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    Username error in Google Play for android

    I wanted to download an app from Google Play Store in my HTC android device. But when i entered my username, it is showing errors. I am sure that i entered the correct username. Now i am not able to access Google Play. Please help me fix this issue.

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    Re: Username error in Google Play for android

    Hey friend

    I am sure it should not show an error unless you have entered the wrong id or password.

    So it might be you think you remember it but actually you must have forgetten a chacter or something.

    its better to create another google account and login with it. If it still doesnt work then you have a problem.

    For that try factory reset once that will solve the problem.


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    Re: Username error in Google Play for android


    You have to enter correct Username and password , or you have to create another new Email id by the Signup button. Then you can login and then create the apps enjoy .

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