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    What is android? Is it a Robot?

    Now a days everyone talks about Android.I hear this word more than thousands time daily but don't know much about it but the talks among people suggest that it is some kind of robot.Is it true? If not then please provide full information about it and its use.

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    Re: What is android? Is it a Robot?


    First of let me come to point Android is not a robot it is a operating system like Symbian of Nokia or Bada of Samsung.
    Android is Linux platformed operating system for mobile and it is developed by Google. Android is open source system so anybody can develop app for it and place it in app market of android.
    Now a day Samsung, HTC, and Micromax are three company which are producing large numbers of mobile with operating system Android and this mobiles are better known as Smart Phones.
    Following are the versions of Android from its invention to today:
    1) Android Beta 2) Android 1.0 3) Android 1.1 4)Android 1.5 5)Android 1.6 6)Android 2.0 7)Android 2.2.x 8)Android 2.3.x 9)Android 3.x 10))Android 4.0.x

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    Re: What is android? Is it a Robot?

    I just want clear your doubt that android is not a robot.
    It is a linux based opearting system.It is actually made for touch screen mobile phone
    means smart phones and tablet computers .
    It is developed by google in conjunction with the open handset alliance.
    android has a large community of developers writing application that extend the functionality of devices.
    Android had become the world's leading smartphone platform.

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    Re: What is android? Is it a Robot?

    No friend, Android is not a robot. It is a operating system. And more correctly it is a
    mobile phone and tablet based operating system. There is nothing like Robot here.

    Now, If you ask what is a operating system then it is a set of programs and instruction
    that make your phone enable to perform your task. A android operating system is the
    very advanced and new generation operating system. This operating system is based on
    Java platform. So it is also very much secure.

    For understanding this more go through this video that I am giving below.

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