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    What is Android Rooting and advantage of rooting Android mobile?

    This is Anand from Hyderabad. I am using LG optimus Sol E730 mobile, I want to know the full details of rooting on Android and the advantages of rooting it?

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    Re: What is Android Rooting and advantage of rooting Android mobile?

    Rooting is a process allowing users of smartphones, tablets, and other devices running the Android operating system to attain privileged control (known as "root access") within Android's subsystem.

    Advantages of Rooting :

    1 ) ROMs - after rooting ROMs create their own version of android , a new OS

    2 ) Applications : There are number of applications which works only while rooted. Like screenshot apps, Overlocking apps etc

    3 ) Spped and performance - because of kernels your processor knows how and what to do , so by changing it you can even change your processor and that will increase your speed and performance of the device

    4 ) Looks : Looks will also get improved

    So this are the benefits of rooting

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    Re: What is Android Rooting and advantage of rooting Android mobile?

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    This is Anand from Hyderabad. I am using LG optimus Sol E730 mobile, I want to know the full details of rooting on Android and the advantages of rooting it?
    Hello friend,

    Android manufacturers put many limitations on their devices. Many of the system and core settings are inaccessible due to which the device cannot be customized and one is stuck with what the manufacturer provides them. But android enthusiasts found a process with the help of which the help of which these limitations can be easily overcomed. That process is known as 'rooting'. This term is analogous to what they call 'jailbreaking' in apple products. After rooting, one can acquire elevated or administrative privileges. As a result one can access all the settings even those which are otherwise inaccessible. In a way, on can have complete control over their device. After rooting the device also becomes highly customizable and one can become free of the limitations put on their device. Rooting is in a way hacking your device for its own good.

    Here are the advantages of rooting:

    - Enhancing device performance.
    After rooting, one can use softwares to overclock their device. Overclocking means increasing the CPU frequency which means more processing speed. Hence the device can perform much more faster and run heavy apps, games easily.
    - Increasing Battery life.
    There are many apps specially made for rooted devices which access system settings and increase the device's battery life by optimizing it to a great extent.

    - Installing Custom ROM's.
    Rooting opened a way to install custom ROM's of ones own choice on their device. One can also flash ROM's on other popular device to experience them on their device. Many popular custom ROM's like CyanogenMod, MIUI, etc can be installed. These ROM's totally change the user-interface of your device. They are also a lot better looking than stock ROM's. They even offer better performance in heavy apps/games and are far more fluid than stock ones. You can install newer android versions even if they are not officially announced for our device. Also these ROM's can be further customized according to your tastes to get the best experience from your device.
    - Installing Unsupported and removing Bloatware apps.
    There are many apps that cannot be installed on your device because they are unsupported. But after rooting you can install them by editing your build.prop file.
    The nuisance bloatware apps can also be removed using Titanium Backup.

    - Backing Up your device.
    After rooting, you can install a custom bootloader and perform a nandroid backup of your device. It is a backup which when restored, restores your device to the same state as it was during performing the backup.

    Hope it helps,

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    Cool Re: What is Android Rooting and advantage of rooting Android mobile?

    Hello Anand ,

    Rooting in android is a phenomenon which is made use of by the android users in order to get extra privileges for themselves as compared to the ones that are allocated by default to them by the android OS …if you use a sony playstation or apple’s iphone , you would be familiar with the term jailbreak …rooting is just like getting your device jailbreak …its legal but its not recommended by the android ….you may create a risk for your device when your get your android phone rooted …this is because now the security that the android provides you is taken back or is reduced , s now your phone becomes susceptible to malicious softwares and if you just bought the new android phone , rootig it can even void its warranty …..and most important of all , your phone will no longer run over android , it will be operating over a new OS called CyanogenMod…

    However rooting still remains a favorite for the android users , some of the reasons for this are :
    1) After getting your device rooted , you can download and enjoy any third party app i.e. the ones that don’t exist in the Android Marketplace .
    2) You can get rid of the useless services set-up by default in your android phone by the manufacturer of your handset such as City ID .
    3) You can get your phone unlocked after getting it rooted and hence run it on any other carrier apart from the one its being locked to ….

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    Re: What is Android Rooting and advantage of rooting Android mobile?

    hey friend ..

    I would like to tell you that the thing you are asking for that is rooting is somewhat like locking and unlocking of phone's software or firmware which allows you to use your phone for many things like installing 3rd party apps , speed and performance increases , etc but i would not suggest you to root your phone at any cost ..
    Every phone has got its own hardware and software specifications ...
    The updates which come for the phones or mobiles device depends on the brand or company also ...
    Like we can say that some phones are compatible or supported to be used in higher versions of the software while some gives error after the update due to the non supported / incompatible software version being installed in the phone ..

    You can do this by rooting the firmware of your phone which will give you opportunity to use your phone in the higher versions of the software and the updates which are also not meant for the phone ..
    But first of all i would like to tell you that doing this will lose your warranty of phone if you try to root your phone ..
    Rooting your phone is not allowed by the manufacturer and hence when your root your phone and it gets damaged in between the process then there is no responsibility of the company persons and hence you will also not get any type of warranty related help for your phone ....

    So , look out for this and better update the software only which is available specifically for your phone by the company itself ...


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    Re: What is Android Rooting and advantage of rooting Android mobile?

    To root your device first you need to have the things
    Install ADB on your system
    enable USB Debugging and Unknown Sources
    Modified Gingerbreak app you can download this from here http://What is Android Rooting and a...ndroid mobile?
    To do rooting
    Open command prompt and type
    adb push :\Gingerbreak-v1.2.0.apk/ data / local
    Now rotate the tablet display to portarait mode and lock the screen
    Launch the OI file Manager and browse to data/local/Gingerbreak-v1.2.0.apk Install apk file
    then launch the Gingerbreak and select root Device
    The Device Reboot after some time when done rooting
    After that launch the Busybox app which will install itself

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