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    Is it true that HP TouchPad will get android jelly bean update shortly?

    I am looking forward to the arrival of android jelly bean update for my HP TouchPad. My friend told me yesterday that this device will get the update shortly. Is this true?

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    Re: Is it true that HP TouchPad will get android jelly bean update shortly?

    Hello friend,

    There are very less possibilities of HP Touchpad getting an official Jelly Bean update.
    Although you may do it kind-of Un-officially.

    To do this you must root your device.
    Rooting is analogous to what they call jailbreaking in iOS.
    You gain access to those settings which you can't access normally.
    You can get the root procedure here.

    After rooted, you are free to install custom ROM's.
    There are many custom ROM's out there but I'd suggest Cyanogenmod or AOKP.
    You can download and install CM10 which a Jelly Bean based ROM.
    You can get the all this procedure of flashing ROM's here.

    Remember, rooting may void your warranty.
    So you still have a risk but believe me, its worth it.

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    Re: Is it true that HP TouchPad will get android jelly bean update shortly?

    Well there might not be a jellybean update to your android device which is hp touchpad . Because the problem is that your android device might not support it properly. As the configuration of this hp touchpad doesnt meet the requirements of this jellybean. So officially there is no jellybean update available for your hp touchpad. If you want to update it anyhow to your hp touchpad. Then you better try updating it unofficially in cynogen mode. This cynogen mode is nothing but the unofficial support of the android version which cannot be supported in direct official mode or are unavailable for the phones. So you better try for it. Hope this helps.

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