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    Unlock button is stuck in android after Jelly Bean update

    I am having an LG android handset. Everything was working fine with my device. It is only recently that I thought to upgrade my LG phone to the latest Jelly Bean operating system. But ever since, I am annoyed with the malfunctioning of the unlock button of my android handset. Is there any work around for solving this?

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    Re: Unlock button is stuck in android after Jelly Bean update

    The problem with the phone not being able to unlock the screen properly might be due to an issue with the ROM that you have upgraded the phone with the ROM might be having the bug with the Lock screen and that which is causing the problem for you in order to get rid of the problem you have to either contact the developer of the ROM for the issue to be fixed. Or else do a proper wipe and then install the ROM also download again the file again so that the proper file is downloaded without any problems and install the ROM to see that the phone is working properly.
    Hope this Helps.

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    Re: Unlock button is stuck in android after Jelly Bean update

    Hello friend,

    You facing this problem because of :-

    >>May be Updates is not supported by Your Mobile Hardware.

    >>Less Availablity of RAM for processing.

    >>If Your are using Theme for lock,then Uninstall it.

    Follow below steps to sort out this problem :-

    >>Free RAM by killing Background tasks.
    don't use too much apps in background.

    >>Generally this problems occurs because of unsupported Updates.
    check whether updates is supported by your mobile Hardware or not.

    thats it
    i hope its work for you
    thank you:-)

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