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    My HTC Hero continues vibrating after the call start

    I can only talk with loud speaker as the vibration of mobile never stop during the incoming call. Can someone have any idea to solve this issue?

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    Re: My HTC Hero continues vibrating after the call start

    Regarding this issue..

    In your device getting some disturbance with vibrate on incoming call..

    -->Then first check in the settings vibrate option disable or keep it as never..

    -->Now check it once and then if its occur again means reset your device..

    -->For that process is just go to the Settings>>Privacy>>Factory reset settings;

    -->If you did this process means surely get back device as good..

    -->Then move all important data and contacts to sd card for better performance..

    -->Upgrade your device with latest version Jelly Bean ..

    -->To skip from this problem just scan your device with anti virus software avast is the best one..

    <<Hope you got it..Thank you>>

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