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    speed dial nos.

    how to increase the speed dial nos. e.g. if 20 contacts are required to be stored then what is to be done?

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    Re: speed dial nos.

    You should know that you can add speed dial for 9 contacts only.To add the speed dial first of all unlock your device then tap over "Contact" icon to open.After that tap over menu key to be opened.There will see an option as More,tap on that.A pop up appear with different options,above will see Speed dial option.You will find numbers from 1 to 9.It means you can set speed dial for 9 contacts.Tap over any number from 1-9 then all the contacts will be displayed which you have saved in your device.Tap over that contact for which you want to set speed dial.Once done speed dial will be set.You can add up to 9 contacts not more that.There is no option to add 20 contacts as speed dial.

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