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    Is there any android app for customizing home screen of HTC Aria phone?

    I would like to customize the home screen of my HTC Aria phone to enrich it with proper usage experience. I am looking forward to any android app that supports it. Is there any such app available at the moment?

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    Re: Is there any android app for customizing home screen of HTC Aria phone?

    There are many options available for you to make the home screen customized,If you want those data to be customized then you have to follow the process below :
    1.First of all open the proper ideal settings of Home screen settings in your device.
    2.Then after making the proper out the proper output you can change and customize the value.
    3.There after you can easily customize your display so that all the values and icons will be changed as per your wish.
    4.Then you can download many applications from the google store so that you can have better and better customization option.
    5.You can be able to do with the application of Home screen maker.This can give you better solution.

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