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    Sync problem with Sony Ericsson Arc S

    Hi I have an issue with my Sony ericsson arc S.; I can't connect to any wirless(no matter how strong is it's signal). also, I can't add my google account because everytime I try to, it says it can't establish a reliable internet access(and still am using a really strong wireless access). aso, I'd like to know how can one transfer and use a document or data(PDF, or PPT or words doc) from a computer to the phone. thanks

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    Re: Sync problem with Sony Ericsson Arc S

    First make sure the WiFi router is set to the correct channel, many times android devices have connectivity issues if the channels are different. Also make sure whether the entered details like password are correct.

    Try restarting the phone phone if the issue is not solved.

    Also try Factory Data reset, it'll revert all the settings to their defaults making the phone normal again...
    To perform a Factory DATA reset, Go To Settings---> Privacy---> Factory data reset and follow the on screen instructions...

    You need to connect properly to the internet to setup a Google account. If not, Just restart the phone without the SIM card, and connect to some WiFi network, so you can login to your Google Account. It will log you into the account, and then you can put the SIM card back.Also try Factory reset it'll solve it. if nothing helps---> Add YouTube app and login with gmail account. The account will automatically be added into your droid.

    To transfer PDF, or PPT or words doc from system to phone, use the USB cable and hit mass storage from the notification bar. Keep them in any location you like in the SD card.

    To view these files try---> Documents To Go 3.0 Main App-> link

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    Re: Sync problem with Sony Ericsson Arc S

    This kind of thing is real problem with non-computer devices. Upgrading to WPA will fix
    the phone but could break other devices. Another solution is to give up on encryption,
    especially since WEP isn't really encryption. Almost all routers support MAC filtering, and
    most support internet-only connections,This way you can let any device on your wireless
    that you know about, and let polite people know they shouldn't connect. Hackers and jerks
    can still spoof MAC addresses but that is what "internet-only" is for: you are not exposing
    your local network over wireless. Obviously this setup won't work for everyone but it has
    worked for me in the past, and I might do it again if I get even one more device that can
    not talk WPA2.

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