. WhatsApp chat room shows my account invisible always
  97. Canít place settings of widgets on homescreen on Samsung Galaxy Note 510
  98. Failed in starting after restoring only black screen appear On Motorola Defy X T
  99. Not able to transfer text and imessages in Micromax A80
  100. Unable to use bluetooth headset with Micromax A89 Ninja
  101. Email apps not working properly in Samsung Galaxy Young
  102. Sim contacts doesn't appear on Samsung GT-S5301. What to do?
  103. How to link an android mobile and an Android Tablet together?
  104. Failed in sending text message to an individual number On Motorola Defy X
  105. Not able to turn off swype in Micromax A80 phone
  106. Phone auto go to cool down mode on Micromax A89 Ninja phone
  107. Unable to Download text messages from phone to pc in Samsung Galaxy Young
  108. Unable to reset after battery got drained on Motorola Defy Mini
  109. WhatApp application fails to show messages in HTC Desire 600
  110. Unable to make conference calls in Micromax X335 as it shuts down all of sudden
  111. Vox V7 fails to change camera settings
  112. Unable to read Facebook chat messages in HTC Butterfly
  113. Rear camera not working in HTC Desire 600
  114. Micromaxx A116 Canvas HD fails to play downloaded videos
  115. Liquid Acer Z110 gets heated during charging
  116. Samsung Galaxy Note II stops charging after 70 per cent charge
  117. Not able to get apps stored in sd card in Micromax A75
  118. Voice typing not working properly On Micromax A35 Bolt
  119. Samsung Galaxy S4 Issue::Screen turns black after few seconds. How to fix it?
  120. Unable to turn off auto focus on videos In Samsung Galaxy Y
  121. Failed in connecting wifi with router having wireless n on Samsung Galaxy Note
  122. Facing problem in turning on bluetooth in Micromax A90 S
  123. Not able to find folder of whatsapp on Micromax Superfone 101
  124. Getting low storage warning in Micromax A73
  125. Can't turn off auto responding of phone for missed call In Samsung Galaxy S
  126. Google account get closed due to sending of unwanted mails in Samsung Galaxy Y
  127. Not able to connect with windows xp using usb tethering on Samsung Galaxy S4
  128. Failed in enabling internet data in Micromax A90
  129. Twitter unable to open on Micromax A110c
  130. Canít use face detection as password on Micromax A73
  131. Not able to set any wallpaper in Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3
  132. Failed in deleting contacts on Samsung Galaxy Note 510
  133. On Motorola Defy X T phone canít able to answer calls
  134. Unable to sign off permanently from google market in Micromax A80
  135. Failed in creating shortcuts for widgets on Motorola Defy Mini
  136. Canít get 3G signals in Micromax A75 Phone
  137. Micromax A35 Bolt phone not able to delete any installed app
  138. Responsive becomes very slow after rooting of Samsung Galaxy Y
  139. WhatApp icon fails to show after installation in HTC Desire 200
  140. Unable to make conference calls in Micromax X335 as volume goes off all of sudden
  141. Vox V7 fails to change camera settings
  142. Unable to read Facebook updates in HTC One S
  143. Camera freezes in HTC One XC
  144. Micromaxx A116 Canvas HD fails to play the songs list
  145. Liquid Acer Z110 skin peeling off after 2 months usage
  146. Acer Liquid C1 stops charging after 80 per cent charge
  147. Not able to update Samsung Galaxy Note
  148. Not able to deletes videos from SD card in Micromax A90 S
  149. Facing a problem in opening google play app on Micromax Superfone 101
  150. On Micromax A35 Bolt phone not able to retrieve APN settings
  151. Unable to connect Samsung Galaxy Y phone via PC
  152. Not able to capture pictures on Samsung Galaxy Note
  153. Security scan shuts down in Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562
  154. Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 screen hangs while battery charging
