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    Sony Xperia J phone does not get charged after jellybean upgradation

    Recently I upgraded my Sony Xperia j phone’s OS android from 4.0 to 4.1.
    But as soon as I upgraded its version phone started showing different types of errors in all fields.
    The major problem to which I failed to sort out is that my battery stopped charging. I checked my charger also and replaced the battery also with a new one but phone is still not getting charged. I think it happened because higher version might not support this phone. I want help regarding this issue.

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    Re: Sony Xperia J phone does not get charged after jellybean upgradation

    Hi dear friend,

    I read your problem...and this type of problem come with me first time.
    First, according to my knowledge software version can't be affected your mobile charging process.
    If your mobile cannot charge... Than its aspect reasons..
    1. your mobile charging point will damage through your charger will connect your mobile.And
    2. You can set your charging profile and cannot be set your profile in this mode.

    above both the condition you have problem to charging your battery ..

    Now come to the solution...first i give you second problem answer..

    You can open your mobile profile manager or device connectivity.
    And check its charger profile set by you or not...if you can set any profile mode (like general, silent , busy outdoor etc. )
    Than it can be set default profile mode.
    Now changing this .... you can check your charger work normally or not.

    If it cannot work normally than going your mobile nearest service center and change its connecting point.

    I hope followed above instruction you can resolved your problem.


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