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    TouchWiz crashing after Android Jelly Bean Update

    My Samsung Galaxy S3 is experiencing a lot of issues after Jelly Bean update. The main problem is with TouchWiz, which just keeps crashing constantly. I also noticed that the battery drains twice as fast now. Sometimes, the desktop icons go missing also. When I contacted Samsung, they told me to do a factory reset. I donít want to lose the data in my phone and go through the process of restoring backup. What should I do to fix this?

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    Re: TouchWiz crashing after Android Jelly Bean Update

    hey friend

    TouchWiz is a interface hence , if there is any type of problem in it then you have only options left which is factory reset your phone as it changes the software and phone settings back to its factory conditions ..
    I am sure it will help you ..

    For this you have to follow the steps given below :

    - First of all press applications from the home screen
    - Then tap on to settings
    - Now you have to tap on privacy
    - Next tap on to factory data reset option
    - At last tap reset phone and then tap erase everything ..

    Wait for sometime for the phone to get reset for you and then restart the phone for the use ...


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