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    Unable to connect Micromax A110 to Laptop through USB Cable

    I Am using Micromax A110 threw last one month but whenever i try to connect my phone threw my laptop it is not recognized by it and sometimes it also hang and nothing work then i have to switch it on after switch off if any buddy know the solution plz let me assist.

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    Re: Unable to connect Micromax A110 to Laptop through USB Cable

    The problem with the Micromax A110 not being able to connect to the Laptop when you connect it through a USB cable. In order to solve the issue you have to download and install the necessary drivers that are necessary to load the phone to your PC by install the drivers in your PC you can mount the device in your Laptop. You can download the drivers and necessary things for the device to connect to a laptop from the following link http://www.micromaxinfo.com/downloads.aspx once that is installed you have to open the "Application Drawer" from the phone and then select the icon "Settings" after selecting that open the "Developer options" and enable USB debugging there you will be able to select the option to enable it and then connect the phone to PC now it should get connected.
    Hope this Helps.

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    Re: Unable to connect Micromax A110 to Laptop through USB Cable

    Hi Friend,

    I think these are the reasons you are not able to connect your phone with the PC.

    >> The data cable or the usb cable you are using is faulty/cracked,

    >> also may be your PC's usb port is faulty or damaged
    >> Your phone's usb jack is faulty or damaged
    >> PC Drivers are not working perfectly

    Try this steps to solve this issue...
    >> Use the data cable in another PC and then see whether it connects with phone or not .
    >> If it does then it is not faulty and if it does not then its cracked.

    >> Check by connecting one pen drive or external drive device into your PC's usb port.
    its connection and non connection will show you whether your PC's usb port is faulty or not.

    >> Also Uninstall and re-install the drivers

    >> And Check for any updates available for the desktop.

    If it does not then take your phone to the service center.

    I hope you can understood.

    All the Best.

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