  155. Thesaurus fails to function while typing message in Sony Xperia M
  156. Micromax A72 shows no Bluetooth connection symbol on screen
  157. Sony Xperia Z backlight turns on on its own during battery charging
  158. HTC One M screen fails to respond on pressing receiving button
  159. Backlight remains on after locking the screen in Karbonn A21
  160. Not able to save sms on sd card in Samsung Galaxy Young phone
  161. Failed in making backup threw AK Notepad in on Motorola Defy Mini
  162. Canít get calendar appointment in outlook on Micromax A75 Phone
  163. On Micromax A35 Bolt phone not able to download app stuck
  164. In Samsung Galaxy Y phone weather widgets automatically updates
  165. Not able to operate 3 circle app on Samsung Galaxy Note phone
  166. Issue in playing songs on Micromax A90 S phone
  167. Failed in connecting laptop with Micromax A73 phone wifi
  168. In Samsung Galaxy S phone Fruit ninja game not working
  169. Unable to get any attachment with gmail in Samsung Galaxy Y phone
  170. Failing in finding photos of camera app on Samsung Galaxy S4 phone
  171. Not able to enter event date and time in Micromax A90
  172. Canít Download search maps on Micromax A110c
  173. Google chrome become unresponsive in Samsung Galaxy Y
  174. Unable to delete videos phone become unresponsive on Samsung Galaxy S4
  175. MX player not working properly in Micromax A90
  176. Mcafee mobile security app not able to uninstall from Micromax A110c
  177. Automatic web contents update unable to stop on Micromax A73
  178. Unable to use Skype in Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3
  179. Canít schedule web service updates in timespace app on Samsung Galaxy Note 510
  180. How to transfer contacts from Nokia X2 to an Android Mobile?
  181. process com.android.camera stopped unexpectedly
  182. How to use Skype using Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 and Galaxy Camera GC100 together?
  183. Not able to show stock ringtone on Motorola Defy XT
  184. Gif format files unable to receive via bluetooth in Micromax A80
  185. Light blinking and beek sound comes several times on Micromax A89 Ninja
  186. Text messages take a longer time to open in Samsung Galaxy Young
  187. Font style not able to change on Motorola Defy Mini
  188. Unable to delete widgets it reappear in Micromax A75
  189. Front camera not working properly after clicking photos blue streak add in photos on Micromax A35 Bolt
  190. Not able to install night mode add on in dolphin browser in Samsung Galaxy Y
  191. Unable to disable desktop apps icon on Samsung Galaxy Note
  192. Flight mode not working in Micromax A90S
  193. Handcent app not work properly while opening mms it slideshow on Micromax Superfone 101
  194. Not able to make call in Micromax A73
  195. Android app photo editor not working it demand for update every time on Samsung Galaxy S
  196. After rooting superuser app appear several times while using phone in Samsung Galaxy Y
  197. Unable to move apps from phone to SD card on Samsung Galaxy S4
  198. Samsung Galaxy S Duos has to be restarted everytime it is auto locked.
  199. Call phone not getting disable in gmail on Micromax Superfone 101 phone
  200. Not able to set speaker volume in Micromax A73 phone
  201. Battery indicator on home screen giving wrong battery status on Samsung Galaxy S
  202. Not able to operate after restore in Samsung Galaxy Y phone
  203. Sensor not working properly on Samsung Galaxy S4 phone
  204. After performing Jelly bean update touchwiz crashes multiple times in Micromax A90
  205. Unable to operate while using app phone getting hang on Micromax A110c Phone
  206. Videos stopped working with HDD player in Micromax A73 phone
  207. Problem while storing files giving low storage space in Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3
  208. Not able to connect to wifi signals comes and goes on Samsung Galaxy Note 510
  209. Apps not read files stored in SD card after factory reset on Motorola Defy XT
  210. After latest android upgrade unable to updates any app in Micromax A80 phone
  211. Micromax A89 Ninja phone unable to start properly
  212. Mp3 format files not open in Samsung Galaxy Young
  213. Not able to disable screen lock permanently on Motorola Defy Mini
  214. Does Samsung Galaxy S Duos comes with Video Calling facility?
  215. How to change Language from Spanish to English on Android?
  216. SD cards keeps on Mounting and Unmounting itself on Samsung Galaxy S4
  217. Not able to use Google Playstore on Lenovo K900
  218. Skype app not responding on Sony Xperia Tipo
  219. Unable to sync contacts with Gmail on Micromax A25
  220. Hindi Keyboard app force closes in Micromax A50
  221. UC browser force closes after the update on Samsung Galaxy Star
  222. Restoring Messages doesnít work in Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro
  223. Facebook App force closes on Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos
  224. Flashing Latest CM 10.2 custom ROM on HTC One after flashing nothing changes
  225. Chat Heads not working in FB Chat on my Micromax Canvas Doodle
  226. SIM card doesn't get Network reception after flashing Custom Rom on Samsung Galaxy S Duos
  227. Canít get the latest OTA update on Google Nexus 4
  228. Front cam not switching onto back cam on Micromax A100
  229. No free Ram available in Micromax A88
  230. Applications cannot be moved to sd card on Micromax A116
  231. Can i update the software of Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos?
  232. Motorola Defy XT phone not working properly
  233. Not able to format SD card in Micromax A80
  234. Android market not working giving in Micromax A89 Ninja
  235. Spell check not able to disable in Samsung Galaxy Young
  236. Unable to perform synchronization of tabs on google chrome on Motorola Defy Mini
  237. Not able to update firmware from csc:Jp 5 to Csc Jp6 in Micromax A7
  238. Canít connect Micromax A35 Bolt phone with car stereo
  239. Unable to stop automatic switch on of speakers in Samsung Galaxy Y
  240. Not able to upgrade Skype in Samsung Galaxy Note
  241. Bluetooth stopped working in Micromax A90S
  242. Canít send sms after CMIO ROM update on Micromax Superfone 101
  243. After rooting to Jellybean vibration becomes weak in Micromax A73
  244. Graphics Quality get diminished after adding Jelly bean custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy S
  245. Alex game not working properly in Samsung Galaxy Y phone
  246. Problem in using zombie evil application on Samsung Galaxy S4 phone
  247. Unable to set internet data limits for apps on Micromax Superfone 101
  248. Unable to stop automatic downloading of facebook images on Samsung Galaxy S
  249. Can't able to start conference thru skype in Samsung Galaxy Y
  250. Failed to forward calls on Samsung Galaxy S4