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    Significance of Android Jelly Bean in HTC HD2

    I would like to know about the significance of Android Jelly Bean in HTC HD2 phone. What all features can be enjoyed with the inclusion of this new OS?

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    Re: Significance of Android Jelly Bean in HTC HD2

    The Jelly bean for HTC HD2 has a lot of improved features such that they it is not an official release so some stuffs are not bound to work and in this case a Port of CM10 found in Xda developers has the most features working except for YouTube as it is broken. It has a greater integration with the Google Search and Google Now is simply a wonderful feature in jelly bean and that the build is not a stable release installing it is not recommended but if you feel that the Rom is worth a try you can always go for it.
    Hope this Helps.

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    Re: Significance of Android Jelly Bean in HTC HD2

    If there is a phone that has got the largest developer support, it has to HTC HD2.
    The phone long forgotten by MANY (but remembered by Developers), makes other
    smartphone owners cry with the attention it gets. Now, if it were any other port ,
    we would not be surprised. But, when it is Jelly Bean, then it sure makes us SCREAM
    With features like Project Butter, Face Unlock etc, it sure is a great update. Powered
    by only a 1GHz S1 Snapdragon Processor, along with a modest 448MB of RAM, driving
    a 4.3Ē display of 800◊480 pixels, it has specs lower than the current midrange phones.
    But, it runs JellyBean with all vigour.

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