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    Trouble in transferring mp3 files from PC to Android powered Sony Xperia S

    It is not possible to move mp3 files on PC to my android smartphone Sony Xperia S. When I tried to transfer them through Sony PC Companion, I get a message “file cannot be copied” with error notification. I was not able to do this with Media Go application also. It displayed “transfer cannot be completed” error with blinking red backdrop. What are the troubleshooting steps required to fix this issue?

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    Re: Trouble in transferring mp3 files from PC to Android powered Sony Xperia S

    Hi friend,
    I think your mp3 files have corrupted by virus or you cannot copy the files in proper way.I will tell you the procedure to do this.In this case you will delete the files and then download from internet.Otherwise first of all you will connect your PC to android by via Bluetooth.Then you will open the android memory card.After that you will go to the folder where you have saved your mp3 files in your PC.Then you will press ctrl and select the mp3 files which you want to transfer.Then you will copy the mp3 files.Then you will paste the mp3 files in your android.This is the procedure to do this.

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