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    What is rooting and how it works in android?

    I want to know something about android. I heard something about it but donít have proper knowledge rooting and I also donít know how it works. Can you explain me what is rooting?

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    Re: What is rooting and how it works in android?

    Android is name of the Mobile OS. The mobile phones which have these operating systems will be known as Android Devices, Its a very attractive OS compared to other OS you have seen in the past few years. it gives with many advanced features and gives you lot more flexibility in maintenance.

    Rooting can be defined as a process by which one can get full control of the Android device he owns. when you buy a new mobile, it will come with certain version of Android and some default Apps in it, you can remove or change anything with out Rooting the Device, If you root your Device, now you will get all the previlages to make all the changes to the Device as per your Requirement.

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    Re: What is rooting and how it works in android?

    Rooting basically in android is getting as control over the features that are not available to you on a regular basis. Basically rooting helps you gain "Superuser" Capabilities over the OS. Rooting helps in maintaining many advanced features for android as such they help you install certain applications that are very useful. Applications like backing up your data and restoring them controlling the battery uses and if you have a little bit knowledge in what you are doing you can even overclock the CPU and increase the performance of the phone. Basically rooting voids your warranty so be careful while doing it.
    Hope this helps.

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    Re: What is rooting and how it works in android?

    Rooting in Android.

    Rooting is similar to 'jailbreaking' in ios. By rooting an android device , you can acquire higher privileges to control or access the root of your droid. The manufacturers of a device put limitations for altering the system settings of that device. Due to this many settings and operations are inaccessible . But when the device is rooted, one can tweak those inaccessible settings because the limitations are overcomed. Hence, on can install custom ROM's of the latest version of android, increase the performance and stability, improve battery life, use certain apps that require administrator level privileges and perform certain tasks which are otherwise inaccessible. In one way it is like hacking your own device for its own good.

    Advantages of rooting

    Rooting has many advantages because you will have full control over your device.

    - Flashing custom ROM's
    After rooting, one can flash custom ROM's using certain softwares like clockworkmod which is itself a custom bootloader. ROM in its literal sense mean Read Only Memory. But by installing custom ROM's you can totally change the looks of your system such as its user-interface. The performance may also increase to a very great extent. Your device may become smoother and fluider than ever. You can also experience the user-interfaces of other popular devices on your device. Even though the latest version of android might not be announced for your device officially, you can install it using custom ROM's. There are many ROM's available out there. A very popular one is CyanogenMod. It is a custom ROM which improves both the looks and the performance of your device because it is highly optimized by the developers. Developers and enthusiasts constantly work on ROM's to give you as best as possible.

    - Unsupported apps
    Many heavy apps and games are not supported in certain devices by default. But many un-supported devices are capable of running those apps/games. But after you have rooted you can run those apps/games. One way is by editing your build.prop file.

    - Removing bloatware
    Many devices come bundled with certain apps that are of no use. But these apps cannot be un-installed. They show up again and and again even though closed forcefully. Hence they use up your memory and battery and thus slow down your device. Such apps are called bloatware. But after rooting, you can install certain apps(which use root access) to permanently remove those bloatware apps and speed up your device.

    - Increasing speed and battery life
    All android devices come with a locked CPU speed. But after rooting, with the help of certain apps, you can increase the CPU frequency of your device hence increasing the CPU speed. Hence it improves the performance of your device drastically. Apps and games run more efficiently.
    With the use of tweaks like relocation of caches, the battery life can also be increased considerably.

    - Creating Backups.
    You can create a Nandroid backup of your device. It means backing up your ROM exactly in the same state in which it is at the time of backing up. It creates an image of your system which is stored in your SD card. So if something goes wrong in your device you can restore that image and bring your device to normal.
    With the help of certain softwares like Titanium Backup which require root access, you can backup selected or all of your apps an then restore them along with their settings after a factory reset is performed.

    - Increasing Signal quality
    You can acquire the ability for access your Basebands which control the incoming/outgoing signals of your device. Hence by tweaking the baseband the quality of signals can also be increased.

    In this way there are hundreds of other tweaks which can be done after rooting (I can't compile all of them). So you can visit the official site of XDA-Developers. You can find many android developers and enthusiasts there.

    Disadvantages of rooting.

    As you know every coin has two faces. Similarly rooting has its own dis-advantages.

    After you have permanently rooted your device, you will have voided you manufacturer warranty.

    Hence, rooting involves a great risk. You device will not be accepted it the service centers it there is a fault in it.

    While modifying your device, it you make a mistake you might soft-brick or hard-brick your phone. The soft-brick can be removed through some procedure. But if it is hard-bricked, it is close to impossible to remove it. You will have lost your device permanently.

    There are many security risks of rooting. Your phone may become affected by malicious softwares. So it is recommended to install an antivirus softwares.

    Increasing CPU speed may decrease battery life.


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    Re: What is rooting and how it works in android?

    Rooting is the process through which you can control the device.in.any way u want like overclocking the processor or under clocking the processor upgrade the device by your own.program and one caution that rooting the devive violates the gurantee of the device and company is not responsible for the device failure

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    Re: What is rooting and how it works in android?

    Rooting is very difficult to understand, you need to be technically sound or having atleast the basic knowledge about the "Root" which we use in Linux Environment. In Linux, the Root, gives the the user all the previlages to control the Machine completely, Android is Linux based and the Rooting here exactly does the same function.

    Rooting will give the user complete control over the Device and you can install or do anything with the Device manually.

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    Re: What is rooting and how it works in android?


    >> Provides control on the features of the device.
    >> As Manufacturer put restrictions to some of the features of the device, to access those features and edit them Rooting is helpful
    >> That means you can make your device compatible for those application which is not actually compatible normally.
    >> Also installing of ROM with latest version helps to save battery life, increases performance of the device and can perform certain task which are normally impossible

    That looks like you have hacked your device.

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    Re: What is rooting and how it works in android?

    hello friend
    its very difficult to understand rooting. but i can explain you in simple lines rooting is a command to your phone after which it never changes. this gives you full freedom to install or do changes in same version

    thank you

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