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    Will Micromax A70 Android mobile support playing games with USB controller?

    I played games using USB controller from my friendís mobile and I found it to be too interesting. Will my Micromax A70 Android mobile also support this option?

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    Re: Will Micromax A70 Android mobile support playing games with USB controller?

    for usb controllers your phone need the feature USB OTG(on the go).
    sorry that your phone is not supporting usb otg feature at all. so you cant use usb controller on your phone.
    at all i think you have to give try that it could work or not.
    connect your friends otg cable and controller to your phone and see your phone detect your device or not if your lucky then you can play games.
    but i think otg is not supported by your phone.

    1)But if you can buy bluetooth gamepad then you can connect your gamepad to your phone using bluetooth and you can play games on your phone using that gamepad.
    2)you can also use another android phone as gamepad.
    it will show you virtual gamepad.i used this since 5months and playing games using my phone as gamepad and my brothers phone as host.
    you need the app called BTcontroller.
    1.install this app on both phones.
    2.open this app on both phones.
    3.now select visible option from first phone.
    4.select connect option from second phone.
    5.you will get popup giving two options host and controller.
    6.note host is gaming phone and controller is gamepad that controll the phone.

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