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    Why some processes do needs to be killed in Android?

    I have heard that after using certain apps on Android phones they got to be killed. Why do the processes got to be killed in Android phone?

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    Re: Why some processes do needs to be killed in Android?

    There are certain apps that really need to be killed. The HTC Web Browser is one such application. One reason is to avoid too much caching. The phone's built in auto kill which is a part of the Android OS is set to 16MB which is a way too low IMO for this kind of phone. It should be closer to 30MB at least as that's where a noticeable lag starts on the phone. It also doesn't really auto kill right away. It first sends notifications to each of the open applications available asking them to release some of the memory they have used up. It’s up to the developer of apps to capture this notification and free up the memory. Many developers fail to do this properly, hence the phonewill be at a risk of lack of memory space and then will start killing processes by it. If you make use of a task manger you will find that using the back button will actually kill apps all together at times. It will be easy for a developer to trap the back command and kill their app which in turn frees up phone memory.

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