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    Why battery getting hot while using internet

    I am using Android Mobile but noticing a strange issue there.My phone getting too hot while using internet.Is it normal? Is there anything,I can do to fix this issue? I have applied many suggestions but nothing had helped.

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    Re: Why battery getting hot while using internet

    Hi friend,
    Your mobile getting too hot while using internet,it means that clearly the problem is in with your battery..Go to mobile accessories shop and change the old battery..While changing the battery,buy a branded battery...The unbranded batteries are overheated soon and get degraded while you using the games and apps..So better that go for the branded battery...

    Thank you!!!

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    Re: Why battery getting hot while using internet

    Hello friend,

    I will help you to solve your problem,don't worry just follow as i say.

    Don't worry for that thing it is quite common.

    While using Internet it consumes lots of battery which makes the battery to drain faster and also it heats up the battery.

    Battery is made up of chemicals which will convert into electrical form while charging and again gets converted into chemical form while discharging.

    So when you are using it for excess usage or for lots of time it makes the whole system to heaten up.

    So don't worry for that but if you feel your phone or battery got heatened up then try not using it for 10-15 minutes then it gets into normal temperature.

    All the best...................

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    Re: Why battery getting hot while using internet

    Hello friend
    It is very common in all mobile phones that when you use the intenet for very long use specially when you surf the net for video or gaming purpose or continous downloading.
    It happen due to long period use of your mobiles antenna and its battery is drained eually and it become hot.
    I would prefer you not to put your mobile phone under any covering or into any casing as it will lead to over heat and your battery may be damaged over period of time.
    Try to use a your phone for internet over a period of time so that giving time to cool down your phone if you intend to use it for above mentioned purpose.
    also keep it in some dry cool place.

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