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    USB dongle not working on Panasonic Toughpad A1 Android tab

    The USB dongle with my Panasonic Toughpad A1 Android tab was working fine till last day. Now I am not able use it with my tab. Please let me know suitable suggestions for getting over this mishap.

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    Re: USB dongle not working on Panasonic Toughpad A1 Android tab

    Hi dear friend,

    as you right in your question...your dongle will connect one time with your tablet.
    it means your tablet and dongle work normally that time.
    Now it cannot be work.. so you can find Its possible reason to this condition.
    So, firstly ...
    you remind your memory...accidentally your dongle will fall on the floor and damage.

    your dongle setting will lost.
    your tab USB port will damage.

    above aspects are possible reasons of your dongle unworkable condition.

    so, check with your dongle in other computer ....its work or not
    If it cannot work it means your dongle damage and tab will okay.
    If its in working condition than you go second procedure.

    secondly, you will check your USB port..for this you can attach pen-drive and and check its work normally or not.
    if it doesn't work it means your port will be damaged. so go your tab service center and change this.

    if it works and your dongle also work. than you will check your dongle connection setting.
    It will be okay or not. and if you could not knowledge about your dongle old setting
    Than you can set your dongle at its default setting.

    I think doing above mention task. you can fix your problem.


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