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    Samsung Galaxy Chat shows as charging when it's disconnected, does not turn on when it's turned off

    It's running on Android 4.0.4

    A couple of weeks ago I was using it in the rain (slight drizzle) and from then onwards I've been having trouble

    When I disconnect the charger it keeps in showing as "Charging complete. Please disconnect charger". After some time the lock screen starts showing the battery level "Charged 89%", "Charged 43%"...till it's time to reconnect the charger. Sometimes it stops showing the charging screen but that never lasts - sometimes in 5 minutes it goes from charging to not about 4 times, without ever being connected to the charger.

    When I tried turning it off I couldn't turn it back on - it vibrated, remained off, vibrated again after a couple of seconds and kept on vibrating but never turning on, no matter how many times I I held the power button or removed the battery.

    What can I try to do before taking it to the shop?

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